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1 products Eval
Eval 04716
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) 04716 Eval

Code 4716 WIND TURBINE 300 W Renewable Energy System. Generates electricity with respect to the environment and without cost. It can provide elctrical current for any kind of appliance in the boat. Specifically...

1 products Jabsco
Jabsco LVM412
Boat wind generator (12V) LVM412 Jabsco

LVM Aero4gen Wind Generator 12V;Mounting for 25.4mm (1") Pole; Model No.: LVM412 Powerful design with...

video Rulis Eléctrica, Lda 12V
Boat wind generator (12V) 12V Rulis Eléctrica, Lda

Windgenerator 12V rated voltage 12V design-optimization in our own wind-tunnel permanent magnet-generator with 420 watts output very good start-up performance due to low cogging torque...

video Rulis Eléctrica, Lda 24V
Boat wind generator (24V) 24V Rulis Eléctrica, Lda

Windgenerator 24V rated voltage 24V design-optimization in our own wind-tunnel permanent magnet-generator with 450 watts output very good start-up performance due to low cogging torque...

video Rulis Eléctrica, Lda 48V
Boat wind generator (48 - 120 V) 48V Rulis Eléctrica, Lda

Windgenerator 48V rated voltage 48V design-optimization in our own wind-tunnel permanent magnet-generator with 500 watts output very good start-up performance due to low cogging torque...

Marlec Engineering RUTLAND 914I
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) RUTLAND 914I Marlec Engineering

"At Marlec we know that space on board your yacht is an absolute premium so our aim is always to get more power from less turbine! We have achieved this power production increase through the use of modern...

Marlec Engineering RUTLAND 504
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) RUTLAND 504 Marlec Engineering

“The Rutland 504’s improved aerodynamic lines track the wind better than ever. A compact safety turbine, ideal for on-board...

Marlec Engineering RUTLAND 1803
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) RUTLAND 1803 Marlec Engineering

“Marlec’s FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger makes generating power at remote sites possible and at an affordable cost too. This 1.8M diameter turbine, designed for use on land is very powerful for...

4 products AMPAIR
video AMPAIR 100
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) 100 AMPAIR

The Ampair 100 is a heavy duty, 100 watt turbine...

video AMPAIR 300
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) 300 AMPAIR

He smallest turbine on the market with mechanical speed control, ensures that your investment keeps generating and wont go bang in the next storm.......

video AMPAIR 600
Boat wind generator (12V - 48V) 600 AMPAIR

He Ampair 600 DC is used worldwide for its reliability in extreme remote-site conditions. The regulators provide a wide range of performance...

Hydrogenerator and wind generator for boats AQUAIR 100 AMPAIR

The Aquair 100 water turbine has been designed specifically for charging batteries over long distance crossings and converts to a wind turbine at anchor. Overview Technical Specification...

1 products Superwind
Superwind SUPERWIND 350
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) SUPERWIND 350 Superwind

The Superwind 350 is a small wind generator for professional use, which even under extreme conditions works autonomously and automaticly. It is often used on sites where there is no grid available. The...

SUNSET Energietechnik WG 504
Vertical wind generator for boats WG 504 SUNSET Energietechnik

Specially set up for the leasure-time sector, the WG 504 wind generator is...

SUNSET Energietechnik WG 913
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) WG 913 SUNSET Energietechnik

This windgenerator is usually applied in the leasure-time sector, e. g. for charging...

SUNSET Energietechnik FM 1803-2
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) FM 1803-2 SUNSET Energietechnik

The wind generators apply predominantly for charging batteries. You can find the windgenerators in the spare time sector...

Leading Edge Turbines LE-V50 (50W)
Boat wind generator (12V - 48V) LE-V50 (50W) Leading Edge Turbines

The LE-v50 wind turbine is a robust and reliable 50W vertical axis wind turbine for boats which can also be used in a variety of...

video Leading Edge Turbines LE-600 (600W)
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) LE-600 (600W) Leading Edge Turbines

The LE-600 wind turbine is a UK manufactured 600W wind turbine that should produce an average of 1.2-1.8kWh per day....

Leading Edge Turbines LE-300 (300W)
Boat wind generator (12V - 24V) LE-300 (300W) Leading Edge Turbines

LE-300 Wind Turbine is a quiet, powerful yet lightweight 300W wind generator for boats. Fully optimised for marine...

Eclectic Energy DUOGEN
Hydrogenerator and wind generator for boats DUOGEN Eclectic Energy

Dual mode means that the same machine operates as a wind generator and a water-powered generator. The DuoGen product has been six years in development, and this has lead to a machine that is absolutely...

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