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A wind vane is an instrument which indicates apparent wind direction.


These devices are very useful aboard sailboats for steering the ideal course with respect to wind direction and for adjusting the set of the sails. They also facilitate anchoring and provide essential information when seeking a lee shelter or preparing to dock. Race organizers use them to position course and starting line buoys.


The vane's arrow pivots freely, orienting itself to the direction of the wind. Simple, mechanical masthead models serve as visual indicators of wind direction. Lateral flanges show the helm how close to the wind it is possible to steer.

Electronic models transmit data to a screen on the instrument panel. Newer, wireless systems considerably simplify installation. These sensors usually indicate wind speed, as well. Hand-held versions use a small, rigid flag or electronics with a digital display. Some vanes are integrated into VHF antennas.

How to choose

Depending on the size of the boat and, especially, the sophistication of its electronics, choose between a mechanical vane and an electronic unit. The precise data provided by the latter is particularly useful for racing sailors.

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V-Tronix by Shakespeare YHK
VHF marine antenna with for boat YHK V-Tronix by Shakespeare

The Hawk™ was designed and developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sailors. It features the popular V-Tronix™ solderless connector system - for easy installation and end-of-season...

1 products Glomex
Glomex RA 179
RA 179 Glomex

Wind indicator 380...

2 products RWO
RWO R7493
For sailing dinghy R7493 RWO

Description:Pennant Race 100 X 250mm Category:Accessories Subcategory:Windicators Type:Lightweight...

RWO R7495T
For sailing dinghy R7495T RWO

Description:Cruising Burgee Category:Accessories Subcategory:Windicators Type:Lightweight...

7 products Davis
For sailing dinghy BLACK MAX Davis

Black Max™ Wind Direction Indicator Black Max is a versatile, high performance wind direction indicator that attaches quickly to...


Spar-Fly™ Spar-Fly combines needle bearing balance, high impact plastic, and...


Designed especially for catamarans, the Davis Telo-Cat™ is durable and highly visible. Installs on the headstay bridle in seconds; easily...


Windex® AV Antenna Mount Wind Vane Windex AV installs onto most whip antennas, including Metz and Shakespeare...


With the introduction of the Windex 10.Sport, Windex wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire jewel...

Davis WINDEX 15
WINDEX 15 Davis

Windex wind vanes continue to offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is in the sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and...

Optiparts - Windesign EX1240
For sailing dinghy EX1240 Optiparts - Windesign

We supply a standard wind indicator, with a red PVC flag on a wire frame,...

4 products Tecnautic
Tecnautic #810100
Electronic anemometer system #810100 Tecnautic

Wind Display: Wind data can be displayed on any display in the system, e.g. on a "Log" Display or "Multi" Display. This reduces system cost....

Tecnautic #230100
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats (calculator) #230100 Tecnautic

The Autopilot Computer positions the rudder and eventually activates available thrusters, so as to achieve the desired heading, track or wind angle of the boat. It makes use of an already installed Autopilot...

Boat autopilot control unit Tecnautic

The Autopilot Display is for Mode Selection: Heading mode, Track mode, NAV mode, LAND mode and - for sailboats - an Apparent and True Wind mode, including tack and jibe maneuvers. An analog LED-pointer...

Tecnautic #810105
Anemometer transducer #810105 Tecnautic

Precision Wind Sensor Cobwebs could eventually block an anemometer wheel during calm periods. However, the Tecnautic Wind Sensor has a little motor inside, that will...

NAVIS elektronika WR3
Electronic anemometer system wireless WR3 NAVIS elektronika

WINDY WR3 is a long range portable wireless...

NAVIS elektronika WSM 300
Electronic anemometer system wireless WSM 300 NAVIS elektronika

Easy installation without running cables no battery to replace no...

NAVIS elektronika WDM W102
Anemometer transducer wireless WDM W102 NAVIS elektronika

• easy installation without running cables • long range -...

NAVIS elektronika WDM 101/4-20 MA
Anemometer transducer wireless WDM 101/4-20 MA NAVIS elektronika

• measurment range : 0 - 360° • resolution...

1 products Wichard
Wichard 7201
7201 Wichard

Commentary Fluorescent wind indicator designed by using tunnel wind technology...

1 products Holt

Strong & sturdy Framework in hard anodised alloy, rotating pivot in stainless steel Accurate even in a light breeze Light pointer...

Niro - Petersen 400
400 Niro - Petersen

WindPe: Wind direction indicator -WindPe...

1 products Nautos
Nautos 91170 WINTEC 12'
91170 WINTEC 12' Nautos


1 products Humminbird
new Humminbird SC 110
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats SC 110 Humminbird

With the precise control and proven performance of your Humminbird® Autopilot system, you will never deviate from your route....

13 products ComNav
Autopilot for ships ADMIRAL P3 ComNav

• Auto Learning using IST Technology • Auto Setup — automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration & automatic compass compensation • Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability in all weather...

Sport-fishing boat autopilot COMMANDER P2 ComNav

• Auto Learning using Intelligent Steering Technology — IST • Auto Setup — automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration & automatic compass compensation • Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability...

Autopilot for outboard and sterndrive motor-boats COMMANDER P2VS ComNav

• Auto Learning using IST Technology • Auto Setup — automatic drive detection, automatic pilot calibration & automatic compass compensation • Auto Sea State adjustment for reliability in all weather...

ComNav 1001
Professional fishing boat autopilot 1001 ComNav

• Fixed station autopilot • Suitable for mid-sized vessels, in the range of 30 to 60 feet / 10 to 20 meters • Three “Turn” functions, Continuous, Emergency and “U” Turns • Compatible with most standard...

ComNav 1500
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats 1500 ComNav

• Visual and audible alarms for trouble shooting • Wide viewing angle high contrast LCD display • Extremely stable fluid damped Fluxgate Compass • Reliable in any sea conditions • Interface to NX2...

ComNav 1420
Autopilot for motor-boats 1420 ComNav

• Clip mounted allowing both fixed and hand held operation • Suitable for small to mid-sized vessels • Capable of operating on most standard types of steering systems • Waterproof Control Head •...

11 products Raymarine
Raymarine ST1000
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) ST1000 Raymarine

Removable Cockpit Autopilots For Tiller Steered Yachts Invented by Autohelm in 1973, tiller pilots have consistently been the world’s...

Raymarine SPX5
Cockpit autopilot for sailboat (steering wheel mounted) SPX5 Raymarine

The Raymarine SPX-5 wheel pilot comprises a fully enclosed wheel-drive for simple installation and superb...

Raymarine SPX - 5GP
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) SPX - 5GP Raymarine

The rugged SPX-5 and SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilots are perfect for tiller steered yachts up to 6,000kg (13,200lbs) and 7,500kg (16,000lbs) displacement respectively. Meeting...

Raymarine SPX-5R
Cockpit autopilot for motor-boats (steering wheel mounted) SPX-5R Raymarine

The Raymarine SPX-5R pilot is a helm mounted autopilot designed for use on small sports and fishing...

Boat autopilot remote control SMART CONTROLLER Raymarine

Raymarine S100 Remote Control The compact Raymarine S100 remote control gives you basic, onboard wireless control of any...

Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats EVOLUTION Raymarine

Engineered for simplicity, Evolution autopilots eliminate the need for complicated set up and calibration. Once Evolution is installed, getting started is as easy as switching the autopilot on. Thanks...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-348
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats 90-60-348 nke Marine Electronics

Gyropilot Graphic is a Multifunction display and the nke pilot’s control. Its graphic screen offers a wide range of display options: A...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-247
Autopilot remote control & man over board alarm system 90-60-247 nke Marine Electronics

Light and user-friendly, the Gyropilot Graphic’s wireless remote control combines autonomy and safety. Whether you are at the helm, at the mast foot or at the bow of your boat, the remote control allows...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-248
Autopilot remote control & man over board alarm system 90-60-248 nke Marine Electronics

Description Light and user-friendly, the wireless remote control for TL25 and SL50 multifunction units combines autonomy and safety. Wherever you are on the boat, the remote control allows you to change...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-105
Anemometer transducer 90-60-105 nke Marine Electronics

This sensor provides wind angle measurements over 360°. With easy installation and removal...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-369
Anemometer transducer 90-60-369 nke Marine Electronics

The new HR anemovane sensor is ever more accurate: better than a degree in angle measurement and around 1% for speed measurement linearity. It provides...

nke Marine Electronics 90-60-370
Anemometer transducer carbon fiber 90-60-370 nke Marine Electronics

Nke exclusive! The CARBOWIND anemovane sensor is a measuring instrument for wind speed and direction. The long, rigid carbon pole allows the sensor to be positioned more than a metre above the head...

17 products B & G
new B & G H5000 Pilot Computer
Autopilot for sailboats (calculator) H5000 Pilot Computer B & G

The record-breaking B&G Pilot has been refined to complement the powerful H5000 family and features dedicated sailing algorithms to meet the precise needs of...

B & G AWA 360
Boat analog indicator AWA 360 B & G

Accurate and durable displays with traditional analogue styling for clear...

B & G TWA 360
Boat analog indicator TWA 360 B & G

Accurate and durable displays with traditional analogue styling for clear...

B & G ACP2
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats (calculator) ACP2 B & G

A high performance autopilot with sailing specific features and...

B & G ACP1
Autopilot for motor-boats and sailboats (calculator) ACP1 B & G

A performance autopilot with sailing specific features and algorithms...

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