Sailboats with tiller steering

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A sailboat with tiller steering is piloted via a lever connected directly to the rudder or rudders.


Tillers are suitable for centerboard, racing and small cruising sailboats. Larger vessels require a wheel because the force of the water on the rudder is too strong to be countered by a direct connection. However, some racing sailboats use a geared tiller, whose sensitivity is superior to that of a wheel.


Tillers are made of wood, metal or carbon. They are attached to the rudder shaft, which is sometimes connected to a rack. Tillers may have a racket handle, a circular prolongation offering a better grip. Some have an extension, a telescopic arm facilitating steering from a position off the centerline. These vessels can be made from any of the typical sailboat construction materials: polyester or epoxy laminates, wood, steel or aluminum.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the vessel's size, including number of cabins, and intended use, cruising racing or both. Configurations include centerboard, keel and ballasted centerboard sailboat, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The relationship between draft and windward performance should be kept in mind.


- Better steering "feel"
- More compact than a wheel
- Easy maintenance and repair


- Unsuitable for heavy vessels
- Less control than a wheel in reverse

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2 products Dehler
1 products X-Yachts
X-Yachts XP 33
Cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) XP 33 - 9,99m    32' 9" X-Yachts

In designing the Xp 33 hull, our main focus was on creating a yacht with fantastic all-round performance, in contrast to many modern sportboats which rely heavily on downwind performance in a breeze....

Cornish Crabbers LLP MYSTERY 30
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) MYSTERY 30 - 9,22m    30' 3" Cornish Crabbers LLP

If pure sailing pleasure is what you are after then look no further than the Mystery 30. Beneath her classic lines lies a very modern yacht. She is a true performance cruiser, comfortable yet fast. Her...

video Cornish Crabbers LLP MYSTERE 35
Cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) MYSTERE 35 - 10,67m    35' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Mystery 35 is the flagship of the Mystery range. Her stunning classic lines and modern, high-stability design concept make her the ideal purchase for a couple or family looking for a safe, fast and...

3 products JPK Composites
2 products Archambault
video Archambault A35 R
Racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit, tiller steering) A35 R - 10,59m    34' 9" Archambault

Lively hull shape, efficient deck layout, high quality deck hardware, The A35...

video Archambault A31
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) A31 - 9,54m    31' 4" Archambault

The new A31 will let you choose, directly coming from the successful A35 and A40rc more and more victorious on all over...

2 products Hallberg-Rassy
video Hallberg-Rassy HR 310
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering, 2 cabins) HR 310 - 9,42m    30' 11" Hallberg-Rassy

After the experience gained from building no less than 2,145 31 footers (Monsun 31, 312, 94 Kutter and 31) and the overwhelming response to the introduction of the HR 372, Hallberg-Rassy now introduces...

video Hallberg-Rassy HR 342
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) HR 342 - 10,09m    33' 1" Hallberg-Rassy

The Hallberg-Rassy 342 is a complete new design that gives a little more of everything than her predecessor, the almost...

3 products Vismara
Vismara MANIDA
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) MANIDA - 10m    32' 10" Vismara

Manida is based on the experience of the “Asell”, but it takes into account and makes better use of the new IMS 2003 regulations. The hull of the new Vismara 34 IMS has a more powerful-looking stern...

Vismara GANZURIA 969
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) GANZURIA 969 - 10,40m    34' 1" Vismara

Ganzuria is a project developed in conjunction with the Cossutti Yacht Design firm. It was created in the wake...

Vismara V 34' QUANTUM
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) V 34' QUANTUM - 10,25m    33' 8" Vismara

Vismara 34’ is a project developed together with the Cossutti Yacht Design firm. It was created in the wake...

Young Yacht Design BULL 9000
Racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) BULL 9000 - 9m    29' 6" Young Yacht Design

The Bull 9000 started life as a project for a UK Bull 7000 owner. It was ambitiously designed to have 3 different versions (race, racer/cruiser and charter). Using the same hull tooling, the Bull 9000...

Young Yacht Design BULL 12000
Racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) BULL 12000 - 12m    39' 4" Young Yacht Design

The Bull 12000 was originaly designed to race the "two handed" Melbourne/Osaka race. The Bull 12000 again featured the Bullsprit design and this was to be used to great advantage sailing shorthanded. Two...

Young Yacht Design YOUNG 30
Racing sailboat (open transom, tiller steering) YOUNG 30 - 9,14m    30' 0" Young Yacht Design

Commissioned by Rod Skellet, owner of the highly successful Bull 9000 “Wild Bull”, this design had very defined goals. First and foremost this is a very stiff, stable and safe race yacht....

2 products Ott
Ott DIAMANT 3000
Cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) DIAMANT 3000 - 10,39m    34' 1" Ott

With its length of 34 feet, the Diamant 3000 is the flagship of the Ott Yacht fleet. Like its small sister ship, the Diamant 2000, and the Aphrodite 101,...

Cruiser-racer sailboat (tiller steering) APHRODITE 101 - 9,95m    32' 8" Ott

The Aphrodite 101 - a legend in beauty and speed. A yacht from well-known designers Jan Kjaerulff and Paul Elvström encapsulates all their ideas and creativity. Constructed under the...

1 products Heol Altona
Heol Altona HEOL 7.4 BQ
Cruiser-racer sailboat (lifting bilge keel, tiller steering, trailerable, unsinkable) HEOL 7.4 BQ - 7,40m    24' 3" Heol Altona

The Heol 7.4 bq : a twin lifting keels sailboat, hight performance, design, beachable, transportable The Heol 7.4 bq is a fast boat, with high performance, but successfully beachable as well. Its hydraulic...

1 products Sormiou Yachts
video Sormiou Yachts S29 GENESIS
Cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, tiller steering) S29 GENESIS - 8,81m    28' 11" Sormiou Yachts

This is the revelation of the year. The Genesis embodies Sormiou’s homecoming since the original Sormiou 28 were built back in 2004. The “Genesis” comes with an...

2 products Comfortina
Comfortina COMFORTINA 35
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) COMFORTINA 35 - 10,69m    35' 1" Comfortina

COMFORT-YACHTS presents the COMFORTINA 35. A new design by Thomas Bern. The COMFORTINA 35 is...

Comfortina COMFORTINA 39
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) COMFORTINA 39 - 11,85m    38' 11" Comfortina

We have high expectations of ourselves: We want to built the best ship possible for each of our customers! People who want to fulfil dreams...

1 products Sunbeam
video Sunbeam 30.1
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) 30.1 - 9,50m    31' 2" Sunbeam

Brighter, faster, more comfort Sky-Lights, a distinctive deck layout, a sporty bow and a perfectly designed ergonomic cockpit are trade mark features of this model. A dynamic balance between ballast and...

Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co. EGE 26
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) EGE 26 - 8,10m    26' 7" Egeyat Tourism Ltd. Co.

Hull : Hand made solid laminate fiberglass mat and rowing . Deck : Deck is moulded fiberglass with sandwiched marine plywood, stress areas where winches, sheet tracks, etc. are reinforced by using...

2 products Winner Yachts
Winner Yachts 9.00
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) 9.00 - 9m    29' 6" Winner Yachts

"The new WINNER 9.00 WAY AHEAD!" 25 years after the introduction of the first Winner, Winner Yachts is proud to present you the first drawings of the new Winner 9.00. With its new baby, Winner Yachts...

Winner Yachts 10.20
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering) 10.20 - 10,14m    33' 3" Winner Yachts

"The modern 9/10th rigg offers excellent trimming" The 10.20 is the most recent model and, incorporating the experiences gained through the 10.10 and 12.20,...

Gebr. de Kloet, Jachtwerf MIDGET 26
Cruising sailboat (tiller steering, 2 cabins) MIDGET 26 - 8,35m    27' 5" Gebr. de Kloet, Jachtwerf

Origin The lines of the Midget 26’ have been derived from the classical form of the fishingboats from Lynaes, situated on the northcoast of the Danish island Seeland. For centuries this hullform is considered...

2 products Raymarine
Raymarine ST1000
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) ST1000 Raymarine

Removable Cockpit Autopilots For Tiller Steered Yachts Invented by Autohelm in 1973, tiller pilots have consistently been the world’s...

Raymarine SPX - 5GP
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) SPX - 5GP Raymarine

The rugged SPX-5 and SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilots are perfect for tiller steered yachts up to 6,000kg (13,200lbs) and 7,500kg (16,000lbs) displacement respectively. Meeting...

Simrad Yachting TP10
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) TP10 Simrad Yachting

TP10 Tillerpilot The TP10 delivers reliable auto steering for boats with tillers...

Simrad Yachting TP22
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) TP22 Simrad Yachting

TP22 Tillerpilot The TP22 is a reliable and robust autopilot...

Simrad Yachting TP32
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) TP32 Simrad Yachting

TP32 Tillerpilot The TP32 is a reliable and robust autopilot, which has been optimised...

Hydrovane International Marine
Cockpit sailboat autopilot (tiller) Hydrovane International Marine

The Hydrovane is designed to be connected to a tiller style autopilot for use when motoring or when sailing in very light winds with sloppy seas. Because the Hydrovane rudder is relatively small and it...

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