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video Bénéteau sailboats OCEANIS 55
Cruising sailboat (twin steering wheel, 4 or 5 cabins) OCEANIS 55 - 16,70m    54' 9" Bénéteau sailboats

This cruising yacht with clean modern lines, using contemporary design codes, favouring an extremely comfortable interior where there is an ambient feeling of great...

2 products Grand Largue
1 products Latitude 46
Latitude 46 TADORNE
Sailboat classic TADORNE - 8m    26' 3" Latitude 46

Launched in 1991 like a big brother to the Tofinou, the...

1 products Rivolta
new Rivolta 43 VINTAGE
Sailboat classic 43 VINTAGE - 13,39m    43' 11" Rivolta

One day I said to my doctor I think I have to give up sailingtoo many problems and a waste of time and money!  His answer was If you do this you will waste more money and time visiting doctors, clinics...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 22
Sailboat classic lifting keel 22 - 6,71m    22' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 22 is the next logical step up from the Cornish Shrimper. Staying with the shallow draft, lifting keel theme, the Cornish Crabber 22 is easily managed with a simple gaff cutter sail...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 24
Sailboat classic gaffsail 24 - 7,47m    24' 6" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 24 takes the Cornish Crabber range well into the offshore cruising market. Her fixed 3’6” draught makes her less of a creek crawler than her little sisters but makes her...

1 products Morris Yachts
Morris Yachts M-SERIES M46
Sailboat classic M-SERIES M46 - 14,02m    46' 0" Morris Yachts

Morris Yachts, Americas premier sailboat builder, announced today its all-new M46 Modern Classic, which boasts a new design...

2 products Hinckley
Hinckley DS42
Sailboat classic lifting keel DS42 - 13,03m    42' 9" Hinckley

The Old World elegance of the Hinckley DS42 is immediately apparent in her 13...

Hinckley SW 42
Sailboat classic SW 42 - 13,03m    42' 9" Hinckley

Whether your desire is to actively compete in weekend races, or simply to enjoy extended pleasure cruises with family...

3 products Pendennis
Pendennis AKALAM
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum AKALAM - 32m    105' 0" Pendennis

Pendennis was selected to complete construction and final fit-out of the Barracuda 105, a 32m aluminium motor-sailor intended for a European client. With naval architecture provided by Barracuda Yacht...

Pendennis TENAZ
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum TENAZ - 39m    127' 11" Pendennis

The 39m cruising sloop Mamamouchi is one of the finest sailing yachts to come from the drawing board of Dubois, with a particularly sleek profile and trade mark pilot house, openly linking to the elegant...

Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum WAVELENGTH - 27,43m    90' 0" Pendennis

Striking a unique balance between sailing performance, ease of handling, high quality materials and world class workmanship, BooToo is a true, high-performance world cruising yacht. In keeping with our...

Warwick Yacht Design W 68
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht center cockpit W 68 - 20,73m    68' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 20.73 m 68.00 ft Length Waterline 17.50 m 57.41 ft Beam 5.20 m 17.06 ft Draft 3.00 m 9.84 ft Displacement 35,672 kg 35 ton Displacement volume 34.80 m³ 1,228.73 cubic...

Warwick Yacht Design W 65
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht center cockpit W 65 - 20,65m    67' 9" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 19.91 m 65.33 ft Length Waterline 16.10 m 52.82 ft Beam 5.16 m 16.93...

Warwick Yacht Design W 64
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht center cockpit W 64 - 19,48m    63' 11" Warwick Yacht Design

Built in composites at Yachting Developments in New Zealand the design features a four cabin layout with the navigation and entertainment...

Warwick Yacht Design W 55
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht center cockpit W 55 - 16,69m    54' 9" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 16.74 m 54.93 ft Length Waterline 13.73 m 45.03 ft Beam 4.50 m 14.76 ft Draft 3.00 m 9.10 ft Displ. ( full load )21,000 kg 20.7 tons Ballast 5,670 kg 5.58 tons Sail Area 153.20...

Warwick Yacht Design W 66 PERFORMANCE
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht W 66 PERFORMANCE - 20,12m    66' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

Armonia offers superb cruising in comfort and style.She is perfectly appointed for private use, or for charter.Meticulous space planning and design translates into a fully-featured yacht with facilities...

Warwick Yacht Design W 68
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht W 68 - 20,73m    68' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 20.73 m 68.00 ft Length Waterline 17.50 m 57.41 ft Beam 5.20 m 17.06 ft Draft 3.00...

1 products Icarai
Icarai PEN-HIR
Sailboat classic gaffsail PEN-HIR - 7,50m    24' 7" Icarai

Designed by the architect François Vivier for himself, this boat is the result of a long refletion and a great knowledge about traditional boats. The first Pen-Hir was...

Sailboat classic aluminium BESTEVAER 50S DE SCHOUWMAN - 14,95m    49' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

Pure classic lines, combined with modern technology, a hydraulic centreboard, two rudders and a lightweight wood/epoxy doghouse. The ’De Schouwman’ has...

Sailboat classic custommade BESTEVAER 50S DE VRIJHEID - 14,97m    49' 1" K&M Yachtbuilders

This Bestevaer 50 S version has a hydraulic centre board, one rudder and a higher freeboard than the ’De Schouwman’. The ’De Vrijheid’ has an utterly classical...

Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum BESTEVAER 56ST TRANQUILO - 17,58m    57' 8" K&M Yachtbuilders

According to the designer, this yacht is to be classified as ’Spirit of Tradition’, being traditionally styled but showing powerful performance characteristics such as a fine entry, shallow canoe body,...

K&M Yachtbuilders BESTEVAER 65S LADY ANN
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum BESTEVAER 65S LADY ANN - 20,05m    65' 9" K&M Yachtbuilders

"The Bestevaer 65 S was according to many people the most beautiful yacht at the latest Hiswa Boat show" (quotation Yacht Vision Magazine, December 2004, in Dutch)....

K&M Yachtbuilders STADTSHIP 56 OESTER
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht aluminum STADTSHIP 56 OESTER - 17,20m    56' 5" K&M Yachtbuilders

The Stadtship ’Oester’ is a practical ocean cruiser, designed by Van de Stadt Design with a lot of input by the yard and the experienced owner, who is an engineer. The ’Oester’ features a lift keel and...

1 products Cabo Rico
Cabo Rico CABO RICO 38
Sailboat classic custommade CABO RICO 38 - 12,50m    41' 0" Cabo Rico

What is the true test of a classic? Time. The Cabo Rico 38, designed by W.I.B. Crealock more than 27 years ago, has proven herself again and again on the oceans and seas of the world to be a classic in...

Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co.
Sailboat classic custommade - 6,50m    21' 4" Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co.

LOA ..........................6.50 m. LWL ..........................m. BEAM ........................2.40...

Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 40
Sailboat classic FRIENDSHIP 40 - 12,42m    40' 9" Friendship Yacht Company

The 112% genoa furling line stays out of view by running under the deck, exiting...

Friendship Yacht Company FRIENDSHIP 48
Sailboat classic custommade FRIENDSHIP 48 - 14,46m    47' 5" Friendship Yacht Company

Composite construction using Airex foam in the topsides with solid laminate hull bottom using vinylester resin to minimize...

2 products Spirit Yachts
Spirit Yachts SPIRIT  37
Sailboat classic SPIRIT 37 - 11,30m    37' 1" Spirit Yachts

The first yacht built by Spirit Yachts in 1993 was a 37ft sloop ’SPIRIT’ which gave its name to the whole range of beautiful yachts that have been launched since. The original ’SPIRIT’ has made her home...

Spirit Yachts SPIRIT 46
Sailboat classic wooden SPIRIT 46 - 14,15m    46' 5" Spirit Yachts

The Spirit 46 is a masterpiece of contemporary wooden yacht construction. Her glamorous looks, so reminiscent of the meter yachts and ’sharp boats’ of the 1930’s, belie the extraordinary technical achievement...

2 products CN Franck Roy
1 products Puffin Yachts
Puffin  Yachts PUFFIN® CLASSIC 27'
Sailboat classic lifting keel PUFFIN® CLASSIC 27' - 10,08m    33' 1" Puffin Yachts

The retractable bowsprit allows the deployment of a large gennaker (52m²), while the lifting keel enables cruising...

1 products Derecktor
Derecktor FRERS 150'
Sailboat cruising sailingyacht FRERS 150' - 45,72m    150' 0" Derecktor

This beautiful sloop with German Frers’ classical lines, a superb raised-panel interior by John Munford, and the execution of Derecktor’s renowned crew of...

Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (deck saloon, 3 cabins) NW 58 SLOOP - 17,48m    57' 4" NORTH WIND YARD

The sleek lines of this unit have made her a best seller. She has great features which have made a big difference in the international market since they appeared: three...

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