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Yachts are motor-boats over 15 meters-long (50 feet).
On NauticExpo, a yacht is always a motor-craft; sailboats measuring over 15 meters are referred to as "sailing-yachts".


Yachts can be used for cruising, but also for sport-fishing (many US models offer modular blue-water fishing equipment) and high-speed navigation (cf. open yachts).

Yachts may be of interest to private boat owners and to chartering companies.


For reasons related to building costs, weight and robustness, most yachts have steel hulls and aluminum superstructures.

Aluminum models are nonetheless available. Yachts constructed with sandwich composite materials (e.g. Corecell™/epoxy), components generally used on medium-size crafts, are becoming increasingly popular.

Such crafts make full use of their spaciousness and offer optimum comfort and luxurious amenities. Yachts may be equipped with jacuzzis, home cinemas or water-sport crafts (jet-skis, canoes, dinghies, etc.). Some models even have a helipad.

How to choose

Most yachts are sold fully customized.

Submit to the manufacturer a precise scope statement specifying in particular the type of navigation you wish to accomplish (exploration, cruising, chartering, speed, etc.) .


- Live-aboard comfort
- Autonomy


- Cost
- Require a professional crew
- Energy consumption and environmental impact

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5 products Sea Ray
new Sea Ray 510 FLY
Luxury flybridge motor 510 FLY - 15,50m    50' 10" Sea Ray

More ambitious than any other motoryacht in its class, the all new 510 Fly is a bridge boat ready to take command of the water....

Luxury hardtop motor sport 510 SUNDANCER - 15,49m    50' 10" Sea Ray

The 510 Sundancer features large hull windows and graceful hull & deck lines, an enclosed cockpit Sunroom...

video Sea Ray 540 SUNDANCER
Luxury hardtop motor 540 SUNDANCER - 16,69m    54' 9" Sea Ray

Our 540 Sundancer takes signature sleekness and purposeful design with standard V-drive propulsion....

14 products Ferretti
new Ferretti Ferretti Yachts 650
Luxury flybridge motor Ferretti Yachts 650 - 19,67m    64' 6" Ferretti

Ferretti Yachts 650 is the first in a series of models that are bound to set a new functional and technical standard for the Yachts product line below 70 feet in length. Developed thanks to the cooperation...

video Ferretti Ferretti Yachts 960
Luxury planing hull flybridge motor semicustom Ferretti Yachts 960 - 29,26m    96' 0" Ferretti

Ferretti 960 is the largest planing pleasure boat ever built by Ferretti Group. The flagship of the brand results from the collaboration between Studio Zuccon International Project, Ferretti Group Engineering,...

video Ferretti Ferretti Yachts 870
Luxury flybridge motor Ferretti Yachts 870 - 26,64m    87' 5" Ferretti

Ferretti 870, in its roll bar standard version, or with hard top as an option, was presented to the Cannes Boat Show in 2012. This model results from the collaboration between Studio Zuccon International...

video Ferretti Ferretti Yachts Altura 840
Luxury motor Ferretti Yachts Altura 840 - 25,76m    84' 6" Ferretti

Step on board and the cockpit, teak-paneled like all the exterior flooring, immediately reveals the attention devoted to maximizing space for social interaction - a large rectangular table in teak, a...

video Ferretti Ferretti Yachts 800
Luxury flybridge motor Ferretti Yachts 800 - 24,71m    81' 1" Ferretti

Innovation matched with a classic-contemporary design, the perfect recipe of Ferretti 800, penciled by architect Gianni Zuccon from Studio Zuccon International Project in collaboration with Ferretti Group...

video Ferretti Ferretti Yachts 750
Luxury flybridge motor Ferretti Yachts 750 - 22,75m    74' 8" Ferretti

Ferretti 750 represents another step forward in the development of the Ferretti Yacht range over 70 feet, featuring a 22.75 m overall length and a 5.70 m full beam. Evolution of the successful Ferretti...

9 products Pershing
new video Pershing PERSHING 62
Luxury hardtop motor high performance PERSHING 62 - 18,94m    62' 2" Pershing

The new model by Pershing is a unique, fast, and elegant yacht which perfectly embodies the DNA of the brand, since it perfectly matches functionality, safety, and the utmost comfort. This yacht allows...

video Pershing PERSHING 115
Luxury super with waterjet drives PERSHING 115 - 35,37m    116' 1" Pershing

The shipyard’s flagship is the expression of the distinctive values of Pershing, a stylistic revolution created to amaze. Achieving high levels of innovation, comfort, performance, design and class...

video Pershing PERSHING 108
Luxury flybridge super PERSHING 108 - 33,23m    109' 0" Pershing

Pershing 108’ is a prestigious maxi yacht featuring a versatile layout, an innovative on-board technology. It is the first three engine model ever produced by the Ferretti Group brand, resulting...

video Pershing PERSHING 92
Luxury flybridge motor PERSHING 92 - 27,96m    91' 9" Pershing

Pershing 92’, created by the designer Fulvio De Simoni together with the fundamental support of the technical staff of Pershing and the close collaboration with the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology...

video Pershing PERSHING 82
Luxury hardtop motor sport PERSHING 82 - 24,98m    81' 11" Pershing

Confirming the brand’s great challenge to develop large-size vessels without sacrificing sportiness and speed distinguishing the sailing of every Pershing yacht: that’s the spirit of the new...

video Pershing PERSHING 74
Luxury flybridge motor PERSHING 74 - 22,66m    74' 4" Pershing

Pershing 74’, contemporary restyling of the famous Pershing 72’, is penciled by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT. 22.66 metres long and 5.50 metres wide, Pershing 74’ is able...

15 products Tiara Yachts
Tiara Yachts 5800 SOVRAN
Luxury hardtop motor IPS POD 5800 SOVRAN - 17,63m    57' 10" Tiara Yachts

Featuring an open and flowing tri-level interior our flagship 5800 Sovran elevates the at-sea experience to new heights. The upper level includes the helm station and main salon, the...

Tiara Yachts 50 COUPE
Luxury hardtop motor 2 or 3 cabins 50 COUPE - 16,60m    54' 6" Tiara Yachts

2014 MODEL SPECIFICATIONS L.O.A. with Std. Swim Platform...............54’6" - 16.6 meters Beam .......................................................15’11" - 4.85 meters Estimated Draft (fully loaded)...

Tiara Yachts TIARA 50
Luxury hardtop motor TIARA 50 - 15,25m    50' 0" Tiara Yachts

The next generation of premier American-made yachts with the all new Tiara 50 Coupe. The all new Tiara 50 series redefines world class luxury with innovative design, engineering, and performance built...

Tiara Yachts 3100 CORONET
Motor-boat : in-board cabin-cruiser 3100 CORONET - 9,29m    30' 6" Tiara Yachts

Cruising the coast. Day-tripping across open water. Aboard a new Tiara Yachts 3100 Coronet, every day is a great day to escape with family and friends – with confidence and style. The innovative...

Tiara Yachts 3600 CORONET
Motor-boat : open express-cruiser 3600 CORONET - 11,86m    38' 11" Tiara Yachts

The innovative new Coronet Series introduces smartly re-imagined day boats. Sophisticated new designs deliver style to take your breath away. And yet, like every...

22 products Vicem Yachts
Vicem Yachts 59 BAHAMA BAY
Luxury planing hull downeast motor IPS POD 59 BAHAMA BAY - 18,50m    60' 8" Vicem Yachts

The Vicem 59 Bahama Bay merges our classic Down East styling with latest cutting edge technologies of Volvo IPS engines. Designer on two continents have worked closely together to produce a unique and...

Vicem Yachts 80
Luxury downeast flybridge motor 80 - 24,50m    80' 5" Vicem Yachts

The latest Flagship of the Classic line, the Vicem 80 Flybridge was designed to be an uncompromising...

Vicem Yachts 77
Luxury downeast flybridge motor 77 - 23,40m    76' 9" Vicem Yachts

The best selling Vicem 77 Classic floats at the top of her yachting class. The hit of every boat show, she has graced the covers of all...

Vicem Yachts 71
Luxury downeast motor 71 - 21,62m    70' 11" Vicem Yachts

The Vicem 71 is the yacht our owners asked us to build a swift, wider beam vessel that...

Vicem Yachts 64 CLASSIC
Luxury downeast motor 64 CLASSIC - 19,50m    64' 0" Vicem Yachts

If there is one word that describes our 58 foot offering, it is flexibility. With a beam...

Vicem Yachts 64 FLYBRIDGE
Luxury downeast flybridge motor 64 FLYBRIDGE - 19,50m    64' 0" Vicem Yachts

If there is one word that describes our 58 foot offering, it is flexibility. With a beam...

9 products Riva
video Riva 122’ MYTHOS
Luxury planing hull super aluminum 122’ MYTHOS - 37,50m    123' 0" Riva

Riva 122’ Mythos, an extraordinary evolution of the 86’ Domino, is the largest planning yacht ever built by the historical shipyard. All the elegance, style and sobriety of all Riva...

video Riva RIVALE
Luxury open motor RIVALE - 16,12m    52' 11" Riva

Of the various members of the Riva family, this is the yacht whose character, as indeed its name suggests, is both strong and gritty. It is not only a matter of name, however. Indeed, Rivale’s unique,...

video Riva 63' VIRTUS
Luxury open motor 63' VIRTUS - 19,56m    64' 2" Riva

Riva, iconic Ferretti Group brand, announces the birth of the new flagship of their open line, featuring racy exteriors with a strong personality: Riva 63’ Virtus, is the largest open yacht produced by...

video Riva 63' VERTIGO
Luxury hardtop motor 63' VERTIGO - 19,57m    64' 2" Riva

Elegance, harmony, style. These three terms are certainly the best to describe the 63’ Vertigo, a very performing, highly technological yacht that has taken up the challenge of reinterpreting...

video Riva 68' EGO SUPER
Luxury hardtop motor sport 68' EGO SUPER - 20,82m    68' 4" Riva

On the 68’ Ego Super harmonious shapes and skillfully balanced volumes combine with an in-depth, accurate analysis...

video Riva 86' DOMINO
Luxury flybridge motor sport 86' DOMINO - 26,40m    86' 7" Riva

This 26-metre coupe yacht can be considered as an evolution of the 68’ Ego Super, but can boast wider spaces and many living/relaxation areas that make it ideal for both long cruises and day-to-day...

video Meridian Yachts 541 SEDAN
Luxury flybridge motor 541 SEDAN - 16,40m    53' 10" Meridian Yachts

The all-new flagship of the Meridian Yachts fleet represents a groundbreaking innovation for the brand. Establishing a new leading edge in naval architecture, propulsion and liveaboard comfort, the 541...

video Meridian Yachts 341 SEDAN
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 341 SEDAN - 10,90m    35' 9" Meridian Yachts

While many cruising yachts less than 40 feet in length are best-suited to overnight or weekend stays, Meridian’s 341 Sedan has redefined the class by providing the comfortable accommodations and extra...

video Meridian Yachts 391 SEDAN
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 391 SEDAN - 12,50m    41' 0" Meridian Yachts

Knowing that some family cruisers look like minivans, Meridian designed its 391 Sedan to bring the styling and performance of a sportscar to the class without losing any practical features. This attractive...

video Meridian Yachts 441 SEDAN
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 441 SEDAN - 14,30m    46' 11" Meridian Yachts

In designing the new 441 Sedan, Meridian’s team of naval architects developed a new hull, deck, bridge and shearline. This all new design features a more aggressive profile and new hull-side windows for...

4 products Mochi Craft
2 products Itama
4 products Silverton
video Silverton 50 CONVERTIBLE
Sportfishing boat luxury motor with flybridge convertible 50 CONVERTIBLE - 15,72m    51' 7" Silverton

Our Most Highly Evolved Yacht Proves Her Worth Among ‘Big Boats’ She reaches powerfully toward the distant horizon with standard twin diesel engines, attaining speeds her handsome streamlined...

Silverton 50 T-SERIES
Sportfishing boat luxury motor with flybridge convertible 50 T-SERIES - 15,72m    51' 7" Silverton

Fishing Finesse Matched By Interior Refinement The premier model in Silverton’s new class of Jersey-built sportfishermen is the 50T. From the delete windshield, designed to withstand the pummeling...

video Silverton 39 MOTOR YACHT
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 39 MOTOR YACHT - 13,28m    43' 7" Silverton

Whatever Your Idea of a Perfect Day,She Is ‘As You Like It’ Some insist that the true measure of a motor yacht’s worth is the dimensions of her flybridge, sundeck, and covered aft deck....

video Silverton 35 MOTOR YACHT
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser 35 MOTOR YACHT - 12,25m    40' 2" Silverton

Few boats of this class look as fast as our 35 Motor Yacht.And with a pair of 8.1-L Crusader (or optional diesel) engines driving her, her international flair and racy style is not deceiving. The 35...

12 products Yachts Couach
new Yachts Couach 2600 FLY
Luxury flybridge motor 2600 FLY - 26,50m    86' 11" Yachts Couach

COMPACT, FUNCTIONAL AND HOMOGENEOUS Designed to complete the in-between 22 and 28-meter range, the 2600 FLY is the perfect expression of what Couach can do...

new Yachts Couach 2600 OPEN
Luxury hardtop motor 2600 OPEN - 26,50m    86' 11" Yachts Couach

The 2600 OPEN is an elegant boat with fine and aggressive lines. Lighter than the Fly, it is also faster....

new Yachts Couach 3800 EXPLORER
Luxury flybridge super explorer 3800 EXPLORER - 37,81m    124' 1" Yachts Couach

The 3800 is made to explore. With aggressive lines, high freeboards and its very pronounced hull, this boat does...

new Yachts Couach 4500 FLY
Luxury flybridge super 4500 FLY - 45m    147' 8" Yachts Couach

Designed from the 5000 FLY, the 4500 FLY has a lot in common with the biggest vessel of the brand. Its comfort at sea...

Yachts Couach 2300 FLY
Luxury flybridge motor 2300 FLY - 23m    75' 6" Yachts Couach

Here is a 23-meter unit so many captains boast the naval qualities. The 2300 Fly is the ideal yacht for someone...

video Yachts Couach 2800 OPEN
Luxury hardtop motor 2800 OPEN - 28,60m    93' 10" Yachts Couach

DESIGN ET FRISSONS Coming straight out of our designers’ imagination, the 2800 OPEN takes up...

new video Jeanneau - Prestige 750
Luxury planing hull flybridge motor 750 - 22,55m    74' 0" Jeanneau - Prestige

With the arrival of this new motor yacht of 75’, a new chapter is being written in the PRESTIGE story. And yet, the PRESTIGE 750 is born of the same...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 550 S
Luxury hardtop motor 3 cabins 550 S - 17,92m    58' 10" Jeanneau - Prestige

The Prestige 550s expands on the concept of coupé motor yachts that began with the successful Prestige 500 s. The concept...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 550
Canal boat flybridge luxury motor 550 - 17,92m    58' 10" Jeanneau - Prestige

THE NEW SIGNATURE OF THE PRESTIGE FLYBRIDGE LINE Harmony in design and assurance of power and safety. The...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 620
Luxury flybridge motor IPS POD 620 - 19,50m    64' 0" Jeanneau - Prestige

A NEW WORLD OF LUXURY, COMFORT AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY Designed by the Garroni Design group, the Prestige 620 impresses with the fi ne...

video Jeanneau - Prestige 620 S
Luxury flybridge motor IPS POD 620 S - 19,50m    64' 0" Jeanneau - Prestige

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS The new PRESTIGE 620 S, designed by Garroni Design in collaboration with the Prestige design team, makes an original...

52 products Benetti
new Benetti F-125'
Luxury displacement super trideck custommade F-125' - 38m    124' 8" Benetti

Length Overall (LOA): 38 MT Maximum Beam: 8,23 MT Maximum...

new Benetti F-140'
Luxury displacement super trideck custommade F-140' - 42m    137' 10" Benetti

Length Overall (LOA): 42 MT Maximum Beam: 8,50 MT Maximum...

Benetti SAI RAM FB229
Luxury displacement mega steel trideck custommade SAI RAM FB229 - 51,80m    169' 11" Benetti

Length Overall (LOA): 51.80 MT Maximum Beam: 10.40 MT Maximum...

Benetti ILLUSION FB246
Luxury displacement super trideck custommade ILLUSION FB246 - 45,60m    149' 7" Benetti

Length Overall (LOA): 45.60 MT Maximum Beam: 9.10 MT Maximum...

37 products Azimut
new video Azimut 80
Luxury flybridge motor 80 - 25,20m    82' 8" Azimut

The new Azimut 80: your exclusive on-the-water spa Being or...wellbeing? The thrill of looking out at the open water, the expansive feeling of the spaces, the relaxation of body and mind... the flybridge...

new video Azimut 55S
Luxury hardtop motor IPS POD 55S - 17,29m    56' 9" Azimut

In the wake of innovation. A new way of experiencing the sea: 3 engines for speeds up to 36 knots, carbon fibre structure, and surprising design details. The allure of its innovation...

new Azimut MAGELLANO 53
Luxury flybridge motor explorer MAGELLANO 53 - 16,89m    55' 5" Azimut

Azimut Yachts materials have been designed and developed to offer users the most accurate representation of the yacht possible. The finish, standard equipment and range of optional on offer may vary from...

new video Azimut ATLANTIS 50
Luxury hardtop motor 2 or 3 cabins sport ATLANTIS 50 - 16,19m    53' 1" Azimut

The new Italian Sport Cruiser September 2013 Prèmiere Azimut Yachts materials have been designed and developed to offer users the most accurate representation of the yacht possible. The finish,...

video Azimut 54
Luxury flybridge motor 54 - 16,69m    54' 9" Azimut

Liveability and style have a new name. THE DESIRE FOR BALANCE between the elegance of the external lines and the need to build structures suitable for extending total comfort to...

video Azimut 60
Luxury flybridge motor 60 - 18,26m    59' 11" Azimut

Design and volume, serviceable solutions to suit the need for...

8 products Fairline
new video Fairline SQUADRON 60
Luxury flybridge motor SQUADRON 60 - 19,35m    63' 6" Fairline

This new Squadron will be a real head turner as it glides into the marina. Sixty feet of pure luxury with a list...

Fairline TARGA 48 GT
Luxury hardtop motor IPS POD sport TARGA 48 GT - 15,38m    50' 6" Fairline

Welcome to a truly wonderful open-to-the-skies experience, where you can choose to invite in the warmth and sociability of your environment, with one elegant sweep of your electric hardtop. Look beyond...

Fairline TARGA 50GT
Luxury hardtop motor 2 or 3 cabins sport TARGA 50GT - 15,34m    50' 4" Fairline

This express cruiser was built on the principles of no compromise. To offer accommodation of such proportions within a 50 foot hull was a testing challenge for our design team. Walk...

video Fairline TARGA 62 GT
Luxury hardtop motor sport TARGA 62 GT - 19,38m    63' 7" Fairline

At first glance, there’s no doubting that this is a powerful sports cruiser with striking good looks. But...

Fairline TARGA 75 GT
Luxury hardtop motor 4 cabins sport TARGA 75 GT - 24,40m    80' 1" Fairline

A product of Fairline’s industry-leading production systems, this spectacular Targa promises to be lighter and more thrilling on the water than any other boat in its class – a true celebration...

Fairline SQUADRON 48
Luxury flybridge motor SQUADRON 48 - 15,38m    50' 6" Fairline

This Squadron is another example of Fairline’s relentless pursuit of design excellence. Where a host of innovative touches are so elegantly applied, allowing you to enjoy pure luxury in an effortless...

15 products Riviera
new video Riviera 53 OPEN
Sportfishing boat flybridge luxury motor 53 OPEN - 18,19m    59' 8" Riviera

Designed from the keel up, using Riviera’s Uni-Graphics NX three dimensional CAD software system, the new 53 has been developed in-house after nearly two years of detailed consultation with boat...

new video Riviera 50
Luxury motor with enclosed flybridge 50 - 17,26m    56' 8" Riviera

The stunning new 50 Enclosed Flybridge is expected to prove equally enticing as her big sister, the 53 Enclosed Flybridge. The new model is currently under construction and will make her world debut in...

new video Riviera 565 SUV
Luxury hardtop motor IPS POD 565 SUV - 18,52m    60' 9" Riviera

Large volume vessel Over 60 feet in length. Twin IPS 900 engines as standard and large 3500L tank give the 565 SUV over 380nm range Indoor...

new video Riviera 515 SUV
Luxury hardtop motor IPS POD 515 SUV - 17,26m    56' 8" Riviera

Created in-house using industry-leading Unigraphics 3D software, Riviera’s team of talented and passionate international designers and engineers have focused on absolute maximisation of this brand...

video Riviera 75
Luxury motor with enclosed flybridge 75 - 24,48m    80' 4" Riviera

· Superyacht Accommodation : The Riviera 75’s immense volume allows for a four cabin, four bathroom layout. The master stateroom is king-size, the VIP stateroom for’ard is queen-size...

video Riviera 63
Luxury motor with enclosed flybridge 63 - 19,63m    64' 5" Riviera

Riviera is proud to announce the launch of its new 63 Flybridge with a raft of engineering and design enhancements based on its predecessor, the superb 61 Flybridge. When the 61 Flybridge, featuring...

44 products Wally
Cruising sailboat luxury sailingsuper deck saloon flybridge BETTER PLACE - 50,50m    165' 8" Wally

Type // Blue Water High Performance Sloop Year // TBC Length overall // 50.50 m - 165’7" Length waterline // 44.80 m - 146’10" Maximum beam // 10.25 m...

Wally 55
Luxury open motor 55 - 17,40m    57' 1" Wally

The Wally//55 is the ultimate open sports cruiser and makes no secret of it. Its lines are overtly sporty and it has four powerful but efficient Volvo IPS600 engines,...

Wally 73
Luxury motor 73 - 22,38m    73' 5" Wally

An exceptionally spacious performance motor cruiser, Wally//73 provides beautiful, comfortable accommodation for up to eight guests while allowing them to enjoy...

Wally ACE
Luxury motor ACE - 26,23m    86' 1" Wally

The Wally//Ace is a motor yacht like no other, with huge open spaces and a degree of light and quality of design unmatched by any yacht in its class. The unique owner’s...

Wally AORI
Sailboat fast cruising sailing deck saloon AORI - 23,99m    78' 8" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2004 Length overall // 23.99 m - 78’8" Length waterline // 21.23 m - 69’8" Maximum beam // 5.96 m - 19’7" Draught // 4.00 m...

Sailboat cruiserracer sailing custommade BAGHEERA - 23,99m    78' 8" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2009 Length overall // 23.99 m - 78’8" Length waterline // 21.23 m - 69’8" Maximum beam // 5.96 m - 19’7" Draught // 4.70...

new Jeanneau - Sailboats JEANNEAU 64
Sailboat cruising sailing deck saloon JEANNEAU 64 - 20,10m    65' 11" Jeanneau - Sailboats

Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal. Every...

video Jeanneau - Sailboats JEANNEAU 53
Sailboat cruising sailing 3 cabins JEANNEAU 53 - 16,15m    53' 0" Jeanneau - Sailboats

The elegance created by Philippe Briand and Garroni Design positions the Jeanneau 53 as a sailboat of exception in the range of yachts over 50’. The comfort on board, the level of finish, and the perfect...

video Jeanneau - Sailboats JEANNEAU 57
Sailboat cruising sailing 4 cabins JEANNEAU 57 - 17,68m    58' 0" Jeanneau - Sailboats

This elegant offshore cruiser offers an exceptional interior and deck plan designed by Vittorio Garroni with ease of...

video Jeanneau - Sailboats SUN ODYSSEY 509
Sailboat cruising sailing SUN ODYSSEY 509 - 15,24m    50' 0" Jeanneau - Sailboats

Drawing on the latest technological advances in naval architecture and design, the Sun Odyssey 509 embodies...

new video Hatteras Yachts 60
Sportfishing boat luxury motor convertible 60 - 18,24m    59' 10" Hatteras Yachts

The new Hatteras GT60 takes its exterior design cues from the current 60, but a newly redesigned cockpit and a touch of panache added to...

Hatteras Yachts 60
Luxury flybridge motor 60 - 18,57m    60' 11" Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts is pleased to present the 60 Motor Yacht, a yacht that incorporates original design concepts, a spacious interior and intuitive features...

Hatteras Yachts 80
Luxury flybridge motor 80 - 24,33m    79' 10" Hatteras Yachts

Step aboard the Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht and you’ll instantly recognize a world-class design unlike any other. That’s because it was created by the most qualified group...

Hatteras Yachts 100
Luxury flybridge super composite raised pilothouse 100 - 31,09m    102' 0" Hatteras Yachts

The amenities and accommodations found aboard the 100 Raised Pilothouse are typically reserved for vessels much larger in size. This Hatteras craft features the largest aft deck...

video Hatteras Yachts 54
Sportfishing boat luxury motor convertible 54 - 16,41m    53' 10" Hatteras Yachts

The Hatteras GT54 is the lightest, quickest and most nimble member of the new GT Series. Whether in the hunt for a trophy, or simply enjoying a fast day on the water, the GT54 delivers...

video Hatteras Yachts 63
Sportfishing boat luxury motor convertible 63 - 19,46m    63' 10" Hatteras Yachts

The Hatteras GT63 is a premium convertible designed to be superior to other boats in its class thanks to its elegant styling, fine seakeeping qualities, 41-knot top-end speed, and the...

26 products Sunreef Yachts
new Sunreef Yachts 90 POWER
Luxury luxury motor catamaran semicustom 90 POWER - 27,43m    90' 0" Sunreef Yachts

The new 90 Sunreef Power is a truly revolutionary concept of a power superyacht, another milestone in the luxury catamaran design. The main idea of the concept is to stress the superb space that catamarans...

video Sunreef Yachts 60 POWER
Luxury luxury motor catamaran semicustom 60 POWER - 18,29m    60' 0" Sunreef Yachts

This beautifully proportioned catamaran is only 60 feet long, yet Sunreef Yachts has succeeded in optimizing the living space to afford the highest levels of stylish...

video Sunreef Yachts 70 POWER
Luxury luxury motor catamaran semicustom 70 POWER - 21,33m    70' 0" Sunreef Yachts

Launched in 2008, the 70 Sunreef Power is the first motor yacht from the Sunreef power range. The yacht’s elegant topside, extended interior and exterior space along with its stability, safety, long cruising...

Sunreef Yachts 75 SPORTFISH
Luxury sportfishing luxury motor with enclosed flybridge catamaran 75 SPORTFISH - 22,86m    75' 0" Sunreef Yachts

The 75 Sunreef Sportfish is a new version of one of the most popular models from the Sunreef Yachts range – the 70 Sunreef Power. It is the biggest luxury catamaran-yacht available in the fishing version...

Sunreef Yachts 210
Power trimaran luxury mega 210 - 64m    210' 0" Sunreef Yachts

In 2013 Sunreef Yachts in-house design office took another step forward in luxury multihull design with the completion of a superb concept for a 210ft mega power trimaran. The project has been prepared...

new video Sunreef Yachts 60 LOFT
Cruising catamaran (sailboat, semi-custom) 60 LOFT - 18,29m    60' 0" Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Yachts Introduces a New Concept of a Pret-a-porter Luxury Yacht - Sunreef 60 LOFT Sunreef Yachts is delighted to unveil a new concept being a result of the company’s long experience in luxury...

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