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1 products Marlow
Polyester core / Polyester cover Marlow

Marlow’s specially engineered Superyacht Docklines are manufactured from Opti-twist polyester to give excellent extension and shock absorbing properties....

3 products Liros
Liros 01047
Polyester core / Polyester cover 01047 Liros

Mooring and anchoring rope, easy to handle non kinking 8-plait, easy to splice...

Liros 01049
Polyester core / Polyester cover 01049 Liros

Mooring and anchoring rope, easy to handle non kinking 8-plait, easy to splice...

Liros 01300
Polyester core / Polyester cover 01300 Liros

LIROS Super Yacht DB is a new range of mooring and anchoring warps for Super Yachts from 70 to 200 feet in length. The cover is specially treated...

1 products Samson
Samson LS
Polyester core / Polyester cover LS Samson

LS Yacht Braid is a good general-purpose yacht braid for any application. This line is made with Samson’s double-braid construction...

Baltic Ropes - Magistr
Polyester core / Polyester cover Baltic Ropes - Magistr

MagReflect PES New double braided rope is ideal for mooring or other use...

Baltic Ropes - Magistr SUPER YACHTS
Polyester core / Polyester cover SUPER YACHTS Baltic Ropes - Magistr

MagSuperYacht PES HT MagSuperYacht is a perfect mooring and anchoring rope for Super yachts...

2 products Magistr SIA
Magistr SIA  12 - 36 MM
Polyester core / Polyester cover 12 - 36 MM Magistr SIA

Silver ropes are made of high tenacity Polyester and Polysteel in combination 1:1. This combination provides for a high tenacity and a...

Magistr SIA
Polyester core / Polyester cover Magistr SIA

Polyester ropes are mainly characterized by their good resistance to climate conditions (excellent UV-resistance), to abrasion, and by their high tenacity. In contrast...

1 products English Braids
English Braids
Nylon core / Polyester cover English Braids

Specifically aimed at the superyacht market the product has been designed for ease...

1 products CORCIMEX
Nylon core / Polyester cover CORCIMEX

Code: N/A Material: Nylon - Polyester (NYL) Construction: Braided (BR) Commercial Use: Multi purpose Diameter:...

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