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Technopolymer body with transparent...

Technopolymer case with transparent...


COMPLETE YOUR FRESH SYSTEM Fit Whale high quality pumps and accessories to ensure long term reliability from pump to faucet.

WHY WHALE FRESH ACCESSORIES? As leaders in pump design for more than 60 years, our experience has led us to develop...


Bronze cooling water strainer for installation...


All wash-down and water-system strainers are designed to prevent debris and other particles from damaging the pump or passing through the system to the final outlet.



IS1 IS1-A Intake filter for...



Pressure: 2, 4, 6, 40 kg-f/cm²


6 kg-f/cm²
Degree of filtration

2,5 mm...


The filter is intended for the primary purification...


The filter is intended to be installed in...


The filter...


Water Strainer 1″ & 1.5″
S (Solid Lid) & C (Clear Lid)

Electro-polished AISI Duplex 2205 Cast Stainless Steel
BSP or NPT thread
Vertical male inlet, side female outlet
Secured by 5 S/S...

Water Strainer 2″ & 2.5″
S (Solid Lid) & C (Clear Lid)

Electro-polished AISI Duplex 2005 Cast Stainless Steel
BSP thread NPT available on request
Vertical female...

Water Strainer 3"
S (Solid Lid) & C (Clear Lid)

Electro-polished AISI Duplex 2205 Cast Stainless Steel
BSP or NPT Thread
Vertical female inlet, side female...

4″ Bottom In Side Out
S (Solid Lid) & C (Clear Lid)

Electro-polished AISI Duplex 2205 Cast Stainless Steel
BSP or NPT thread
Vertical female inlet, side...

Water Strainer 6″
S (Solid Lid) Only

Electro-polished AISI Duplex 2205 Cast Stainless Steel
BSP thread – NPT thread on request


Sea water filters chromed with chromed brass...

Water filters prevent pump and cooling exchangers...


Pilot cutters, yachts, fishing boats, superyachts, patrol craft, canal boats, lifeboats, powerboats, and ferries. All risk polluting their surroundings when they pump out their bilges. Bilge water invariably contains fuel oil, lubricating oil and grease which cannot be separated and is dumped into the seas and rivers of the world.

Legislation to...


Facilities socket brass bilge


Art. ...


Highly efficient filter series for freshwater...


Our sediment filter can be cleaned up to 3 times with water. After a three-time cleaning the filter cartridges should be replaced, otherwise the grade of filtration is no longer guaranteed.


Optimarin offers three different 40 micron filters:...


Standard with #304 stainless steel filter basket....

■ For high-powered engines with 4", 5" or 6" intake.
■ Cap and basket have replaceable zinc anode protection.
■ Low restriction for maximum...

Square hole in handle accepts standard ratchet.
Space saving design with strainer and integral...

Protect fresh water pumps from debris.
White Nylon strainer head and clear...

For equipment that must run continuously, 932 Series Vertical Duplex Raw Water Strainers represent the latest in dual strainer design. An integral...


Finally A Solution To Foul Smelling Filters

Watermaker owners know that once a system has been shut down it is only a matter of time before the filters and plumbing start to smell of rotten eggs. The Z-ION will eliminate odors and protect the filters and membranes from microbial growth!
How It Works

When your watermaker is shut down and flushed with freshwater there are...


Make sure that you have an efficient raw water flow to your engine, by including a water strainer into the suction line.

Even small dirt particles can damage...


Huzar design is based on the new method of cleaning the filtering...

Mermaid is a skid mounted combined HUZAR and UF.
It protects...


* Cast Bronze with Clear Polymer Body
* Our Lightest Weight Strainer
* Many Replacement Parts in Common with Other PERKO Strainers (Fig. 0493)


Duplex strainers permit continuous engine operation by permitting strainer clean-out while the engine is running. Properly sized, a single side of the strainer will allow adequate flow for cooling. Using an integral valve, either side can be closed and cleaned without affecting...

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