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Its advantages are the stability, versatility...


The Kalao is quite the 4x4 of the kayak world. Equally at ease on the sea, rivers or for fun, it really is the kayak for all adventures. Like all BIC Sport kayaks it features plenty of innovations. The fluid, stable hull design makes...

100% convertible mono/duo

Inspired by the legendary Tobago, a best seller for 10 years now, the new Borneo is a brand new family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number...

The Nomad is the newest addition in BIC Sport's collection of High Pressure inflatable kayaks. It is a 2-3 seater, designed for leisure and trips. As with the YAKKAir HP, it has a high pressure...

Inspired by the legendary Tobago, a best seller for 10 years now, the new Borneo is a brand new family oriented double Sit-On-Top, with a number of innovative features,...


Capacity : 2 adults + 1 child - 240 kg max.


Roomy and comfortable, the Hudson™ is perfect for a family day out, touring along sheltered...


Kiowea Three Passenger Motorized Inflatable Kayak...

Kiowea Three Passenger Motorized Inflatable...


An expedition three-seated kayak with a powerful and rigid structure. There are two seats for adults and the middle one suitable for a child. Designed to travel on various waters. Very capacious,...


Why not take everyone? The Delta is an extremely versatile kayak that can be...


Newly developed Frame Kayaks deliver performance and portability in a cutting edge design. We used extremely durable materials and high - end components for these...

The Paddle Ski is truly unique craft that can be used in many ways as a sailboat, motor boat, fishing boat, row boat, or paddling boat. These kayaks paddle or row faster and straighter because they...

If you are looking for an expedition quality kayak, rugged enough to go down class Ⅳ whitewater, large enough to hold 2 people and weeks of camping gear, and tough enough to be taken for months into the wilderness, look no further! Tougher, larger, and more rigid...

Longer version of the TANGO TA200: for 3 persons (ideally for 2 adults and 1 child). Family kayak: ideal for discovery outings on easy waters and seashore. Very roomy and comfortable. Same features and specifications as TANGO TA200, with added neoprene foam padding on top of side chambers for more comfort.

● V - shaped bottom floor: superb shape and lines. Provides increased stability,...


The Odyssey 375 is a spacious kayak which will seat up to three people. It can carry the family on camping adventures and fishing trips.
Ideal for river and lake paddling,...

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