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A work barge is a flat-bottomed craft, with or without engine, designed for a variety of tasks.


These vessels can perform a range of tasks, depending on configuration and features. These include dredging, cable laying, placement of pilings, sampling, sounding, drilling, underwater work, crane operations, bulk transport (ore, etc.) and shellfish and fish farming, among others. They can even be fitted out to house employees on maritime or inland waterway work sites.


Barges have, by definition, flat bottoms, providing great stability and access to very shallow waters. They can be self-propelled or towed. The barge will be equipped with all necessary mission-specific gear such as crane, cable windlass or pile driver. Some include living quarters for crew and workers, with saloon, cabins, mess, galley and other facilities. There may even be a helipad for the regular transport of personnel and material or for emergency evacuation.

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Choice will depend on the specific tasks to be carried out and the environment in which the barge will work.

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7 products Damen
Damen B32
Offshore B32 Damen

In May Damen Shipyards delivered the biggest Pontoon built so far by Damen to McKeil-Malaspina. The Stan Pontoon...

Damen B27
Offshore B27 Damen

Last Monday January 21st the brand new Damen Stan Pontoon 9127 (SPo 9127) has been handed over to...

Damen B24
Offshore B24 Damen

On Friday 27th of September the Glovertown Spirit was handed over to the joint venture McKeil - Mammoet. The Stan Pontoon 7524 will be towed to Canada...

Offshore B16 - DAMEN RIVERSTAR 1 AND 2 Damen

26th of June HHL Lagos loaded in the port of Rotterdam on own gear the Damen Shipyards built Stan Pontoons ’Damen Riverstar...

Damen B13
Offshore B13 Damen

Another Damen standard product for Rhumb Maritime of Melbourne Australia. After the delivery of Damen Stan Tug 1606...

Damen B11
Offshore B11 Damen

In February 2013 two Damen Stan Pontoons 6511 were delivered to long-time customer Mammoet Maritime. The pontoons were transported together with a batch of 14 other Stan Pontoons from China to Rotterdam....

1 products STX Finland
3 products Fassmer
Fassmer WIG 40
Special vessel WIG 40 Fassmer

Work crane Palfinger PK65002, Schottel...

Fassmer MPV 34
Special vessel MPV 34 Fassmer

Palfinger Crane PK 23500 MA, Wooden workdeck,...

For ship maintenance - 3,30m    10' 10" Fassmer

Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, this working...

2 products ZPMC
Special vessel for pipe laying ZPMC

The available water depth is from shallow water to 3000m deep water....

Special vessel for pipe laying HYUNDAI MIPO DOCKYARD

Length O. A. 206.40 m Length B. P. 191.80 m Breadth mld 32.00 m Depth mld 17.80 m Design draft...

Alumarine Shipyard 50'
Motorboat 50' - 15m    49' 3" Alumarine Shipyard

The yard builds work barges fitted with a crane and hydraulic...

Alumarine Shipyard 46'
Motorboat 46' - 14m    45' 11" Alumarine Shipyard

The yard builds work barges fitted with a crane and hydraulic...

video Alumarine Shipyard 100'
Special vessel 100' Alumarine Shipyard

The yard builds work barges fitted with a crane and hydraulic propulsion...

Construcciones Navales Del Norte 33.500 DWT
Special vessel for pipe laying 33.500 DWT Construcciones Navales Del Norte

Main Particulars Length Overall 191.50m Length b.p. 175.00m Breadth 40.00m Depth 13.20m Draught 7.50m Dead Weight...

1 products Drydocks World
Drydocks World
Special vessel for pipe laying Drydocks World

Specialized barges include Cable...

Water Witch Workboats
For dredging - 4,27m    14' 0" Water Witch Workboats

Unique modular system for efficient storage and transfer solutions. Removable 8...

BOA Offshore As 27
For dredging 27 - 20,40m    66' 11" BOA Offshore As

G e n e r a l Vessel´s name: BOABARGE 27 Call sign: LK6937 Owner:...

ABCO Industries Limited 36' WORK BARGE
Motorboat 36' WORK BARGE - 10,97m    36' 0" ABCO Industries Limited

ADVANTAGES of ABCO Aluminum Boats: • Heavy duty, rugged design that is typical of ABCO’s reputation for equipment supplied to the marine industry. • Fabricated in accordance with Canadian...

2 products Geo Shipyard
Geo Shipyard MR. MAC
Motorboat MR. MAC - 18,29m    60' 0" Geo Shipyard

The Mr. Mac was built to be a very versatile vessel. It is built of Marine Grade Aluminum for low maintenance and shallow draft capability. It is a 600 hp Pushboat...

Geo Shipyard MOBAY
Motorboat MOBAY - 11,89m    39' 0" Geo Shipyard

This vessel was designed and built for Mobay Storage and Hub...

Metalcraft Marine Inc POLAR
Motorboat POLAR - 19,81m    65' 0" Metalcraft Marine Inc

The Polar Line of innovative catamaran barges is the cost-effective answer to your marine transportation needs. * Costing far less than conventional construction, the modular vessel can be disassembled...

3 products Workskiff Inc
Workskiff Inc V BARGE 29
Motorboat V BARGE 29 - 8,84m    29' 0" Workskiff Inc

With its large flat deck and modified V hull design, our V BARGE SERIES is engineered to balance heavy load operations...

Workskiff Inc V BARGE 26
Motorboat V BARGE 26 - 7,92m    26' 0" Workskiff Inc

With its large flat deck and modified V hull design, our V BARGE SERIES is engineered to balance heavy load operations...

Workskiff Inc V BARGE 30
Motorboat V BARGE 30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Workskiff Inc

With its large flat deck and modified V hull design, our V BARGE SERIES is engineered to balance heavy load operations...

Bernard Shipyard 16
Motorboat 16 - 16m    52' 6" Bernard Shipyard

The oyster-farming barge is one...

2 products Arya Shipyard
Arya Shipyard 0149 MB
Motorboat 0149 MB - 15m    49' 3" Arya Shipyard

ARYA Pusher 0149 specially designed for Iraq Goverment. Vessels hull designed...

Arya Shipyard 19M
Motorboat 19M - 19,05m    62' 6" Arya Shipyard

Motorbarge 0162 designed to provide support to dredging and marine contruction. Vessel is able to assist windfarm construction and asist also. Vessel can be equiped with...

1 products Holy Head
Holy Head 21.50M
Motorboat 21.50M - 21,50m    70' 6" Holy Head

This vessel is designed to meet the varied and demanding requirements encountered when supporting civil engineering and dredging operations. The vessel is adaptable enough to carry...

2 products Incat Crowther
Incat Crowther FATBOY - CD530
Motorboat FATBOY - CD530 - 18m    59' 1" Incat Crowther

Design No: CD530 Vessel Name: Fatboy An 18m landing barge with forward roll on/roll off loading. Length Overall: 18.00...

Incat Crowther FATBOY - CD530A
Motorboat FATBOY - CD530A - 25m    82' 0" Incat Crowther

Design No: CD530A Vessel Name: Fatboy A 25m multi-purpose landing barge. Length Overall: 25.00 m Length Waterline: 21.00...

Rhino Marine Products (Pty) Ltd TRISTAN
Motorboat TRISTAN - 10m    32' 10" Rhino Marine Products (Pty) Ltd

The Rhino Marine composite HDPE pontoon, steel space frame with timber decking superstructure is designed for transporting up to 11 T of centrally payload. The barge is self propelled with 2 x 115 HP. The...

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