Twin engine boats

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Bi-motorization is usually unsuitable on boats under six meters. The craft must be designed to support the weight of the two engines. Ideally, the two motors should be counter-rotating so that torque effects cancel out, making the vessel easier to steer at high speeds.


This configuration provides greater acceleration and higher top speed. It is often found on rigid inflatables.


Side-by-side on the transom, the engines share a common steering system but feature independent controls via two levers designed specifically for twin-engine craft. Most have a single fuel tank, though separate tanks are safer in terms of avoiding breakdowns due to fuel contaminated by water or clogged filters.

How to choose

Manufacturers often indicate acceptable maximum power levels. Consider the weight of the motors. Different makes of the same power may vary in weight. If safety is of particular concern, consider a single motor with a smaller, auxiliary motor mounted on a bracket. This option is much cheaper, though less attractive.


- More safety; less risk of breakdown
- Reduced engine wear
- Better maneuverability in tight quarters
- Counter-rotation cancels torque effect


- Purchase and maintenance cost
- Higher fuel consumption
- Increased weight

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3 products AB Inflatables
Rigid inflatable boat (outboard, twin engine, center console, T-Top) OCEANUS 24 BOWRIDER - 7,31m    24' 0" AB Inflatables

The 24 VST is a true family RIB. This boat was designed and built for those who like superior performance in a family oriented inflatable. The 24 VST includes...

AB Inflatables OCEANUS 28 VST
Rigid inflatable boat (outboard, twin engine, center console, T-Top) OCEANUS 28 VST - 8,25m    27' 1" AB Inflatables

Anglers who want a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) for inland or offshore fishing need look no further than the Oceanus 28 VST. With the deepest V available,...

AB Inflatables F 28
Rigid inflatable boat (utility, outboard, twin engine, center console) F 28 - 8,48m    27' 10" AB Inflatables

The versatile "Profile F Series" fiberglass hull, professional RIB is designed by professionals for professionals. The Profile F Series are extremely rugged with a professional design. The...

2 products Bluefin Boats
2 products AussieCat
AussieCat 1260 AIR RIDER
Rigid inflatable boat (for the transport of goods, outboard, twin engine, center console, T-Top) 1260 AIR RIDER - 12,60m    41' 4" AussieCat

The 1260 Air Rider Rib is now available from LeisureCat’s factory in Malaysia in both aluminium and GRP construction. This brand new design incorporates all...

video AussieCat 6000 ISLANDER
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat (catamaran, twin engine) 6000 ISLANDER - 6,88m    22' 7" AussieCat

The proven and popular LeisureCat 6000 Islander. Designed for the serious day fisherman, with walk-around decks that include two forward platforms for fly-fishing. The deck is fully moulded with a raised...

1 products Karnic
1 products Coastal Boats
Coastal Boats SEAMASTER 33
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, with cabin, T-Top) SEAMASTER 33 - 10,06m    33' 0" Coastal Boats

Innovation and style - a great experience. For those who like tough and cool experiences Seamaster 33 is something extraordinary! Fast, stable and secure! Not to mention exciting! A boat to impress! Deep...

1 products REDFINN BOATS
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard walkaround (twin engine) 30'lc - 9,14m    30' 0" REDFINN BOATS

Our boats have a Kevlar reinforced hull and todays most advanced resins and fiberglass materials. The hull is designed for stability and a smooth ride through...

1 products Paritetboat
Paritetboat ELLIPS 35
Motor-boat : offshore speed-power-boat (catamaran, outboard, twin engine) ELLIPS 35 - 10,50m    34' 5" Paritetboat

Length: 10.5 m Width: 3.2 m Capacity: 8 passengers Hull: aluminium alloy Engines:...

SeaStar Solutions TWIN S
Boat multi-lever engine control handle TWIN S SeaStar Solutions

Single function, one or two lever versions. Highly polished, stainless steel covers. Suits 33C and 43 C type control cables. Features Highly...

1 products Cheetah Marine
Cheetah Marine
Motor-boat : outboard center console boat (catamaran, twin engine) - 6,20m    20' 4" Cheetah Marine

Fantastic photos prove the excellent seahandling capabilities of Cheetah Marine’s newest and smallest creation. The 6.2m prototype was launched in mid July and achieved top speeds of 27 knots with...

Continental Trading
Analog tachometer Continental Trading

On pleasure boats with double engine installations, the Viewline synchronizer is an indispensable aid in guaranteeing the correct synchronous running...

Adrenaline Powerboats V30 TWIN ENGINE
Offshore speed-power-boat V30 TWIN ENGINE - 9,32m    30' 7" Adrenaline Powerboats

Adrenaline Powerboats V-30 was created to fill a void in the exotic performance boat market. Our design team considered a myriad of factors surrounding the project and the successful end result speaks...

1 products Cougar
1 products Eliminator
1 products Sonic
Dave's Custom Boats M29
Motor-boat : offshore speed-power-boat (catamaran, outboard, twin engine) M29 - 8,84m    29' 0" Dave's Custom Boats

The MSeries with its superb comfort and an incredibly smooth ride upon the water is changing the rules with renowned DCB performance on the mid-size pleasure boat stage. The M29 offers...

video E-Ticket Performance Boats FLAT DECK
Motor-boat : offshore speed-power-boat (catamaran, outboard, twin engine) FLAT DECK - 8,51m    27' 11" E-Ticket Performance Boats

In the pursuit of ultimate synergy E-Ticket went beyond the just thinking outside the box. We reshaped...

Pascoe International SY 10
Inflatable boat : cabin rigid inflatable yacht tender (outboard, twin engine, sundeck) SY 10 - 10m    32' 10" Pascoe International

The SY10 Outboard offers exceptionally fast and stable performance for a cruising or chase boat and can be fitted with a wide range of custom...

1 products ComNav
ComNav 222 TWIN
Engine remote control for boats 222 TWIN ComNav

This Remote Control can be used to select standby, tiller steering, pilot, or nav modes, plus the dodge and U-turn functions....

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