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Boero Yacht Coatings BIOWOOD 647
protective wood preserver (for pleasure boats) BIOWOOD 647 Boero Yacht Coatings

Protective wood preserver, colourless and neutral. It penetrates into the wood, transforming its appearance...

Boero Yacht Coatings CHALLENGER HS CLEAR 678
dual-component varnish (for pleasure boats) CHALLENGER HS CLEAR 678 Boero Yacht Coatings

Two-component polyacrylic varnish that can be polished. It can be applied directly...

Boero Yacht Coatings CHALLENGER UV 685.000
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) CHALLENGER UV 685.000 Boero Yacht Coatings

Two-component clear varnish that provides an excellent glossy finish due to its polyurethane resin base. It is a very elastic and mechanically...

Boero Yacht Coatings POLYWOOD
protective wood preserver (for pleasure boats) POLYWOOD Boero Yacht Coatings

It is a two-component transparent sealer used for impregnating high-quality woods, marine polywoods and MDF panels. It is...

7 products International
International WOODSKIN
varnish (for pleasure boats) WOODSKIN International

Woodskin is a flexible wood oil/varnish hybrid that acts like a skin for your wood. Microporous properties allow Woodskin to breathe with your wood; tiny holes let the paint film expand and contract...

International SCHOONER GOLD
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) SCHOONER GOLD International

* Advanced UV technology in our longest-lasting one-part varnish...

International SCHOONER
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) SCHOONER International

Schooner is a traditional tung-oil based gloss yacht varnish for classic yachts, suitable for all internal and external...

International COMPASS
wood polyurethane varnish (for pleasure boats) COMPASS International

* Tough, durable polyurethane finish; resistant to scratches and surface abrasion, oil, mild acid/alkali and alcohol spills * Fast-dry formulation;...

International ORIGINAL
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) ORIGINAL International

* Traditional, general purpose gloss varnish...

2 products Seajet paint
Seajet paint 120 UV
varnish (for pleasure boats) 120 UV Seajet paint

Recommended for A beautiful, high gloss traditional tung oil varnish. Main...

Seajet paint 130
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) 130 Seajet paint

Recommended for A beautiful, high gloss traditional varnish. Main...

4 products Awlgrip
exotic wood varnish (for pleasure boats) AWLBRITE Awlgrip

Awlbrite Clear is a high build, three component, acrylic urethane clear wood finish which...

glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) AWLSPAR Awlgrip

Awlspar Classic Spar Varnish is a phenolic...

video Awlgrip AWLWOOD MA
satin-finish varnish (for pleasure boats) AWLWOOD MA Awlgrip

Awlwood MA is an exterior clear system that is made up of a Primer and Clear Finish (available as satin...

4 products JOTUN
varnish (for pleasure boats) BENAR MARINE JOTUN

Moisture release, long oil, high gloss wood treatment. Provides a varnish finish effect with very high...

varnish (for pleasure boats) CLIPPER I JOTUN

Clipper I is preserving oil for wooden boats, interior and exterior above the waterline, with very good penetration...

varnish (for pleasure boats) CLIPPER II JOTUN

Clipper II is a high gloss, long oil alkyd varnish, with exceptional hardness and very good penetration...

glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) RAVILAKK JOTUN

Ravilakk is a urethane, high gloss varnish with exceptional flexibility and high hardness. Gives a...

Veneziani Yachting COMMANDER CLEAR
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) COMMANDER CLEAR Veneziani Yachting

Two-pack high-build polyacrylic varnish Commander Clear is a two-pack high-build polyacrylic varnish...

Veneziani Yachting TIMBER GLOSS
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) TIMBER GLOSS Veneziani Yachting

A one-pack modified alkyd varnish , easy to apply, for inside and outside...

Veneziani Yachting WOOD GLOSS
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) WOOD GLOSS Veneziani Yachting

A clear, two-pack, glossy varnish. Exceptionally resistant to atmospheric agents and the marine environment. Excellent...

Veneziani Yachting WOOD MAT
semi-gloss varnish (for pleasure boats) WOOD MAT Veneziani Yachting

A clear, semi-glossy, two-pack varnish. Highly resistant to the marine environment. Particularly...

Tikal Marine Systems WOODCOAT
varnish (for pleasure boats) WOODCOAT Tikal Marine Systems

TIKAL WOODCOAT is a highly transparent, UV resistant sealing specifically for the coating and subsequent varnishing of wood...

2 products Attiva Marine
Attiva Marine VIVA
wood polyurethane varnish (for pleasure boats) VIVA Attiva Marine

Polyurethane transparent two-component varnish. Excellent resistance to abrasion and U.V.R.....

Attiva Marine LIGNOLAC
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) LIGNOLAC Attiva Marine

Mono-component flatting resistant to abrasion and U.V.R.. Apply at least 6 coats....

1 products Altex
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) Altex

Timbercote is designed for use on all marine bright work. Can be successfully applied to teak provided strict de-oiling measures are observed May be used to upgrade existing sound varnish systems Can...

Clearstone Coating  STAINLESS
protective coating for boats STAINLESS Clearstone Coating 

Clearstone STAINLESS is a high gloss clear coat designed and developed to protect and adhere to metal surfaces like; stainless steel cleats, fairleads, railings, winches, and anchor pockets, aluminum...

Clearstone Coating  RUNNING GEAR
protective coating for propeller (for pleasure boats) RUNNING GEAR Clearstone Coating 

Clearstone RUNNING GEAR The only 2 YEAR anti-barnacle coating for propellers and shafts. Nothing can prevent barnacles from growing, so Clearstone prevents them from sticking. Clearstone RUNNING GEAR...

Clearstone Coating  LUX
protective coating for boats LUX Clearstone Coating 

The toughest high gloss, protective, permanent clear coat on the market. This revolutionary high gloss clear coat was specifically designed and developed to protect and restore marine paints, gel-coats...

5 products Daniel Georgus
Daniel Georgus F12
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) F12 Daniel Georgus

High-gloss, with UV filter Application: Hardwood...

Daniel Georgus F13 - PARQUET
varnish (for pleasure boats) F13 - PARQUET Daniel Georgus

Single component PU varnish, water proof, semi matte Application:...

Daniel Georgus 16 - NAUTILUS GOLD
varnish (for pleasure boats) 16 - NAUTILUS GOLD Daniel Georgus

Sealer (formerly Benar-Teak 3) Application:...

De IJssel Coatings DUBBEL UV
dual-component varnish (for pleasure boats) DUBBEL UV De IJssel Coatings

Two component polyurethane varnish. High gloss. Easy to apply by brush...

De IJssel Coatings KARAAT
dual-component varnish (for pleasure boats) KARAAT De IJssel Coatings

Two component polyurethane varnish pigmented with transparent pigments. High gloss. Easy to apply...

De IJssel Coatings PU
wood polyurethane varnish (for pleasure boats) PU De IJssel Coatings

Polyurethane modified one component varnish for...

Admiralty Coatings Inc.
glossy varnish (for merchant ships and professional boats) Admiralty Coatings Inc.

Admiralty’s Gloss or Satin Varnish is designed to adhere very strongly to wood or Admiralty’s Build Coat. This water...

ILPA Adesivi - Levante
dual-component varnish (for pleasure boats) ILPA Adesivi - Levante

A two component acrylic polyurethane based varnish that leaves a brilliant finish. It is particularly resistant...

1 products BDW Marine LLP
BDW Marine LLP
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) BDW Marine LLP

Quality traditional high gloss yacht...

1 products FLAG Paints
FLAG Paints FYV01
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) FYV01 FLAG Paints

Gloss varnish, based on premium quality resins. Provides a tough...

8 products Pettit
Pettit 1015
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) 1015 Pettit

High Performance Spar Varnish Traditional warm, amber color Provides outstanding gloss retention Extra U.V. protection Extremely durable finish Captains...

glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) FLAGSHIP VARNISH 2015 Pettit

Premium Traditional High Gloss Varnish Traditional light amber hue Contains 6 times more UV inhibitors Highest build-up per coat Extremely durable finish Easy to apply Flagship Varnish 2015 features...

glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) HI-BUILD Pettit

High Performance High Build Varnish High-build varnish designed to be built up to many coats Highest build and film depth per coat High level of U.V. protection Extremely durable finish Easy...

Pettit 2067
glossy varnish (for pleasure boats) 2067 Pettit

Clear Durable Urethane Varnish Strong UV Inhibitors Outstanding Gloss Retention Durable Finish Easy application Captains Ultra Clear Varnish 2067 is a premium urethane varnish...

Pettit V-975
satin-finish varnish (for pleasure boats) V-975 Pettit

Satin Sheen Polyurethane Varnish Extremely durable finish Easy to apply Traditional warm, amber color Long Lasting Satin Finish Captains Satin Sheen Varnish...

Pettit S-120
exotic wood varnish (for pleasure boats) S-120 Pettit

Excellent penetration into raw wood for improved stability and moisture resistance. Prevents excessive...

4 products Plasticoque
Plasticoque PLASTIVERNIS 127
varnish (for pleasure boats) PLASTIVERNIS 127 Plasticoque

PLASTIVERNIS 127 is a multi-purpose marine...

Plasticoque PLASTIVERNIS 180
satin-finish varnish (for pleasure boats) PLASTIVERNIS 180 Plasticoque

Water-based marine varnish which can be applied onto older...

Plasticoque PLASTIVERNIS 340
dual-component varnish (for pleasure boats) PLASTIVERNIS 340 Plasticoque

PLASTIVERNIS 340 is a two-pack polyurethane-polyester...

Plasticoque PLASTIVERNIS 380
polyurethane varnish (for pleasure boats) PLASTIVERNIS 380 Plasticoque

A new generation of environmentally-friendly marine...

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