sightseeing boat / aluminum
sightseeing boat

Length: 18 m
Passenger capacity: 97 unit

ADRENALINE is a Fun Boat, that is a ship designed to offer passengers the pleasure of sea air or salt is not only in the spray that let you live closer to the sea, but also in sharing exciting sensations, to consume without ...

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Chantiers Allais
sightseeing boat / electric / aluminum
sightseeing boat

Length: 21.35 m
Passenger capacity: 96 unit

The two Eco Ship Buses of Toulon are fitted with a hybrid energy-propulsion system designed and supplied by AltEn. Two electric motors propel the ship and energy is supplied either by batteries either by a generator. These ships sail ...

sightseeing boat / inboard waterjet / rigid hull inflatable boat
sightseeing boat

Length: 11.5 m
Passenger capacity: 14 unit - 20 unit

Fantastic tourist thrill boat by Adam Schwetz design Australia. Great addition to any resort or water sports company, 14- 20 pax, 2 x 500hp with water jets - see us for more information and pricing.

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Gold Coast Ships
sightseeing boat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
sightseeing boat
626 SS JET

Length: 6.28 m
Passenger capacity: 14 unit

... 160 l Fuel consumption: 20-25 l/h Dry weight: 1850 kg. Capacity: 13 +1 pax. EQUIPMENT Built with Marine aluminum AW-5083 H-111 of 4-5mm. Unsinkable Steyr SE 306 J38-292HP engine ...

sightseeing boat / inboard
sightseeing boat

Length: 15.8 m

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English Engineering
sightseeing boat / inboard
sightseeing boat
13.7 - 15.1M

Length: 15.1 m
Passenger capacity: 80 unit

A variety of superstructure, deck, accommodation and machinery configurations allow this vessel to carry up to 80 passengers, or cargo/passenger combinations. The efficient round bilge hull provides a comfortable ride. Over 200 units ...

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Cheoy Lee
sightseeing boat / inboard / pontoon boat
sightseeing boat
Waterbus 1300

Length: 12.3 m
Passenger capacity: 14 unit

... comfortable boat with the upper terrace and a large displacement. It is dedicated to institutional customers, such as municipalities, hotels, or boarding houses. The buyers can use three terraces, a bar with a storage ...

sightseeing boat / electric
sightseeing boat

Length: 7.31 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

24 Foot Elco Electric Launch From the graceful (optional) horseshoe bench seats to the silent electric propulsion system, the Elco 24' fantail launch brings you all the warmth and integrity of a fine vintage watercraft. Designed to ...

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Elco Motor Yachts
sightseeing boat / trimaran / inboard
sightseeing boat
PRO 51

Length: 15.54 m

Found throughout the Caribbean where it has served for decades as the ideal calm-water dive and snorkeling platform, the Sea Hawk Pro 51 is now available as a U.S.C.G. Certified vessel that can carry 49 (or more) passengers plus crew. Built ...