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boat switch / electric circuit - ER-1

ER-1 External Relay Switch
The ER-1 External Relay switch can be connected to the "external alarm" output of many of the CruzPro instruments and...

boat switch / electric circuit - SS SERIES

An AC source selector switch is an essential item for any vessel with an on-board AC generator and/or inverter. By isolating power source inputs, the switch...

boat switch / electric circuit - 328 604

Our non-mercury electronic bilge pump switch has no moving internal...

boat switch / pump / bilge - TMC-08121


boat switch - 466302

Dimmer switch without frame, fits Berker...

boat switch / electric circuit - STV 10X SERIES

Power distribution switch panels in a build-up system for individual switching installations for ship's supply. Standard circuit breakers...

boat switch / electric circuit - STV 110

10 power circuits with thermal circuit...

boat switch / electric circuit - STV 08

8 rocker switches


boat switch / electric circuit - STV 088

8 thermal circuit breakers...

boat switch / electric circuit - STV 204

4 power circuits with thermic...

ship switch / waterproof - NS2

PS-309-12 12 Volt Heavy Duty Pump Switch

Available 12v, 24v, 32v

Waterproof: All plastic and epoxy sealed


boat switch / pump / bilge - BILGE SWITCH 20038

The Oval control combines a microprocessor based trim tab control with an LED tab position indicator. This control incorporates automatic tab retraction and calibration whenever...

boat switch / system / trim tab - SAF

The rocker switch performs all standard trim tab control functions. Rocker switch controls are available in either flat or lever handle style....

boat switch / system / trim tab - SAB

The rocker switch performs all standard trim tab control functions. Rocker switch controls are available in either flat or lever handle style....

boat switch / system / trim tab - SAB

The Wireless control utilizes radio frequency to communicate between the display and trim tab power module. This design eliminates the need for wiring between the display control and transom...

boat switch / system / trim tab - CMC 20220

Put a trim switch or hydraulic jack plate anywhere you want with this versatile switch. The Transom Trim Control Switch provides a weatherproof tilt control system at the stern area...

boat switch / system / trim tab / wtih efficiency indicator - ELTRIM ST

elTrim ST with position indication - standard solution

- Operating of tabs is manual.

boat switch / system / trim tab - ELTRIM WO

elTrim WO without position indication - Budget solution to start...

boat switch / electric circuit / rotary - 720RV

Product Features:

The Contour Heavy Duty Master switch is rated at 600 Amps continuous and 2500 Amps cranking, it is well suited for higher power loads. The 720RV can be recessed...

yacht switch / push-button - YPLATE®

The new keyboards YPlate® are the result of the long Yachticas experience in marine industry.
Conceived as a conjunction between the modern electrical systems and the growing demands of design and technology on board, YPlate® a perfect combination of reliability, simplicity and elegance for the lighting management.

Perfect adaptability...

yacht switch / touch screen - EASYTOUCH

The "EasyTouch " range kayboards, result of exclusive collaboration with Ave S.p.a , are equipped with an advanced technology and a sophisticated aesthetic features with specific nautical technical measures for the application on board, such as:

Surface treatments, Tropicalized electronic; IC6001 Standard; some Test (such as vibration, salt fog, electromagnetic...

boat switch / rocker / LED - 428RSP

The E-Plex 428RSP series, a programmable, multi-color LED, rocker switch panel designed to operate within an E-Plex system. This innovative new product incorporates independently controlled LEDs, allowing custom-configured color selection...

marine switch / toilet - FAMILY

The Family switch
Flush switch with a homely design and...

boat switch / pump / bilge - SWBP01

This eletronic bilge pump switch differs from other electronic switches because the two stainless steel sensors can be adjusted...

boat switch / bilge / pump - SWBP02

This switch may be associated to the acoustic flasher AF01 indicating malfunction in emptying of the bilges.

Wavebildge switch


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