Water-jet drives

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Water-jet drives
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Designed principally for Trailerable boats using petrol engines, the HJ212 is the most popular...

The most successful commercial waterjet in the world, the HJ274 is without...


Waterjets represent the most successful and efficient means of propulsion for high-speed applications.

The advantages of waterjets are not only that they produce higher efficiency, but that they also result in lower vessel resistance due to the absence of underwater appendages, such as shafts, rudders and shaft struts. The absence of any parts below the waterline also makes waterjets an...


For powers above 25MW with pump diameters over 200cm

The Kamewa SL-series has been developed for powers in excess of 24MW...

Small and light with increased propulsive efficiency

The new Kamewa S3 series of stainless steel...

Heavy duty Stainless Steel pump unit with superior performance

The new Kamewa A3 series is equipped with a Stainless Steel pump unit providing the best possible durability and efficiency. Improved efficiency can be translated into reduced fuel consumption for a given workload and consequently lower CO2 emissions.

Compact power from 100kW to 2,200kW

Kamewa FF-series aluminium waterjets are the lightest and most powerful on the market. This has been proven...


The Castoldi water jet unit type jet 05 is the smallest of the Castoldi range equipped with the same valuable items as the built in gear box, the disconnecting mechanical clutch the movable debris screen on the water intake...

The Turbodrive 238 is a versatile marine propulsion system suitable to be installed in single or twin installation in fast boats typically in the 6 to 9...

The new Turbodrive 240 H.C. is now available on the market. The acronym H.C. means "Hydraulic Clutch", the most significant exclusive feature of this model consisting in a multi disc hydraulic clutch, electrically controlled in order to engage and disengage the jets impeller with engine idling. Together with the the...

Turbodrive 282 is a versatile marine propulsion system designed and manufactured on the experience ripened on the successful Jet 06 waterjet model, produced in thousands of units.

With the new 5 blades stator,...

Castoldi S.p.A. is glad to introduce its new waterjet drive model Turbodrive 284 H.C. which will be launched on the market in year 2012.

Turbodrive 284 H.C. shares with...


High Performance, durable, and affordable products are our commitment by Team SOLAS to our customers. With this commitment...


901M01-SD Mixed Flow Jet-Super Duty
Best mixed flow pump for the buck.
Considered the extreme super-duty contender, the 901M01-SD combines the best the industry has to offer in an economical package. We listened to those in the...

753 Axial Flow Jet
Completely redesigned. Totally ready to perform.
This axial flow or low-pressure, high-volume pump is best suited for economical operation and load-carry...


Weight: 38kg
Weight of the...

Weight: 48kg
Weight of the...

Weight: 50kg
Weight of the...

Weight: 79kg
Weight of the...

Weight: 95 kg
Boat weight,...



The traditional MJP CSU waterjet with a Compact Steering Unit offers a classic design with superior performance and unmatched...

Features & Benefits

Double Reverse Bucket inboard hydraulics

Duplex stainless steel waterjet with superior wear strength

Lowest noise and vibration with floating drive
shaft design


Features & Benefits

Excellent resistance to cavitation in displacement craft
high thrust at low speed

Lightweight and compact design with a variety...

Features & Benefits

Excellent resistance to cavitation in displacement craft
high thrust at low speed

Lightweight and compact design with a variety...

Features & Benefits

Excellent resistance to cavitation in displacement craft
high thrust at low speed

Lightweight and compact design with a variety...


Scott Design and Manufacture Ltd produce a range of 7.5 inch - 9.5 inch jets to a very high...


How to choose this product


A water-jet drive is a propulsion system capable of generating great speed by shooting a stream of water astern.


These systems are used in high-speed boats.


Such drives pump water at great velocity through a nozzle pointing astern, propelling the boat forward. They consist of a water intake and hoses, an intake pump, a nozzle and, in some designs, deflectors for steering.

How to choose

Nozzle and deflector design, and engine power must be considered when choosing a water-jet drive. These systems are efficient at high speed, but low-speed maneuvers are more difficult.


- High speed


- Difficult maneuvering at low speed

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