Sailing dinghy spray-tops

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Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof


Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

Designed for wind protection...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

The Gill Thermal Dinghy Top...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

Breathable but waterproof...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof / women's

The Ladies Ballistic Spray...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

DESCRIPTION Race Spraytop with...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

DESCRIPTION A breathable softshell turned...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof

DESCRIPTION Entry level...

Sailing dinghy spray-top / waterproof / women's

DESCRIPTION Entry level spraytop...

Sailing dinghy spray-top

A smock style...

Sailing dinghy spray-top

Developed for the...

How to choose this product


Sailing dinghy spray-tops are protective garments without a front opening. This makes them particularly effective against wind and spray.


Dinghy sailors need water- and windproof clothing whose material and cut do not hamper movement. These tops are particularly well-suited to this sport, but also can be used for canoeing and kayaking.


Modern fabrics are sold under a variety of trade names. The essential point is that these tops must be made of a material that is waterproof and, if possible, breathable, such as Gore-Tex®. Most have a one- or two-compartment front pocket, sometimes lined with fleece.

Latex or neoprene seals at the wrists, neck and waist can make the garment completely watertight. This relatively loose-fitting, supple clothing provides great freedom of movement, and makes it easy to wear over a layer of Thermolactyl® or similar material.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the wearer's height, age and sex. Warmer models are suitable for winter conditions or sailing in cold regions.

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