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The world’s most popular adult racing class.

Every Laser in the world is identical. The strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging...

sailing dinghy - RADIAL

Popular racing class for small adults, women and youth.

The Laser Radial is a new Olympic...

sailing dinghy - 4.7

The next step after Bug, Optimist or Pico

Features the same...

sailing dinghy - 4.7

The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in history. Its classic design, unmatched stability and sailing ease are enjoyed by all ages. Owners appreciate the lightweight...

sailing dinghy - CLUB 420

The Club 420 enables young sailors to learn teamwork, trapeze and spinnaker techniques that simply can't be learned in single-handed boats. Safe for beginning sailors and quick enough to keep collegiate All-Americans interested, sailors graduating from the Optimist class...

sailing dinghy - COMPLETE | B1002

The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm...

sailing dinghy - COMPLETE | B1002

The new fast, fun and safe single-hander for youngsters – From entry level fun up to international competition the RS Tera makes sailing addictive.

For youngsters, family beach fun, racing and as a junior boat for sailing clubs, schools and holiday...

sailing dinghy - COMPLETE | B1002

The RS500 is an ISAF Class & Sailboat Of The Year Winner, twice
Fast, cool and exciting single trapeze double-hander
Massive European race scene with awesome socials

The RS500 is an exciting,...

sailing dinghy - DENMARK RACE

The new DenMark Race is build on pure succes.

Through our obsession with details and strong focus on quality we have engineered the #1 optimist in the world for the last 40 years.
Our philosophy is: The best materials and the best craftsmanship generate the best...

sailing dinghy - 3D STAR

The new 3D Designed Optimist - build in CNC milled moulds!

What makes our Optimist so fast:
3D improved hull shape
Low friction bottom.
Stiffer hull - obtained by using 15% stiffer foam in the bottom hull.
Advanced Winner maststep: Stiffer, stronger and less wobbling.
Orbit block system incl. Optilink.
New non-slip infront of the daggerboard case.

sailing dinghy - OPTIMIST IODA FUGU

The Fugu is an Erplast optimist which responds to the IODA rules. Erplast is the only French manufacturer able to produce such an optimist. Thanks to our experience and in collaboration with the Optimist class and its gaugers, we succeed in this production. The Fugu is available in 2 models: the Fugu and the Fugu+.

It is an optimist with...

sailing dinghy - EUROPE

Further to the commercial success of our optimist and after the launching of the Zoom8, everything was inciting Erplast to launch into a new challenge.


sailing dinghy - EUROPE

New Moulds produce the most exciting Mackay 470 ever!

In 2012 the International 470 class decided to introduce measurement at every 500mm station on the hull. Previously the class only measured the...

sailing dinghy - EUROPE

The Mackay 420 won the first World Championship it entered.

Alexandros & Georgios Kavvas from Greece won 7 of the 10 races in the 2012 World championships.

The following year Annabel Cattermole & Bryony Bennett-Lloyd...

sailing dinghy - EUROPE

The inaugural 49erFX World championships were held in Marseille FRA during Spetmeber 2013.

Congratulations to all 53 crews who competed!

Mackay Boats developed the new FX rig for the 49er. After 9 months of testing by the Mackay team...

sailing dinghy - EUROPE

Mackay Boats have been building the 49er since it became an Olympic class before the 2000 Sydney Olympics. During this time our boats have gained a reputation for the top workmanship,attention to all...

sailing dinghy - EUROPE

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two man, single trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker boat. 29ers are built on five continents, to exceedingly strict one design standards, and under strict control of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). This assures that the boats provide sailing ability as the performance criterium. The boats are rugged, well...

sailing dinghy - 29ER

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

sailing dinghy - 29ER XX

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super...

sailing dinghy - OPTIMIST

Worldwide recognized as the best Class to introduce kids to the sport of sailing the Optimist is one of the most popular boats in the world.
Competition after sailing school gets more and more exciting any time and people from all over the World enters International events and the World...

sailing dinghy - 420

Chosen by most of the sailing associations as the double handed dinghy to introduce young sailors to Olympic Classes, the 420 is amongst the most popular Classes worldwide and has been chosen by the ISAF as the double handed discipline for...

sailing dinghy - 470

With more than 30.000 units registered to the International Class Organization the success of the 470 is well beyond the simple fact of beeing Olympic.
Constant attention to the needs of the best sailors all over the world, optimization of structures layout...

sailing dinghy - BYTE

The Byte, designed by Ian Bruce, is a high-performance singlehanded dinghy that is 12-feet long (3.7 m) and weighs 100 lbs (45.4 kg). This boat is suited for sailors weighing between 90 and 160 lbs (40.8 - 72.6 kg) with the optimum all-round, all-weather weight for racing being 120 - 145 lbs (54.4 - 65.8...

sailing dinghy - BYTE CII

The Class, with the assistance of the boat's designer and its manufacturers, has been pursuing the development of an entirely new rig concept...

sailing dinghy -  29ER

The 29er is a true high performance skiff - a two person, single trapeze dinghy with an asymetric spinnaker and a lightweight hull. It was designed by Australian skiff legend Julian Bethwaite...

sailing dinghy -  49ER

The 49er one-design skiff has transformed dinghy racing offering performance, excitement and spectacle together with the unmatched ferocity of competition...

sailing dinghy - 49ER FX

The 49er FX is the new Olympic skiff for women which will make it's debut at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio....

sailing dinghy -  MUSTO SKIFF

The Musto Skiff is a high performance single handed trapeze dinghy with an annual ISAF...

sailing dinghy -  INT 14

The International 14 is a 14 foot twin trapeze racing dinghy sailed in many countries around the world. It is a development class being controlled by a set of rules that allow for innovation and changes in hull and...

sailing dinghy -  INT 14

The Devoti Finn design has been built since 1993 and from its launch has dominated the racing scene, winning every main championship in every...

sailing dinghy -  INT 14

We are proud to announce that Devoti Optimist will be the main prize for the winner of Tombola at the Easter...

sailing dinghy -  INT 14

Perfect for beginners - Youngsters and newcomers to sailing will love the Topper because she is so easy to handle and nothing comes close to the now famous Topper grin factor.

Perfect for families - Unlike other small boats the Topper has something to offer the whole family. Whilst she is simple, safe and stable to inspire...

sailing dinghy -

Designed to sail on all waters, this dinghy is aimed at teenagers and adults alike. Perfectly adapted to beginners, it is just as suitable for regatta entrants. Available in two different models : 420 school or 420 competition.


sailing dinghy -

Designed in collaboration with the National Sailing School.
Suitable for teenage and adult helmsmen.


Construction materials : The hull...

sailing dinghy - BABY BOAT

A boat made with children in mind as they learn the basics of sailing and achieve an early appreciation for that wonderful sensation of...

sailing dinghy - GOLD ULTIMATE

The Gold Dragon is a competition-optimist, build...

sailing dinghy - RED REGATTA

DM produces topquality Regatta Optimists for young and ambitious sailers...

sailing dinghy - SPEEDSTER R

The Far East Speedster R is our regatta starter Optimist.The used materials (rowing and resin) have been manufactured by the leading producers in Europe and America. A super Finish and quality for an attractive...

sailing dinghy - SPEEDSTER SR

The Far East Speedster SR is our super regatta Optimist Dinghy. A super finish and quality for an attractive price. The Speedster SR is manufactured in for this boat reserved moulds by the best boat builders at Far East and tempered. The materials used(Biaxial...

sailing dinghy -

The Rondar model: Winning 16 world championships since 1993 More wins than any other boat builder
Although designed and introduced in 1953,...

sailing dinghy - RS TERA

The new fast, fun and safe single-hander for youngsters – from entry level fun up to international competition the RS Tera makes sailing addictive.

For youngsters, family beach fun, racing...

sailing dinghy - RS FEVA

World leading double-hander with a huge race circuit and recreational following across the globe – an International best seller!

The worlds best selling two-person sailboat in recent years, an ISAF International Class, winner of Dinghy of the Year...

sailing dinghy - RS 500

ISAF Class & Sailboat Of The Year Winner, twice
Fast, cool and exciting single trapeze double-hander
Massive European race scene with awesome socials

Exciting, award-wining...

sailing dinghy - RS 500

The legendary Oneman dinghy built with Swiss precision.
In its 50 years of existence...

sailing dinghy - CLUB RACER

Everything you need to get sailin' at the entry level ...and at an outstanding value! The simplicity and utility of the Club Racer makes it the best selling Optimist among...

sailing dinghy - INTERMEDIATE RACER

If racing their shiny new McLaughlin is or is soon to be high on your sailor's agenda, the Intermediate Racer is the ideal combination of "go fast" without "going overboard". We have optimized this model to offer a combination of all the features of a...

sailing dinghy - ADVANCED RACER

The McLaughlin Advanced Racer enjoys the distinction of being the most envied and copied racing Optimist in the world. This is probably due to our attention toward minute details that can affect speed and durability...

sailing dinghy - PRO RACER

The PRO-RACER is the ultimate speed machine designed to your sailor’s specifications. We are in constant contact...

sailing dinghy - PRO RACER

The C420 is high performance, comfortable and buoyant, offers the safe and challenging...

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