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sailboat shackle / textile - Stronger than steel shackle

Soft shackles are the ideal replacement for metal shackles.

sailboat shackle / torso / forged  / stainless steel - S380

The mooring is an element essential to the floating beaconing. Mobilis proposes a wide range of articles, each one selected for...

ship shackle / for anchor chains / joining - HD

Intended to connect a Mooring Hawser (via thimble) to the end link of an Anti-Chafing Chain...

ship shackle / for anchor chains / joining - STDR - 3033

Intended to connect the soft eye of wire rope to soft eye of fibre rope the Tønsberg Mooring Link is...

ship shackle / for anchor chains / joining - STDR - 3033

The pear-shaped link is used to join the swivel end of the chain cable to the anchor shackle....

ship shackle / for anchor chains / joining - STDR - 3033

AKF stocks D-type anchor shackles...

sailboat shackle / wide / forged  / stainless steel - S3611

Field of application
Oversize D-shackles and Oversize D-shackles (nut and
cotter pin)...

ship shackle / dock line - TØNSBERG MOORING LINK

Tønsberg Mooring Link - galvanised steel mooring link...

ship shackle / dock line - MANDAL FAIRLEAD

Mandal Fairlead Shackle - Stainless steel...


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A shackle is metal fitting composed of a pin and a U-shaped body. If the pin is threaded, it can be called a shackle screw pin. The pin also can consist of a bolt and nut or held in place by a cotter pin.


Shackle varieties include D-type, twist, bow and others. Sizes range from a few to several tens of centimeters. Large models are used on ship mooring lines.


These fittings are used to temporarily connect a chain to a line, a halyard to a sail or the last link of a chain to an anchor. Most are made of stainless steel. Some pins are permanently attached to the shackle body to prevent loss. They slide to close or open, but cannot be separated from the shackle.

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