Stainless steel shackles

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Sailboat shackle / moving head / forged / stainless steel


Sailboat shackle / with captive pin / piano / forged

Commentary Self-locking twisted...

Sailboat shackle / moving head / forged / stainless steel

S370 Technical Data Casting material : AISI316-DIN 1.4408 Forging...

Sailboat shackle / piano / forged / stainless steel

S362 Technical Data Casting material : AISI316 - DIN 1.4408 Forging...

Sailboat shackle / wide / forged / stainless steel

Technical Data Casting material...

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A stainless steel shackle is ideal for the corrosive marine environment. Its two advantages are its strength and corrosion resistance.


All the different types of shackles may be found aboard a vessel, depending on specific use (D, bow, twist, etc.). The large shackles used aboard ships are made of a different grade of steel than smaller models, making them less shiny.


A shackle that rusts will seize, becoming useless. Electrolysis can be a problem with stainless shackles on aluminum boats. These fittings can be drop-hammer forged and then machined, or made from rolled steel bent to shape. The forged shackle will be perfectly smooth, while the stamped version will have distinct edges.

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