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Waste ship incinerator

The 200 SL P is the most compact...

Waste ship incinerator

The 200 SL WS M is the most compact solution...

Waste ship incinerator

The 200 SL M is the most compact solution...

Solid waste ship incinerator

The 200 S WS is the most...

Waste ship incinerator

The smallest in the...

Sludge ship incinerator / solid waste

The OG200C, version...

Solid waste ship incinerator / sludge

One of our most popular...

Waste ship incinerator

The W-versions...

Sludge ship incinerator / waste

The annex V of MARPOL 73 regulates...

How to choose this product


A ships incinerator is a type of oven designed to completely incinerate garbage.


These devices reduce shipboard waste to ash. They are common aboard cruise and other passenger ships because they greatly reduce the volume of waste.


Incinerators burn waste in a chamber at high temperature, reducing it to ash.

How to choose

Choice will depend on incinerator size, capacity, energy consumption and, especially, the types of material it can burn. For example, PVCs only can be incinerated in a device approved by the International Maritime Organization. Shipboard incinerators must comply with MARPOL regulations.

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