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1 products EBI
video EBI GB430
lift boats jacking system GB430 EBI

EBI’s GB430 jacking system introduces evolutionary design, new technology, and impressing handling. With EBI’s unique 12-tooth pinion...

3 products Restech Norway
video Restech Norway PLT® MOORING 75
line thrower for ships PLT® MOORING 75 Restech Norway

The PLT® 75 is a working tool that launches a soft plastic...

video Restech Norway PLT®-MOORING 150
line thrower for ships PLT®-MOORING 150 Restech Norway

The PLT® 150 is a line thrower for mooring and general line transfer. Made from plastic with a rubber...

video Restech Norway PLT® MINI
line thrower for ships PLT® MINI Restech Norway

. The PLT® "Mini" is a handy line thrower for smaller rescue and patrol boats. Several types of projectiles. Can be used with CO2 or air. . We have the rescue projectile containing 90 meters of line...

video HOR-TAL Engineering
side loading system for ships HOR-TAL Engineering

The system is designed for handling pallets using lifts and conveyors in two automatic...

1 products TGE Marine
video TGE Marine
liquefied gas tank for ships TGE Marine

Due to political pressure the reduction of CO2 emissions has become a major issue worldwide. Carbon capture and storage...

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