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outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 285 CONQUEST PILOTHOUSE

The 285 Conquest Pilothouse is a bona fide crowd pleaser---a versatile luxury boat that's one part angler, one part cruising masterpiece. When out on offshore runs, an enclosed windshield with aft...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - OS 285 OFFSHORE

The sleek appearance of the OS 285 is enough to get your heart racing; but there’s a lot more to this boat than simply good looks. The large unobstructed cockpit features a molded-in stern seat with a spacious insulated storage compartment in the seat base. Across from the stern bench are port and starboard aft facing seats...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2150

This award winning boat is soft riding and easily handled. Adapted from its predecessor, the 650, but with added features such as a new hull design,...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2200

Legend 2200
This latest offering from Rayglass boats continues a tradition of capable, superbly finished blue water boats combining practicality, comfort...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2300

A powerful big volume boat .The best snapshot description of the boat is "balance” – a clever blend of all the features avid...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2350

Legend 2300

A powerful big volume boat .The best snapshot description of the boat is "balance a clever blend of all...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - LEGEND 2500

Legends inevitably get better in the retelling...

It took many years to improve the 2500, afterall how do you improve...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 232 COASTAL®

Stainless steel deck hardware, stainless steel rod holders, stainless steel grab handles; you guessed it! This boat is a shining...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 252 COASTAL®

This boat is ready for your weekends and will keep you fishing in style. A hardtop with rod holders, a spreader light,...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 290 COASTAL®

With cruiser styling and fishing amenities, the 290 Coastal is ready for anything. A Kodiak Pro Flow TM (42 gallon!)...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - ANTARES 8

Discover ANTARES 8S : This new version of the Antares...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - DORADO 26

The fluid style of Dorado 26' outlines spaces which are flexible in the extreme. From the bow, its profile drops away like...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - DORADO 26 OUTBOARD

This classic model from the fishing range shows a...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - MERRY FISHER 855

Destination : authentic cruising.
Designed for comfort, the Merry Fisher 855 combines innovative interior...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - MERRY FISHER 855 MARLIN

The Merry Fisher 855 Marlin features all the characteristics of an “SUV of the...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 822I

Length Max: 9.22m (30' 3")
Centerline: 8m (26')
Beam: 2.9m (9' 6")
Height: 3.25m (10' 8")
Deadrise: 19.5° (Apex)
USGC Max. Persons: 10

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 822 BRA

Length Max: 9.22m (30' 3")
Centerline: 8m (26')
Beam: 2.9m (9' 6")
Height: 3.25m (10' 8")
Deadrise: 19.5° (Apex)
USGC Max. Persons: 10

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 682SC BRA

Length Max: 8.02m (25' 8")
Centerline: 7.37m (23' 7")

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 682ISC

Length Max: 8.02m (25' 8")
Centerline: 7.37m (23' 7")
Beam: 2.59m (8'...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 622SD BRA

Length Max: 7.03m (23' 1")
Centerline: 6.36m (20' 10")
Beam: 2.34m...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - BLUE HAVEN

The first Cheetah to be delivered by sea this year is 6.9m Blue Haven. The 6.9m was delivered from Ventnor to Gosport Marina in a blustery Force 6 at first light on Friday morning.

Blue Haven replaces the new owners succession of sailing boats.
Weve had years of sailing around the South...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - BLUE HAVEN

After 6 years of following the Cheetah story, Norfolk skipper Andy Williamson took the first Cheetah delivery of 2011.

6.9m ‘Early Rose’ will replace Andy’s 19ft Tactile which he currently works from the beach at Mundesley. Andy who has been commercial fishing in various...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - SUSHI

It seems but a short while since BoatMart first visited the Isle of Wight to meet Sean Strevens. Back then he was barely out of his teens but he was already hand building catamaran fishing boats in a shed at the back of his dad’s bungalow. Much water has flowed under the bridge over the years and the fledgling Cheetah Marine had grown in leaps and bounds, as indeed has the Strevens...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - SEA SHEPHERD

Cheetah Marine have delivered the second of two new catamarans to the Environment Agency. 8.5m Solway Shepherd replaces two workboats as part of the EA’s efficiency measures to reduce the overall number of vessels in the fleet.

Solway Shepherd will be operating out of Whitehaven and will cover an area that...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - SEA SHEPHERD

Ocean is a fresh world, also can be a great habitation; yacht on the other hand, not only provides luxurious life experience,...

outboard cabin-cruiser / Aluminium  / sport-fishing - 720 CT INDIGO

Thanks to special design the model TRIDENT 720 CT Indigo is very popular among fans of trolling fishing, as well as in government services. Aluminum hull, increased depth in the nose, wide side decks covered along with slip material,...

outboard cabin-cruiser / Aluminium  / sport-fishing - 720 CT EVOLUTION

Design feature of aluminum motorboat TRIDENT 720 CT Evolution is displacement the cabin by half meter forward to the bow, at the expense of the aft cockpit increased...

outboard cabin-cruiser / Aluminium  / sport-fishing - 620 CT EVOLUTION

Life goes on and we move with it, as reflected in the third model of six-meter series of aluminum cabin boats Trident, which has...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 26 XP

Our series of XP boats have quickly become recognized as the best looking and most functional Pilot House boats on the market. We didn’t take anything away, we simply added a true fiberglass enclosed hard top to our already best selling boat line. And the...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 26 EXPRESS

Big Enough for the Canyons. Small Enough for the Highway.
Pro-Line’s 26 Express brings big offshore boating to those of us that want to trailer the boat anywhere and anytime! And with over 200 gallons of fuel...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 23 XP

The new 23 XP takes our best selling 23 Express and surrounds the occupants with a true Pilot House hard top.

This crossover boat...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 23 EXPRESS

We introduced our first 23 cabin boat in 1978 and it was an instant success. And the new 23 Express takes midsize family boating to a new level. With more seating, storage,...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 248 XF

Reaping high praise from seasoned anglers and fishing families alike, the Albemarle 248 Express has proven its durability and versatility for more than 27 years. Every standard...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 268 XF

The 268 Express Fisherman offers a true balance of beauty, hardcore fishability, weather protection, and comfort in an exciting offshore trailerable package. Featuring a 21-degree deadrise...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - 288 OBXF

You asked and we listened. The new 288 OBXF was driven by customer demand for a strong, proven express fisherman with the performance enhancements of modern four-stroke outboard engines. With higher...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 280 XF

The Albemarle 280 Express Fisherman provides the ultimate package of hardcore fishing amenities to satisfy any big game enthusiast without the 30 foot–plus price...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 290 XF

The 290XF offers the ultimate in hardcore fishing amenities in a compact express package. Serious anglers will appreciate its offshore ability, exceptional handling...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 7.25

Taking advantage of well proven hulls, the OCQUETEAU 7.25 outboard charms...

in-board cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - RIO 700

This is a boat for serious fishermen without forgetting the needs of those of you who prefer sunbathing. The hard top of the Rio 700 Cabin Fish has been designed so that it can accomodate a sun bed and...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing / with T-top - FREEDOM 307

Main Specifications
Beam Amidships: 10'7" (3.23 m)
Bridge Clearance: 6'11" (2.11 m) w/Hardtop: 8'10" (2.69...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - EXPRESS 30

The ArrowCat 30 charts a new course for family fun, exploring and entertaining. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements of the ArrowCat 30 are ideal for family cruising. And the incredible stability of the ArrowCat 30 makes your time on the water more comfortable and fun. Built tough for offshore requirements, the ArrowCat 30 is a...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / flybridge / sport-fishing - 30RS

All ArrowCat catamarans offer versatile options that give discerning boaters the comfort and amenities they desire for spending quality time with family and friends on board while also providing the power, stability and structural integrity required in hardcore offshore conditions. Now that versatility expands to include the luxurious ArrowCat 30RS.
The ArrowCat 30RS interior...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - SPORTSMAN 2200

The Sportsman 2200 is the smallest model in the Sea Sport line up, but also one of the most popular. This boat has great versatility. Whether you're a solo day fisherman or a family of four looking...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - XL 2400

The XL 2400 can be described as the best all round boat in it's class, with a large fishing or working deck, and a warm, dry cabin that is well...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - EXPLORER 2400

The Explorer 2400 is as rugged as it looks, yet provides very spirited performance and a smooth ride that is the signature of the Sea...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - KENAI 2600

First designed with the most serious recreational fishers in mind, the SeaSport Kenai 2600 sees duty with commercial and charter fishermen, researchers and professional divers. It excels at government agency and...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - KODIAK 2600

Imagine swinging at anchor in a secluded cove, preparing a hot and delicious meal in a complete galley. Cheerful conversation prevails around the dinette, and everyone...

catamaran cabin-cruiser / outboard / sport-fishing - V625 SPORTFISH

The latest V625 SportFish trailer boat design is a new generation planing hull with much greater forward buoyancy and wave riding capabilities giving better sea handling and stability, with a remarkably...

outboard cabin-cruiser / sport-fishing - 27 FISHER

To create this model, we used the style and concept of the Shiren 23 Fisher, and have "stretched" in length, with its proportional manga and created a boat, you can govern with the GNP, with...

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