inboard runabout / bow-rider / offshore / with cabin
inboard runabout

Length: 9.63 m

We have taken this boat to the next level. The SSR not only has the same great features and performance of the SS but we have “tricked it out” even more with over 40 upgrades! Just to list a few; color gel coat, monochromatic/carbon ...

inboard runabout / offshore / with cabin
inboard runabout

Length: 11.9 m

The GTMM39 is the ultimate performance boat with an efficient 2-step hull, which provides enough hull ventilation for all out speed. However, enough of the running surface remains in the water to maintain its stability and safety. ...

inboard runabout / offshore / with cabin
inboard runabout

Length: 8.58 m

The GTMM27 is the original offshore powerboat from which all others hail. It is the extraordinary offshore capabilities for which this model is world-renowned and has a cult-like following around the globe. Originally designed by ...

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