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sailboat swivel / eye / shackle - 00249-06

Stainless steel.

Code 249-06,...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 1 T | KFH1

The KFH halyard locks have been tried and tested
for many years in the worlds...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 2.5 T | KFH2

Halyard stretch is a m|ajor factor in the loss of performance...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 5 T | KFH5

Halyard stretch is a m|ajor factor in the loss of performance...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 8 T | KFH8

Halyard stretch is a m|ajor factor in the loss of performance...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 12 T | KFH12

Halyard stretch is a m|ajor factor in the loss of performance...

sailboat swivel / double eye - 2466


HR forged swivel (17.4 Ph) without

sailboat swivel / double shackle - 2461


Fork-Fork swivel (not forged)

sailboat swivel / double shackle - S0182

Technical Data
Casting material : AISI304-DIN 1.4308/
AISI316- DIN 1.4408
Forging material...

sailboat swivel - A4102

Furling Gear & Swivels
Roller furling...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - HS

Hook HS is a patented device which allows to lock the halyard to the mast automatically. With this device you avoid the halyard stretching under load and reduce the mast compression. This is a great advantage...

lock swivel / halyard / sailboat - 3T / 5T / 7T / 10T

Thanks to its involvement in boat racing, Facnor has developed a full range of headsail halyard locks. These systems, allowing to...

sailboat swivel - TEPSS LC (load cell)

Perfect to maintain a rope and to measure the loads on it.

In our new range of TEPSS, the LC TEPSS with load cell without the release function is only used to measure loads...

sailboat swivel - MONOHULL

Hot dipped Galvanized. Includes Monohull Bridle Plate with 2, 5/8 inch...

sailboat swivel - MULTIHULL

Hot dipped Galvanized. Includes HDG Multihull...

sailboat swivel - 35945

Your advantages:
• aluminum seawater resistant anodized
• stainless steel+suitable for boats with 9 m LOA

sailboat swivel / sliders with pull button  - R2581T

Description:Fairlead & Swivel

sailboat swivel / double eye - R6368

Description:Swivel 10mm Eye & Eye
Category:Spars and...

crimp-on swivel with Kevlar® socket / for sailboats - R572-53

Used with soft Kevlar cable. Made from high-strength...

sailboat swivel - 91029

Double swivel head 6.5 mm ( 1/4"...

sailboat swivel / double shackle - 471


sailboat swivel / double shackle - 472


sailboat swivel - DD SERIES

The waterproof deck passage is popular on classic yachts to preserve the classic look with modern technology. In competition sailing too, it makes it possible to bend-on the sail's tack close to...

sailboat swivel - D-S SERIES

Lowest possible bending-on point for the tack
The appearance of classic yachts...

sailboat swivel - STW SERIES

The headstay swivel is used in systems in which the forestay turns. Available in the version halyard swivel (with a chain link for larger halyard shackles) as swivel on a spinnaker halyard...

sailboat swivel - WS SERIES

The swivel with cable sheave is used in a furling system with tackle, where the separate halyard is returned parallel to the forestay to the furler. The swivel must be able to...


How to choose this product


A sailboat swivel is a fitting, generally metal, for quickly and easily connecting two standing or running rigging elements, while allowing them to rotate freely.


These swivels have a vast range of applications including securing an anchor to a chain, fastening a spinnaker sheet or a halyard to a sail or attaching a block to a traveler car or a base plate. They are found on every type of sailboat, from small dinghies to the largest yachts.


Such fittings are generally composed of two parts linked by an axis around which they rotate freely. They can take the form of eyes, shackles, snap shackles, forks or another configuration. Most are stainless steel, though plastic models can be used for light loads. Galvanized steel models are less expensive than stainless steel. Some have a hook system to transfer halyard forces to the luff rope once the sail has been hoisted. Swivels also make possible roller furling systems.

How to choose

Choice will depend on intended use, be it for spinnaker sheet, halyard, ground tackle or another application. Maximum load is another factor. Exceeding the swivel's maximum capacity could result in rupture.

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