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keelboat sail / sailing dinghy / sport - INSHORE

Our Inshore line is designed and built for day sailors, dinghies and other small craft. This includes everything from Optimists,...

keelboat sail / sailing dinghy / sport - LEHMAN 12

The Lehman 12 is an exceptionally responsive two-man planing dinghy that quietly glides through the water with only a whisper of wind. It is a daggerboard boat with a loose-fitted cat rig and a deep rudder. The simple, uncomplicated design of the Lehman 12 makes it great for the husband-and-wife...

keelboat sail / sailing dinghy / sport - STAR

The WeBe Optimist sail is Laser cut in the new Contender 2,6 oz Polykote cloth. It features a carefully engineered...

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