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foiling sport catamaran / double trapeze - F20 FCS

The Nacra 20 FCS is the ultimate “flying” racing catamaran designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. This 20-foot ‘‘flying’’...

sport catamaran - 460 FUN

Like other Nacra catamarans, the design team have given sailors simplicity, quality and performance in one small catamaran. There’s nothing standard about this craft. Just look at the clean hull lines, note how the beams are recessed into the hulls, yielding greater rigidity to the platform. See the level of buoyancy in the hulls meaning you stay as close...

spinnaker sport catamaran - 460 SCHOOL

The 460 School is the answer for sailing schools and designed just for that purpose, teaching sailors to handle their first catamaran. A “school boat” must be reliable, strong, simple and yet still give the “first time” sailor the feeling that it is a...

recreational sport catamaran - 460 SPORT

The 460 is a tough lightweight catamaran that will give the whole family years of fun, she is the Nacra “baby” and where thousands of families will start their sailing careers, whether that be just one member gliding across the waves or...

double trapeze sport catamaran - 500 FUN

The Nacra 500 is the ideal family craft for those who want simplicity and performance , the large buoyant hulls enables you to drive her across the waves in ease in most conditions. Large trampoline area means that you have...

recreational sport catamaran - BRAVO

The Bravo is ideal for sailors of all skill levels. Stable and safe for the total novice yet plenty entertaining for a seasoned multi-huller on a storm-tossed day.


recreational sport catamaran - WAVE

The Hobie Wave is an easy- to-sail, easy-to-rig speedster that will have you smiling. Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while forgiving enough for the newly initiated,...

recreational sport catamaran - T2

The T2 is the benchmark boat for performance rotomolded sailing. With its two-layer rotomolded polyethylene hulls, the T2...

sport catamaran - GETAWAY

Take the party on the water with the Hobie Getaway. When the agenda involves sailing with friends and family, the Hobie Getaway is a sure-fire ticket to multihull fun.


ISAF sport catamaran / Hobie Cat 16 - HOBIE 16

The Hobie 16 revolutionized multihull sailing. The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and sailing was instantly transformed.


pneumatic sport catamaran - HAPPY CAT ULTRALIGHT

It is not difficult to build a light boat. But a light boat that must withhold the extreme forces of the wind, waves and its load is more than a challenge.

After years of tinkering and research, GRABNER has managed to develop a sensationally light portable catamaran that can be dismantled into small parts.

The secret...

pneumatic sport catamaran - HAPPY CAT VISION

HAPPY CAT VISION - Properties of a top class performance catamaran, easy transportable and affordable like all predecessor...

single-handed sport catamaran - PHANTOM 14'

Phantom 14: the smallest model in the line, light weight, easily manageable on the water as well as on land.
The twin hulls are made from layered fibreglass and special fibres sandwiched for increased structural strength.
The aluminum mast is completely water tight allowing the boat to be easily righted from a capsize, albeit overall the Phantom...

sport catamaran - PHANTOM 16'

Phantom 16:
This cat is a wise compromise it is the perfect union between practicality and fun;
The twin hulls are made from layered fibreglass and special fibres sandwiched...

sport catamaran - PHANTOM CLUB

Phantom Club:
This cat is equally at home as a sailing school, resort and family boat all in one. Perfect for whole family that puts safety and ease of handling above all else without sacrificing a good level of...

sport catamaran - PHANTOM 18'

Phantom 18 : for those in search of extreme sensations.
The twin hulls are made from layered fibreglass and special fibres sandwiched for increased structural strength.

pneumatic sport catamaran - 310 SUPER

It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in a single bag (1,350 x 300...

pneumatic sport catamaran - 310 STANDARD

It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in a single bag (1,350...

pneumatic sport catamaran - 310 SPORT

It is small and light, but a full-bodied, fun sailing boat. Fully portable, it fits in a single bag (1,350 x 300 x 400...

pneumatic sport catamaran - 420 EASY

With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat 420 appeals not only to young budding yachtsmen, but...

pneumatic sport catamaran - 420 INSTINCT

With excellent sailing characteristics and simple control, MiniCat 420 appeals not only to young budding yachtsmen, but also to older...

spinnaker sport catamaran / coastal racing - RC-30

The RC-30 owes a lot to it's predecessor the RC-27. The RC-27 has been a legend in high performance catamaran sailing circles since 1985.
Now the standard has been raised another step with the...

spinnaker sport catamaran / coastal racing - RC-27

The RC27 has been a legend in high performance catamaran sailing circles since 1985. Winning countless closed course and long distance races world wide, the RC27 has proven that it is a formidable sailing craft. Designed for the seasoned cat sailing aficionado and racer, the RC-27 is...

double trapeze sport catamaran / spinnaker / coastal racing - ARC-22

The ARC22 is the result of over 30 years of on water experience and the constant dedication to building the ultimate beach catamaran. Bill Roberts has engaged in a constant search for more efficient and faster multihull...

double trapeze sport catamaran / spinnaker / coastal racing - ARC-21

As the New Millennium arrives, the ARC-21 is ready to enter the 8.5ft. wide beachcat market. If speed is the important criteria to you, here's your boat. Three things make a beachcat of the same width faster than the competition: longer waterline length, lower weight, and a more powerful and efficient...

spinnaker sport catamaran / coastal racing - ARC-17

The ARC17 is a catamaran that is the product of over 20 years of on water sailing experience coupled with the latest improvements in materials, sail design and high quality rigging. Attention to detail from initial hull layup to final rigging produces a catamaran that offers performance...

ISAF sport catamaran / F18 - K1

The TOPCAT K1 is the flagship of the TOPCAT fleet. The 18 foot catamaran is one of the fastest...

recreational sport catamaran - K2

The TOPCAT K2 can be sailed by up to four persons. For recreational sailing, the Cat is the ideal...

single-handed sport catamaran - K3

Sporty single-handed sailing is the domain of the TOPCAT K3. Single-handed sailing with a reacher and a...

children's sport catamaran / recreational - K4

The K4 demonstrates the full potential of the TOPCAT principles: high quality workmanship, an enormous potential for speed,...

recreational sport catamaran - CHICO

With the TOPCAT chico, getting started in sailing is child’s play, and you will have tremendous fun sailing!


sport catamaran - TWINCAT 13

The Twincat 13 has been carefully designed to meet 4 important criteria : performance, accessibility, durability and ecological soundness.

It's the little brother of the Twincat 15 and is a logical addition...

sport catamaran - TYKA SPORT

The catamaran for all ages, 7 to 77 ...


First catamaran approved by French Federation of Sailing (FFV), Italian Federation of Sailing (FIV) for youngers, and in discussion with other countries, the...

sport catamaran - TYKA SONIC

A moment of sheer joy for all the family


By reproducing the Tyka model but with a taller mast and a single, denser canvas mainsail, this catamaran offers a richly varied sailing experience.

Easy to manoeuvre in calm conditions and quick over the water when the wind rises, this catamaran...

sport catamaran - TWINCAT 15

A new technology and intense feelings ...


The Twincat is particularly specialised on 3 facts. Performance, ecology and resistance.

Performance : Fine hulls for a good performance, a good anti-drifting plan well centred, to make tackings more easily, a good distribution...

spinnaker sport catamaran - TOPAZ 12 CAT

In recent years Topper International have successfully launched the Topaz 14 Xtreme, Topaz 14 and Topaz 16 catamarans alongside their extensive dinghy range. The NEW TOPAZ 12 is the smallest catamaran in the Topper range and is aimed...

spinnaker sport catamaran - TOPAZ 14 CAT

"Bridges the gap between low cost rotomoulded hull construction and true performancecat sailing" Y&Y

The TOPAZ 14C/CX is an accessible but high performance cat designed for...

spinnaker sport catamaran / coastal racing - TOPAZ 16 CAT

The Topaz 16 CAT is furiously fast and fun yet very forgiving and simple to sail.

The perfect manners of the Topaz 16 CAT mean she is very accessible to all levels and sizes of sailors and it is also a very simple catamaran to rig. It is a great way for anybody even including lightweight or relatively inexperienced sailors to sail at very high speeds whilst remaining...

children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 10.5

Designed to introduce sailing from 7 years old, this catamaran is well received by the sailing schools, is the logical...

children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 12

Boat for 9-12 years old, it is the ideal support : easy to sail, powerful and responsive. You will go faster whatever your level is.


children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 13.5

From 12 years old, this catamaran offers several possibilities: from the school trip to the seaside, to advances sailing under spinnaker to junior competitions.


recreational sport catamaran - NEW CAT 14

Perfect and forgiving learning when first attempting to sail fast with ease and moving from the learning stage to performance sailing.


recreational sport catamaran - NEW CAT 15

Designed for sailing schools or advanced sailing, its large platform and its volume allow teenager and adult crews to sail in total safety.


spinnaker sport catamaran / coastal racing - SL15.5

The SL15.5 is the official catamaran for the French...

SL 16 sport catamaran / ISAF - SL16

• The high potential of this catamaran is now fully...

single-handed sport catamaran / spinnaker - EAGLE 15

Now available: a 15-feet-catamaran with everything which made EAGLE-catamarans so much sought-after by racing cat sailors during the last years: hard-edged designed for...

ISAF sport catamaran / F16 - EAGLE 16

A new EAGLE enters the class of 16 foot sport catamarans. Some of its features: Carbon mast, carbon beams,...

ISAF sport catamaran / F18 - EAGLE 18

The passionate catamaran sailor with this 18-footer gets everything which makes sailng an EAGLE so highly exciting...

Formula 20 sport catamaran - EAGLE 20

Catamaran sailors which want more than just the standard with the EAGLE 20 Carbon get one of the fastest boats of this class. And the best of everything: lowest weight at highest stiffness because of the consistent application of carbon fibre. The catamaran is robust and made...

coastal racing sport catamaran - EAGLE OCEAN

The brandnew EAGLE 24 Ocean sailing in front the Cape of Good Hope. In the background Cape Town and the Table Mountain. (Foto: Maristella Colluci)


On march 21th they left the harbour trying...

ISAF sport catamaran / F18 - C2

The Formula 18 class is without a doubt the biggest and most professional class in the world. Goodall Design is proud to have the most advanced F18 on the market.
The Goodall C2 is a no excuse racing machine...

With over 30 years of catamaran design experience and the latest in design software, we have combined knowledge from...

F16 sport catamaran / ISAF - VIPER

The Viper is without a doubt the fastest 5m catamaran on the planet. Since its launch it has won virtually every championship from Asia, America and Europe!!
The Goodall VIPER is the Ultimate Sports Car…

With over 30 years of catamaran design experience and the latest in design software, the VIPER was designed for high performance racing catamaran teams who were just too light...

proa sport catamaran / recreational - NINJA

the modern multifunctional sports multihull needs minimum store space and provides maximum sailing fun

Big advantage of the NINJA is that you have the possibility to have 2 multihulls in 1.


proa sport catamaran / recreational - NINJA

The DNA showed the superiority of the curved foiled A-class catamarans in the 2010 season. Before the Worlds in Cesenatico there was some doubt about the use of curved daggerboards. After the Worlds most topsailors who competed there ordered their DNA. 18 have been shipped to Australia and several America's Cup syndicates bought their...

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART 8.5

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 17.4...

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART 8.5 M

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 17,4...

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART C 8.5

Length 12 ft
Width 2,25 ft
Height 5,30 ft

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART C 10.7

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 20,4 ft

pneumatic sport catamaran - DUCKY 13

is the smallest in the Ducky catamaran family.
This smallest model is suitable to introduce both children and adults to the fascinating world of sailing. It is an ideal "toy" for active recreation...

pneumatic sport catamaran - DUCKY 15

is a very popular model from the Ducky catamaran family.
In spite of its small size, this is a full-fledged sailing catamaran which in a fresh wind can give you as much adrenalin as you...

pneumatic sport catamaran - DUCKY 17

is a small brother of Ducky 19.
This catamaran will bring you much genuine sailing fun. Your crew will also find work to do, as this model has a jib in addition to the mainsail....

pneumatic sport catamaran - DUCKY 19

is the largest representative of the Ducky family.
This catamaran is of classical design, tested by years of operation in the most severe environments and in diverse sailing conditions. It is designed for multi-day...

class A sport catamaran / ISAF - EXPLODER A13

Our new development in multihulls. new A-class catamaran for 2013 season.

platform specyfication:

- hull carbon...

class A sport catamaran / ISAF - MAYFLY A-CAT

Project of truly flying A-cat designed by Martin Fisher (hulls, foils - shape) and Ryszard Partyki...

Formula 20 sport catamaran - EXPLODER 20

The idea to create an uncompromising construction of a 20-feet catamaran arose during the Amber Cup in 2004. The initiation of this idea was Wojciech Kaliski, who engaged for this project Ryszard Partycki, a designer and contestants: Jack Noetzl, Adam Skomski and Jakub Kopyłowicz. The aim was to construct a catamaran which could effectively compete...

F18 sport catamaran / ISAF - EXPLODER F18

When elaborating on the foredesign of the yacht in 2009, we used experiences from previous projects: Eagle, Exploder 20, Tornado and others. The concept proposed by the Exploder Sailing Team from designed and calculated by Ryszard Partycki.

Catamarans hulls have a high displacement, however, in contrast to Nacra Infusion, side height of floats was raised but at maintaining their fineness...


How to choose this product


A sport catamaran is a light, fast twin-hulled sailboat without a cabin, designed for one to three persons.


These boats are for leisure or competition sailing. They also can be used for coastal racing, since beaching is easy and the trampoline is an ideal place to pitch a tent. Water sports centers sometimes have a fleet of rental cats.


The two identical hulls are joined by arms. The hulls can be of polyester, polypropylene, carbon or even inflatable plastic. The mast, stepped on the forward arm, sometimes carries only a mainsail, though jib and spinnaker, generally asymmetrical, are optional additions. Twin rudders are linked by a steering rack. The catamaran has one or more trapezes for hiking out.

How to choose

Choice will depend on crew capacity and intended use including leisure, regatta and coastal racing. The many models range from 12-foot single-handers to 22-footers for two or three people. The larger the catamaran, the more powerful. Inflatable cats are easy to transport, but cannot match the performance of the others. All can be trailered. Common standard models offer the possibility of participating in class regattas.

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