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Stand-up paddle-boards
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stand-up paddle-board (SUP) - CRUZAIRE

The AIRE SUP has arrived! The CruzAIRE is designed for everything, from a relaxing day on the lake to challenging your SUP skills in whitewater. Our SUP construction features...

inflatable stand-up paddle-board (SUP) - LONGBOARD 11

There's no better way to get a great workout on the water than a stand-up paddleboard. Work your...


How to choose this product


A stand-up paddleboard (SUP) is propelled by a standing rider using single paddle. At three to five meters, this longest of all surfboards can be used to ride even the smallest non-breaking waves. This should not be confused with the paddelboard, propelled by a prone or kneeling rider's arms.


While their use originated in the world of surfing, paddleboards are increasingly employed for a good workout in the fresh air.


For reasons of stability, SUP boards are generally quite long and relatively wide. The upper side is generally covered by an non-slip surface. Rocker (board curvature) depends on type of paddling. Flatwater boards have almost no rocker, whereas whitewater boards are heavily rockered. Some models are equipped with one or several fins.

Most SUP boards are made of composite materials. Other models, heavier but stronger, are of polypropylene or wood. Inflatable models are easy to transport, especially by airplane. Some SUPs can easily be turned into windsurfers. Kayak-like sit-on-top (SOT) models are also available.

How to choose

The wide selection of boards includes high-tech composite models, rugged beginners' versions made of thermoform plastic and beautiful wooden boards for traditionalists. Choice will depend on the sex, age, weight and height of the rider. Other factors include whether the board will be used in flat water or waves, and for competition or recreation.


- Easy surfing
- Suitable for excursions


- Heavy
- Limited maneuverability

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