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Technopolymer body with transparent...


We carry a range of replacement lids, both solid...

Arctic Steel™ ‘L shaped’ mounting bracket to suit each size in our water strainer range. The brackets are...

For use with all Arctic Steel water strainers, ‘L shaped’ brackets to give support...

Replacement silicone gaskets...


Huzar design is based on the new method of cleaning the filtering...

Mermaid is a skid mounted combined HUZAR and UF.
It protects...


Flow rate:
- Self-cleaning system scraped or brushed in internal or external
- No interruption of flow or service.
- Exists in carbone steel, brass...

Main avantages :
- Low maintenance, taking-down and reffiting very easy.
- Low cost for exploitation.
- 100...

Main avantages:
- Low maintenance, taking-down and reffiting very easy.
- Low cost for exploitation.
- 100% AISI 316 stainless-steel construction.

Main avantages:
- Large range grade filtration.
- possibility low grade (> 0,5 µm).
- high efficacity (guarantie to result).
- Large range media (polyprophene,...


Ultrafiltration is a technology that allows a fluid to remove suspended solids, colloidal components, microbiological...

Sand filters, carbon filters, pH raiser mineralizer filters and iron separation filters. PETER TABOADA® can offer a wide range of self cleaning filters which are applicable in prefiltration for reverse osmosis systems or specific treatments in purification and water quality...


The TFD filter represents an exclusive water filtration system based on a swirl effect. That allows a drastic reduction in the number of washes, saving water. energy and labor costs. The swirl is obtained by means of a propeller at the filter inlet. The propeller...


Multi-Media / Iron
Removal Filters

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