single-handed sailing dinghy / regatta / catboat / Finn
single-handed sailing dinghy
olympic Finn

Length: 4.5 m

The legendary Oneman dinghy built with Swiss precision. In its 50 years of existence the Finndinghy became the number one singlehanded racing machine, worldwide. The Finn dinghy built ...

single-handed sailing dinghy / regatta
single-handed sailing dinghy
First 14

Length: 4.3 m

FIRST 14 Fun to sail solo or two-handed, the First 14 is a simple, robust sailing yacht. With emphasis on design and ergonomics, this dinghy is an ideal introduction to sailing and the ...

multi-person sailing dinghy / regatta / instructional / skiff
multi-person sailing dinghy

Length: 5.51 m

Technical data: Length: 5.51m Width: 2.05 m Depth: 0.4-1.1 m Total weight: 530 kg Wrist weight: 180 kg Rigidity: 5 persons / 400kg Mast Length: 7.1m Magnifying glass: 10.8 m2 Fock: 6.5 m2 Spinnaker 21 m2 Hull structure: Handmade ...

single-handed sailing dinghy / regatta / foiling / double-trapeze
single-handed sailing dinghy

Thinnair Development, Hull2, sailing with all the mods to the wings and deck layout. Testing of highly anticipated Moth design “Thinnair” is ongoing. Hull #2 is sailing with all the mods to the wings ...