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catamaran motor boat / twin engine / outboard / offshore - ELLIPS 35

Length: 10.5 m
Width: 3.2 m
Capacity: 8 passengers
Hull: aluminium...

professional motor boat / outboard / twin engine / with enclosed cockpit - 28' SENTRY

LOA 32' 2" / 9.8 m
Beam 10' 8" / 3.25 m
Draft 1' 10" / .56 m
Weight (Est. Departure) 10500 lbs / 4763 kg

motor boat / twin engine / outboard / aluminum / taxi boat - DERVINIS1000

NEW from the shipbuilder BORD A BORD, this boat is the result of specific improvements and fittings of the DERVINIS 1000 hull....

catamaran motor boat / outboard / twin engine / offshore - 25 DAYTONA

It's an honor to know a legend. Meet the boat that has profoundly changed the high performance sport boat market. But it's what you can routinely expect from Eliminator. Technology and excellence that makes a difference...years...

catamaran motor boat / twin engine / outboard / rapid - M29

The MSeries with its superb comfort and an incredibly smooth ride upon the water is changing the rules with renowned DCB performance on the mid-size pleasure boat stage. The M29 offers...

catamaran motor boat / twin engine / outboard / rapid - FLAT DECK

In the pursuit of ultimate synergy E-Ticket went beyond the just thinking outside the box. We reshaped...

boat / twin engine / outboard / center console / aluminum - MK 800

Maximum length: ................................... 7.90 m
Maximum Beam: ................................... 2.80...

boat / twin engine / outboard / center console / aluminum - MK 800

Up to 40 passengers! This new fast water taxi design can be powered by outboards or inboard diesels. Up to 40...


How to choose this product


Bi-motorization is usually unsuitable on boats under six meters. The craft must be designed to support the weight of the two engines. Ideally, the two motors should be counter-rotating so that torque effects cancel out, making the vessel easier to steer at high speeds.


This configuration provides greater acceleration and higher top speed. It is often found on rigid inflatables.


Side-by-side on the transom, the engines share a common steering system but feature independent controls via two levers designed specifically for twin-engine craft. Most have a single fuel tank, though separate tanks are safer in terms of avoiding breakdowns due to fuel contaminated by water or clogged filters.

How to choose

Manufacturers often indicate acceptable maximum power levels. Consider the weight of the motors. Different makes of the same power may vary in weight. If safety is of particular concern, consider a single motor with a smaller, auxiliary motor mounted on a bracket. This option is much cheaper, though less attractive.


- More safety; less risk of breakdown
- Reduced engine wear
- Better maneuverability in tight quarters
- Counter-rotation cancels torque effect


- Purchase and maintenance cost
- Higher fuel consumption
- Increased weight

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