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windsurfing fin / wave / quad - QUAD

MFC, in conjunction with Kauli Seadi and Keith Teboul, developed the new QUAD set up for wave boards. It was always in our minds to seek something that could be approachable for the everyday sailor, and it looks like we reached our target with the QUAD fins set-up. The board has drive....

windsurfing fin / wave - AR

AR is an all around model for any conditions. Wave side shore, on-shore,...

windsurfing fin / wave - K-ONE

MFC and Kevin Pritchard, wave world champion, developed this new fin concept also in G-10 construction. The...

windsurfing fin / wave - 211 SERIES

This fin offers a new concept in fin design developed by MFC and Francisco Goya. The material chosen is G-10. The fins are CNC designed and machined by a high precision...

windsurfing fin / wave / anti-weed - WEED WAVE

Maneuverable, fast and easy to ride; the rake allows to have the...

windsurfing fin / wave - ZINGER

Designed together with Thomas Traversa designed...

windsurfing fin / wave - WAVE

Developed together with Matt Pritchard, efficient...

windsurfing fin / wave - WAVE

Manoeuvre-oriented and very reactive wave fin.
Perfect grip,...

windsurfing fin / wave - POLAKOW TWINSER | 13.5 - 14.5 - 15.5 - 16.5 - 17.5

In general, this new style of fin design provides speed combined with control and stunning turning ability....

windsurfing fin / wave - TWINSER | 12.0 -> 18.0

These small fins feature the swept back classic dolphin-style fin shape. They provide sufficient planing performance combined with...

windsurfing fin / wave - SIDE FIN | 9 G10 CNC - 10 G10 CNC - 10

Two supplementary fins positioned on the rail help to track and guide with their main purpose to provide additional grip in extreme turns.

When railing up the board hard, the tail starts to come out of the water, for example...

windsurfing fin / wave - 19 -> 28

Based on the concept of the Polakow Twinser fins:
The innovative outline and profile make every board feel much more direct and responsive.


windsurfing fin / wave / freestyle - 21 - 23 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 31

The fin range based on the shape of the Wave and Polakow Twinser line.

This new-style outline and profile make all...

windsurfing fin / wave / quad - MISSION

The Mission is our most radical fin, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful waves....

windsurfing fin / wave / quad - BLACKTIP

The slightly thinner and sleeker profile of the Blacktip means it can be choosen slightly bigger without creating too much drag.

The Blacktip can...

windsurfing fin / wave / quad - ICON

The Icon is our most powerful fin and is normally used with Mission front fins....

windsurfing fin / wave / quad - ICON

A twin fin setup, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful waves. It...

windsurfing fin / wave / twin - WORLD

Designed with a low aspect profile, for more bottom end power to thrive in...

windsurfing fin / wave / twin - WORLD

Our trifin system is going into it´s 14th year of development now, it´s the most advanced and verstaile fin system,...


How to choose this product


A wave fin is an anti-drift device on the underside of a windsurf board designed for wave riding.


All windsurf boards have fins to reduce drift when sailing upwind. This type is much more curved and shallower than the deep, straight fin found on boards designed for speed. It offers great maneuverability while providing sufficient tracking stability for wave tricks and freestyle riding.


Fins are generally made from solid carbon or fiberglass, and are usually thin. The pronounced curve facilitates turning and rapid resumption of planing. The longer and straighter the fin, the greater the speed. Shorter, more curved fins are better for wave riding and freestyle.

How to choose

Choice will depend on board length and displacement, as well as rider weight. Other factors include typical riding style and wave characteristics. The fin stub must fit the board box, which can be Tuttle, deep Tuttle, power, trim or US.

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