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The rudder blade is the flat part of the rudder assembly which pivots to direct the water flow created by the vessel's forward movement, thus changing the boat's direction.


All sailboats, as well as motor vessels driven by a shafted propeller or another non-directional system, must be steered via a rudder. Double rudders are not uncommon, especially on twin-engined craft. Such an arrangement makes monohull sailboats more maneuverable when heeled over.


The rudder consists of a blade of varying shape, usually thin and hydrodynamic, and the stock, which fits into the rudder stock tube incorporated into the boat's hull. Naval architects calculate rudder blade dimensions based on vessel length, weight and, especially, top speed.

Sailboat rudders reach deeper into the water than those mounted on powerboats. Wood, metal alloys and fiberglass- or carbon-based composites are used to make the blades. The rudder can be attached directly to a tiller or linked to a stock arm, a quadrant, a rack or another steering system.

How to choose

Choice will depend on vessel type and the parameters mentioned above, including top speed and weight. Stock tube diameter and the type of steering system are additional factors. For a production model sailboat, the make and model will determine choice.

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1 products VETUS
Boat stainless steel RUDS4040 VETUS

This rudder has a blade made of...

2 products BIC Boats
BIC Boats 31630
Cover for sailing dinghy 31630 BIC Boats

The blade bag is designed to protect your O’pen BIC blades, carry your gear and adapt to your personal carrying-style. There are separate pockets...

France Hélices
Boat France Hélices

Our rudders are especially studied to offer reliability, easy maintenance and cover all range applications. Only best materials are used such : - Aisi 316...

Eliche Radice S.p.A.
Boat Eliche Radice S.p.A.

Lenght to get the best result from a given rudder surface and from the applied torque, one must study the rudder shape both in perspective and in section. Our standard production, which includes a wide...

2 products SAIL SERVICE
Sailboat rudder-blade SAIL SERVICE

Standard rudder blades with steel...


Custom rudder Blades made ​​of glass fiber...

1 products Jefa
Sailboat rudder-blade Jefa

Jefa Marine produces a range of standard rudder blades. This unique product line offers the boat...

Optiparts - Windesign
Optimist Optiparts - Windesign

Built according to the new class rules. Class rules have standardized centerboard and rudder: size, shape, epoxy, foam and fiberglass. No longer do you have...

Optiparts - Windesign EX3047
420 EX3047 Optiparts - Windesign

Wood / Epoxy 420 racing centerboard and rudderblade....

Optiparts - Windesign EX1119
Cover for sailing dinghy EX1119 Optiparts - Windesign

Constructed of 600 D Nylon, this blade bag is made to last. With 3 compartments for rudder, dagger and accessories. The rudder and...

Optiparts - Windesign LASER - EX2050
Cover for sailing dinghy LASER - EX2050 Optiparts - Windesign

Heavily padded envelope style bag. Made of heavy duty 600D nylon and closed cell foam. Separate compartments...

new Far East Optimist
Optimist Far East Optimist

In order to keep your expensive foam epoxy foils for the races,...

1 products Amartech
Yacht Amartech

The Amartech rudder systems are water lubricated and...

Van der Velden Marine Systems BARKE
Yacht BARKE Van der Velden Marine Systems

The key driver behind the BARKE® rudder is its innovative...

Van der Velden Marine Systems TIMON
Yacht TIMON Van der Velden Marine Systems

This well-known flap-type rudder has a slide-bar flap linkage. It is the perfect solution if you require excellent manoeuvrability. Thanks to...

Van der Velden Marine Systems ATLANTIC
Yacht ATLANTIC Van der Velden Marine Systems

The Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder is an ultra-reliable conventional rudder with superb course-keeping...

Clements marine
Boat Clements marine

Materials Rudder Assemblies are available in a range of materials Manganese Bronze (HTB1) Nickel...

hélices y Suministros Navales
Boat hélices y Suministros Navales

Rudders, with rudder arm, rudder...

hélices y Suministros Navales AISI-316
Boat AISI-316 hélices y Suministros Navales

Rudders, with rudder arm, rudder...

SCAM-Marine d.o.o.
Boat SCAM-Marine d.o.o.

Steering gear provides: - stability of the navigation of the ship (the ability to maintain well the desired direction of sailing), - the ability to turn (the rudder’s property that the ship makes...

Chatfield Engineering
Boat Chatfield Engineering

We carry a wide range of patterns for casting spade or pintled bronze rudders to suit most requirements. The range includes rudders for displacement...

1 products CJR Propulsion
CJR Propulsion
Boat CJR Propulsion

Rudder profile and sections are carefully selected to specific regime of the flow around sterngear....


We offer different features and systems, depending on design and type of boat vessel....

Competition Composites Inc 6M (INTERNATIONAL)
Sailboat carbon 6M (INTERNATIONAL) Competition Composites Inc

We have built a couple of new International 6M rudder to modern designs by Ian...

Competition Composites Inc
420 Competition Composites Inc

We’ve made what we feel is the best rudder...

Competition Composites Inc AERODYNE 38
Sailboat carbon AERODYNE 38 Competition Composites Inc

This design came to us as an insurance...

Competition Composites Inc
Albacore Competition Composites Inc

A basic rectangular blade, with appropriate wetted...

Competition Composites Inc BENETEAU 32.5
Boat BENETEAU 32.5 Competition Composites Inc

This design developed when the customer dropped his original rudder off at...

Blokland Non Ferro
Boat Blokland Non Ferro

Next to a rudder system, a well designed ruddder blade is needed. Our delivery programm includes a series of standard steel fish-tail shaped rudderblades,...

1 products GMT
Sailboat carbon GMT

GMT carbon composite rudders and stocks offer a strong, lightweight and durable solution for both racing and cruising yachts which takes weight out of the stern and increases the safety factor of the...

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