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in-board day cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 552ISC

Length Max: 5.94m (19' 6")
Centerline: 5.54m (18' 2")
Beam: 2.34m (7'...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 542SC

Length Max: 5.94m (19' 6")
Centerline: 5.54m (18' 2")
Beam: 2.34m (7'...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 1950

Released in 2001 this little beauty is perfect for a day out at the beach or take your friends skiing on the lake.


catamaran day cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - BOBLIN 2

Poole based husband and wife team Colin and Bobi Francis have just taken delivery of their new 6.2m Cheetah Catamaran.
Boblin 2 has been built by Cheetah...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - 60 CABIN

The Yamarin Cross 60 Cabin is the first cabin boat in the range and has been specially developed for use in coastal connections and leisurely...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - 20 EXPRESS

Pro-Line has been building award winning family fishing boats since 1968. And the Pro-Line Express series continues the tradition with the new 20 Express. Whether your...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - 600 SPORTS CUDDY

This is a big volume 6mtr boat with great style, large clean fishing cockpit to catch the fish from and...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - 600 CONVERTIBLE

The Atomix 600 Convertible is an extension to our very popular 600 Sports Cuddy and Hardtop Fisherman. Brought about...

aluminium day cruiser / sport-fishing - BIGEYE 550

Bigeye Boats are built without compromise from the ground up with safety as the main priority. With 15 years...

center console day cruiser / outboard / aluminium / custom - DNA 551

A great all rounder with Fishing and family room, Nice high...

outboard day cruiser / aluminium / sport-fishing - 600 PREDATOR EX

Rides So Smooth The Cup Holders Are Unnecessary.

But like every Weldcraft, you always get more than you need. The Predator EX is designed to have everything, except competition, for one simple purpose: to satisfy the buyer who wants, or needs, it all. Big families, extended camping trips, or endless hours...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - SEA CHASER 16

The Sea Chaser 16 is the hull design Arima is most proud of and is designed...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - SEA CHASER 17

The Sea Chaser 17 is the ultimate fishing machine. Large fishing area with a walk around deck handles the big...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - SEA CHASER 19

The Sea Chaser 19 has all the space needed for fighting that big one. Whether you need...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - SEA RANGER 19

The Sea Ranger 19 offers a roomy 6' 4" cuddy cabin with storage...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - 620 C VIRGO

Small details such as placing the enclosed cabin on the starboard side to leave a passage to the front...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - CAP FERRET 552 CC

The Cap-Ferret 552 CC in brief ...

With its 70 to 115 HP motor, the Cap-Ferret 550cc is a fully-fledged coastal cabin cruiser offering endless...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - CAP FERRET 502 CC

The Cap-Ferret 502 CC in brief ...

Equipped with a 50 to 75 HP outboard motor, the Cap-Ferret 502cc is a genuine cabin...

outboard day cruiser / sport-fishing - BONITO 600

The new Bonito Profisher 600 Cabin has outclassed its rivals. This boat is an outstanding performer and will blow you away. Being built to CPC standard,...


How to choose this product


A day cruiser resembles a small launch (up to 6.50 m/21.3 feet) with a small cabin beneath the foredeck. The cabin lacks standing headroom but offers a single or double berth.


These small craft have berths and are equipped for fishing, with pole holder, seats, lockers and other gear, making it ideal for comfortable weekend fishing in inlets, shallow waters and other seldom-visited spots.


At NauticExpo we have chosen to differentiate boats by size. Thus, day cruisers are found among craft measuring less than 6.5 m/21.3feet.

They are usually powered by an outboard for increased cockpit space. The most common models feature an open cockpit and a slightly convex foredeck.


- Berth
- Small size
- Low price


- Limited accommodations

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