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Strobe light / for inflatable lifejackets

DAN-W2 water activating light for lifejacket...

Strobe light / for lifejackets / SOLAS

Sea Flash SOLAS water activating light for lifejacket Technical...

Strobe light / for inflatable lifejackets

Regatta Guardian Dual Function light,...

Strobe light / for boats

Recent intense technological developments in...

Strobe light / marine / for lifejackets

The most reliable and...

Emergency light / strobe / marine / LED

The new Firefly PRO emergency...

Strobe light / for boats


Strobe light / for lifejackets / SOLAS / automatically triggered

All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed...

Strobe light / for lifejackets / SOLAS / automatically triggered

All Daniamant Lifejacket lights are designed to deliver,...

Strobe light / for boats

Portable and mountable kayak and small watercraft...

How to choose this product


A rescue strobe light is a safety device that emits light flashes at regular intervals, for example when a crew member falls overboard.


While most such lights are designed to be attached to a life jacket, some have arm straps, and can be worn independently of the jacket. NauticExpo offers a range of rescue strobes.


These completely watertight devices are powered by alkaline or lithium batteries. Activation can be manual or automatic. An incandescent or halogen bulb emits powerful flashes at regular intervals, visible beyond two nautical miles. Strobes designed for commercial ships and ocean liners must be SOLAS-certified.

How to choose

Lithium batteries last longer than alkaline models, up to eight continuous hours. After the expiration date on the light, it must be refurbished or replaced. Automatic activation by contact with salt and fresh water offers additional safety.

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