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The JRC JHS-400 is a 400MHz band onboard communication system consists of several portable stations, base station, and repeater antenna system,...


JHS-400 on-board communication equipment is for mobile communication inside of ship, ship-to-ship...


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These radios send and receive in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band, less commonly used by the boating public than very high frequency (VHF) equipment.


Fixed and hand-held UHF radios are mostly used for internal communications, for example aboard large ships, or for communications with or between rescue teams, especially airborne units.


These radios provide voice communication. Hand-held models can withstand immersion and often have a watertight rating of at least IP 67. Most include certain pre-selected frequencies, known as channels, and display data on an LCD screen whose size varies with model. Some models are designed and certified for use aboard oil or chemical tankers, or others carrying dangerous cargoes.

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Choice will involve screen size, ergonomic factors, degree of watertightness and, especially, battery charge life. Lithium/polymer batteries probably offer the best performance. Some fixed and hand-held models also are capable of sending and receiving on VHF, FM and/or other bands.

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