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Hobie Cat Europe CONVERTIBLE
For sailing dinghy CONVERTIBLE Hobie Cat Europe

Hobie Cat Convertible Harness Trapeze breeches with Velcro adjustable...

Hobie Cat Europe EUROPE
For sailing dinghy EUROPE Hobie Cat Europe

Hobie Cat Europe Team Harness Simple integral harness with...

Hobie Cat Europe WORLD
For sailing dinghy WORLD Hobie Cat Europe

Hobie Cat World Team Harness: Integral harness with preformed breeches, seat reinforcements...

1 products Gill Marine
Gill Marine 4902
For sailing dinghy 4902 Gill Marine

A stripped-out, elemental...

1 products Crewsaver
Crewsaver SPREADER
For sailing dinghy SPREADER Crewsaver

Crewsaver’s Trapeze Harness designs are based on an ongoing test and development programme to maximum performance while ensuring the highest level...

1 products Marinepool
Marinepool 5000251
For sailing dinghy 5000251 Marinepool

Inexpensive model for newcomers...

1 products TRIBORD
For sailing dinghy TRIBORD

Designed for REGULAR or INTENSIVE dinghy/catamaran sailing for...

3 products G Nautics
G Nautics CRUISE
For sailing dinghy CRUISE G Nautics

Sailing harness with six points spreader bar fixation. Stainless...

G Nautics FBS
For sailing dinghy FBS G Nautics

Sailing harness with eight points spreader bar fixation. Stainless steel...

For sailing dinghy FORMULA G Nautics

Sailing harness with eight points spreader bar fixation. Stainless...

Forward Sailing
For sailing dinghy Forward Sailing

As a result of the testing done by members of the Forward Sailing Team during the 2010 season, and thanks to the study of trapeze-induced back stress performed by Bertrand Guillo, the physiotherapist...

Forward Sailing LOMBAIRE MAXI
For sailing dinghy LOMBAIRE MAXI Forward Sailing

Maxi lumbar belt : Our harness is equipped in standard with a lumbar protection belt, which ensures optimal comfort and a good maintain of the back in a trapeze position. Forward Sailing...

6 products Magic Marine
Magic Marine ULTIMATE II
For sailing dinghy ULTIMATE II Magic Marine

DESCRIPTION Full support harness with those who want maximum support and comfort • New quick release hook •...

Magic Marine TEAM
For sailing dinghy TEAM Magic Marine

SIZES XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL DESCRIPTION Simple, lightweight dinghy harness; designed...

Magic Marine VIPER
For sailing dinghy VIPER Magic Marine

DESCRIPTION Most lightweight, free harness; fixed with center, low integrated hook • Velcro adjustable...

Magic Marine PRO RACING
For sailing dinghy PRO RACING Magic Marine

SIZES XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL DESCRIPTION All around harness with low bulk and good support • New...

Magic Marine HIKING
For sailing dinghy HIKING Magic Marine

SIZES XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL DESCRIPTION New and improved droop hiking...

Magic Marine SMART
For sailing dinghy SMART Magic Marine

SIZES XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL DESCRIPTION Entry level beginners...

7 products NENUPHAR
For sailing dinghy 20301 NENUPHAR

Small size (1.50 m ? 1.65 m)Solid and practical ; highly reinforced on...

For sailing dinghy 20303 NENUPHAR

Small size (1.50 m ? 1.65 m) Multi-purpose...

For sailing dinghy 20306 NENUPHAR

Medium size (1.70 m) Designed to prevent crouch crushing.The under-thigh...

For sailing dinghy 20316 NENUPHAR

Unisize. Simple shorts, easy to put on and adjust. For an excursion of 1...

For sailing dinghy 20328 NENUPHAR

Medium size (1.70 m) 20323Large size (1.80 m) 20326X Large size (1.90 m) 20327Elaborate and perfected...

2 products Gul
For sailing dinghy STOKES Gul

Gul’s Stokes Trapeze harness features wide load bearing...

For sailing dinghy EVOLUTION Gul

The Evolution harness offers support, comfort and perfect...

2 products Burke
For sailing dinghy ONE DESIGN Burke

Part of the One Design range of products This is the ultimate in comfort and support. Developed and refined by champion sailors to significantly reduce harness hip compression...

For sailing dinghy Burke

The Adjustable Trapeze harness has...

1 products Zhik Pty Ltd
Zhik Pty Ltd T2
For sailing dinghy T2 Zhik Pty Ltd

The evolution continues with Zhik’s latest generation trapeze harness. Features STRETCH CROTCH Respect your junk, the most comfortable ride now has multiple layers to...

1 products RWO
RWO R4023
Hook R4023 RWO

Description:Qrh-Trap Hook &...

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