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Sailing super-yachts include all sail-powered craft over 30 meters (100 feet) long.


These vessels are suitable for a wide range of uses including charter, ocean passages, short and long cruises and racing.


Such yachts often feature carbon or glass fiber sandwich construction with cores of Corecell™ or honeycomb structural materials. However, aluminum is not uncommon and wood is sometimes used.

How to choose

Composite materials are lighter, offering better performance and multiple hull shapes. In contrast, they are more expensive than aluminum, which is also sturdier. Wood is recommended only for true devotees, since it is heavy and requires significant maintenance.

Most super-yachts are cutter-rigged, with a single mast, a principal and an inner, or staysail forestay. They also may be ketch- or schooner-rigged, with two masts. This reduces the forces on each sail, an advantage when sailing short-handed.

The number of cabins is another factor. The largest yachts do not always have the most berths. Shipyards may allow personalization of below-decks layout. There is also great variation in standard versus optional equipment from shipyard to shipyard.


- Grace and beauty
- Ecological
- Reliable


- Slower than a motor yacht
- Less room below decks

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10 products Wally
Cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon flybridge BETTER PLACE - 50,50m    165' 8" Wally

Type // Blue Water High Performance Sloop Year // TBC Length overall // 50.50 m - 165’7" Length waterline // 44.80 m - 146’10" Maximum beam // 10.25 m...

Fast cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon INDIO - 30,50m    100' 1" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2007 Length overall // 30.50 m - 100’1" Length waterline // 26.60 m - 87’3" Maximum beam // 6.80 m - 21’2" Draught...

Fast cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon WALLY LOVE - 30,50m    100' 1" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2007 Length overall // 30.50 m - 100’1" Length waterline // 26.60 m - 87’3" Maximum beam // 6.80 m - 21’2" Draught...

Wally Y3K
Fast cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon Y3K - 30,50m    100' 1" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2007 Length overall // 30.50 m - 100’1" Length waterline // 26.60 m - 87’3" Maximum beam // 6.80 m - 21’2" Draught...

Fast cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon SAUDADE - 45,19m    148' 3" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2008 Length overall // 45.19 m - 148’2" Length waterline // 38.80 m - 127’0" Maximum beam // 8.57 m - 28’1" Draught...

Fast cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon ESENSE - 43,70m    143' 4" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2006 Length overall // 43.70 m - 143’4" Length waterline // 38.10 m - 124’11" Maximum beam // 8.57 m - 28’1" Draught...

2 products Oyster Marine
video Oyster Marine 100
Cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon 5 cabins 100 - 30,80m    101' 1" Oyster Marine

The Oyster 100 is designed to combine excellent performance with comfort and spacious accommodation above and below decks. The hull design is typically Dubois with a fairly upright stem and long waterline...

Oyster Marine 125
Cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon flybridge 125 - 38,14m    125' 2" Oyster Marine

Flybridge sailing yachts are a relatively new concept and, until the introduction of the flybridge version of the Oyster 125 by Dubois, were to be found only on 48m (160 ft) yachts and above. The Dubois...

2 products RMK Yachts
RMK Yachts OYSTER 125
Cruising sailboat luxury de croisière center cockpit OYSTER 125 - 38,14m    125' 2" RMK Yachts

Flybridge sailing yachts are a relatively new concept and, until the introduction of the flybridge version of the Oyster 125 by Dubois, were to be found only on 48m (160 ft) yachts and above. With this...

video RMK Yachts SARAFIN
Cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon SARAFIN - 30,80m    101' 1" RMK Yachts

Oyster 100-01 by Dubois, Sarafin, is the first Oyster superyacht to be completed as part of the agreement signed by Oyster Marine Ltd and RMK Marine...

1 products Comar Yachts
Comar Yachts COMET 100 RS
Cruising sailboat luxury 6 cabins COMET 100 RS - 30,48m    100' 0" Comar Yachts

The Comet 100rs is the first Maxi Yacht produced by Comar Yachts at our Fiumicino shipyard. Comar has chosen the best professionals to take part in the creation of both Maxi 100rs and 85rs, already in...

3 products Vitters
video Vitters SARISSA
Cruising sailboat luxury carbon SARISSA - 42,60m    139' 9" Vitters

Sarissa is a spectacular 42.6 m carbon globetrotter. Naval architect Bill Tripp designed this performance sloop with a fully modern hull shape, sail plan, and foils. The interior is by Rhoades Young Design...

Cruising sailboat luxury MYSTERE - 43,20m    141' 9" Vitters

Mystère is a 143’ (43 m) sloop. Designed to her owner’s exacting brief for a fast and comfortable world cruiser. Mystère’s 190 tons displacement stretches out over the 39 meter...

Cruising sailboat luxury de croisière center cockpit RED DRAGON - 42,90m    140' 9" Vitters

Red Dragon (ex African Queen) designed by Dubois naval Architects was the first Vitters 42.9-metre (140 ft) yacht and was so successful that the design became a series of three. Her powerful performance,...

3 products Jongert
video Jongert 3200P
Cruising sailboat luxury aluminium deck saloon 3200P - 32m    105' 0" Jongert

The 3200P is generated in cooperation with two of the most creative and experienced partners in the superyacht industry. The hull lines are drawn by Doug Peterson, one of the worlds foremost designers...

Jongert 45C
Cruising sailboat luxury custommade 45C - 46m    150' 11" Jongert

Wellenreiter is the largest Jongert yacht ever launched. She was designed by Andre Hoek and built in 2003. This 46 m steel sloop with aluminium superstructure and keel/centreboard configuration...

Jongert 5200
Cruising sailboat luxury deck saloon flybridge 5200 - 52m    170' 7" Jongert

Designed by René van der Velden Yacht Design upon the hull lines of Doug Peterson. The design philosophy was to implement as many distinctive Jongert characteristics as possible in a modern as well...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats ALITHIA
Cruising sailboat luxury ALITHIA - 39,80m    130' 7" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

A yacht that lends dreams its wings, or even better: sails. During a two year round-the-world trip, this 40m sloop was the centre of attention to the owner, his family and crew. Functional but comfortable,...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats ARRAYAN
Cruising sailboat luxury ARRAYAN - 34,60m    113' 6" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

Performance or cruising yacht? Why chose when you can have both. Arrayan, incredibly attractive cruiser/racer is one of many successful examples of how innovative materials and techniques...

14 products Alloy Sailboats
1 products Maxi Dolphin
Maxi Dolphin MD118 VIRIELLA
Cruising sailboat luxury MD118 VIRIELLA - 36m    118' 1" Maxi Dolphin

From a German Frers design Maxi Dolphin 118 is the buttonhole of Maxi Dolphins new production line now ranging from 65 up to 118 for semi-custom boat series. The boat was realized by the Erbuscos Boatyard...

4 products Royal Huisman
Royal Huisman UNFURLED
Cruising sailboat luxury custommade UNFURLED - 34,17m    112' 1" Royal Huisman

When the owners commissioned the 34m/112’ Unfurled it was only they who truly understood what would come rolling out of the main construction hall at the Royal Huisman Shipyard some 22 months later. Their...

video Royal Huisman HYPERION
Cruising sailboat luxury HYPERION - 47,42m    155' 7" Royal Huisman

"The Titan Hyperion, we are told, fathered Helios, Selene and Eos, gods of the sun, moon and dawn respectively. The Yacht ’Hyperion’ has engendered an advance in the science and art and craft of shipbuilding....

Royal Huisman BILLY BUDD
Cruising sailboat luxury de croisière center cockpit BILLY BUDD - 34,25m    112' 4" Royal Huisman

The 34.3m Billy Budd was built for a client who holds high performance as his first criterion. She is designed to be a fast and comfortable cruising yacht with a fully battened main, with many of the...

Royal Huisman 43M
Cruising sailboat luxury center cockpit custommade 43M - 43,31m    142' 1" Royal Huisman

The 43m Luxury Sloop Concept was conceived in collaboration with Germán Frers Design for naval architecture and exterior styling, and Rhoades Young for interior design and styling. The intent was...

2 products Hodgdon Yachts
Cruising sailboat luxury SCHEHERAZADE - 47,11m    154' 7" Hodgdon Yachts

Scheherazade is a beautiful and powerful sailing yacht of the 21st century, designed by Bruce King and...

Hodgdon Yachts ANTONISA
Cruising sailboat luxury ANTONISA - 37,79m    124' 0" Hodgdon Yachts

The award winning Antonisa is another King and Hodgdon collaboration. Bruce King’s design is the ultimate "modern classic". Antonisa’s long overhangs,...

2 products Shipman
Shipman SHIPMAN 130
Cruising sailboat luxury lifting keel SHIPMAN 130 - 39,60m    129' 11" Shipman

Shipman 130 is the ideal super-fast ocean cruiser for those who need the increased interior...

Shipman SHIPMAN 150
Cruising sailboat luxury lifting keel SHIPMAN 150 - 45,72m    150' 0" Shipman

Shipman 150 was designed to be one of the world’s fastest sailing yachts. That was only one of the design brief highlights:...

2 products Baltic Yachts
Baltic Yachts BALTIC 107 INUKSHUK
Cruising sailboat luxury custommade BALTIC 107 INUKSHUK - 32,64m    107' 1" Baltic Yachts

Baltic 107 Custom is designed for cruising but good performance is a high priority. After...

Baltic Yachts BALTIC 78 SUPER BALTIC 5
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (custom-made, Reichel/Pugh design, carbon) BALTIC 78 SUPER BALTIC 5 - 23,95m    78' 7" Baltic Yachts

The Baltic 78 is arguably one of the most hi-tech, high performance cruiser/racers ever constructed. With a canting keel, in certain conditions this Reichel/Pugh...

2 products Pendennis
Pendennis KENORA
Cruising sailboat luxury custommade KENORA - 32,61m    107' 0" Pendennis

Designed by Luca Brenta, Kenora was a development on from Wally B, sharing its predecessor’s hull lines, whilst having a different deck and interior look and feel. This 107′ (32m) sloop is...

Pendennis MITSEAAH
Cruising sailboat luxury custommade MITSEAAH - 47,72m    156' 7" Pendennis

This 47.5m high performance aluminium motor-sailer, was the first superyacht to combine the ability to perform well under sail with the high performance of a semi-displacement motor yacht under power....

1 products CONRAD S.A.
new video CONRAD S.A. CONRAD 115
Cruising sailboat luxury CONRAD 115 - 35,30m    115' 10" CONRAD S.A.

Stunning silhouette of this unusual ketch rigged motor-sailer surely stands out from other constructions,...

2 products CMN
Cruising sailboat luxury 3 masts FRIDAY STAR - 42,36m    139' 0" CMN

This remarkable three masted schooner is the replica of the 1972 OSTAR single-handed transatlantic racing yacht, skippered by Jean-Yves Terlain, ‘Vendredi 13’. CMN Yachts created a charter...

Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats TRIPP 105
Cruising sailboat luxury carbon TRIPP 105 - 32m    105' 0" Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats

This 105-footer is geared for immediacy in both sailing and in general use. Its design allows for impromptu jaunts from the dock for a quick sunset sail, just as one might use a smaller boat. It is fast...

1 products Atollvic
Yachting Developments ANTARESS III
Cruising sailboat luxury ANTARESS III - 30,48m    100' 0" Yachting Developments

Yachting Developments has launched Antares III, a 30m composite performance cruising sloop from the design board of naval architects Dixon Yacht Design. The vessel was also referred to as build number...

Yachting Developments BLISS
Cruising sailboat luxury BLISS - 36,88m    121' 0" Yachting Developments

Bliss is a performance cruising sloop from the design board of Dubois Naval Architects, sporting a striking black hull, burnt orange pinstripe, her sleek...

Yachting Developments BRISTOLIAN
Cruising sailboat luxury BRISTOLIAN - 36,57m    120' 0" Yachting Developments

The 37m (120’) Philippe Briand designed ‘Bristolian’ is sleek in design with a low profile black hull and ultra modern light weight foam cored interior. The vessel boasts an owner’s...

Yachting Developments SINDONEMO
Cruising sailboat luxury SINDONEMO - 30,63m    100' 6" Yachting Developments

Miss Charlotte was built for an exclusive Norwegian charter boat company. She was designed for fast cruising around Scandinavia down to the Mediterranean...

Infiniti Yachts 100S
Cruising sailboat luxury 100S - 30,48m    100' 0" Infiniti Yachts

The Infiniti 100S has been developed as an ultra high performance cruising yacht which significantly outperforms any other comparable superyacht in both speed and comfort...

Infiniti Yachts 150
Cruising sailboat luxury 150 - 45,72m    150' 0" Infiniti Yachts

The 45 metre Infiniti 150 was designed as a dual purpose ultra fast performance cruising yacht, equally at home competing in super yacht regattas as cruising around the world. The Infiniti...

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