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A racing catamaran is a high-performance, twin-hulled sailboat.


Unlike sport catamarans, which are designed for day use, these craft may have one or more cabins, making them suitable for cruising, in addition to their great speed capabilities. This category includes production catamarans, such as the Decision 35, used in one-design races between identical boats.


Designers constantly seek improved performance by varying strength-to-weight ratios. High-tech materials are common in hull construction, as well as for rigging and sails. These include Kevlar-epoxy sandwich and pre-impregnated carbon fiber, among other materials.

How to choose

Choice will depend primarily on boat size as a function of the number of expected crew, slip/mooring availability or trailering capacity. A cabin offers the possibility of coastal harbor hopping or offshore cruising.


- Great performance and excitement
- Cabin option


- Occupies significant space in port
- Expensive maintenance

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new Design Catamaran TORO 34 R
Sailboat TORO 34 R - 10,40m    34' 1" Design Catamaran

Our original TORO34 flirts easily with 25kts and more off the wind… How could we make the Toro to blow 30kts? Design Catamaran is...

video Design Catamaran TORO 34 CR
Cruising sailboat TORO 34 CR - 10,40m    34' 1" Design Catamaran

The TORO34 is a catamaran built for fun, performance and feelings. However, it has been designed with security in mind too. Easy to handle, huge flottation volumes and a high above water trampoline are...

Design Catamaran TORO 34
Coastal sailboat TORO 34 - 10,40m    34' 1" Design Catamaran

The TORO 34 is a sport cat that will blow your mind. On its 12’ x 16’ trampoline, you will have plenty of space to share the fun with many friends. And with four berth, you have the ideal boat...

2 products Décision
Spirited Designs RACELINE 380
Sailboat RACELINE 380 - 11,70m    38' 5" Spirited Designs

The Raceline 380 is a powerful downwind flyer. Designed specifically for downwind work with full bows and a flat section aft below WL for planing. This design has high freeboard for offshore racing which...

1 products Coastal Boats
Coastal Boats ICE BOX
Sailboat ICE BOX - 8,50m    27' 11" Coastal Boats

Our first new project for 2009 will be an 8.5M racing catamaran from GRAINGER, branded ICEBOX. If you are a serious sailor looking at competing under the...

video The Great Cup BV GC 32
Sailboat GC 32 - 12m    39' 4" The Great Cup BV

Delivers high performance, sensational racing and high safety. High Performance: Combining low drag hull, double S curved foils,...

Reynolds Sailing
Custommade sailboat - 15,19m    49' 10" Reynolds Sailing

Reynolds Design can also custom design and build you any boat you can dream of. It can be sail or power, small or large. We can design, engineer, build and take on any project....

Reynolds Sailing R44 CAT
Cruising sailboat R44 CAT - 12,19m    40' 0" Reynolds Sailing

Can you Imagine... sailing at 18 knots in only 10 knots of wind in the world’s largest trailerable boat? Can you imagine sailing fast and stable without heeling? Imagine a boat this fast yet easy to sail,...

video Reynolds Sailing R33 CAT
Coastal sailboat R33 CAT - 10,10m    33' 2" Reynolds Sailing

Can you Imagine... sailing at 16 knots in only 10 knots of wind? Can you imagine sailing fast and stable without heeling? Imagine a boat this fast yet easy to sail, easy to trailer, sleeps four adults...

Reynolds Sailing XS-35 CAT
Coastal sailboat XS-35 CAT - 10,10m    33' 2" Reynolds Sailing

As seen on, an evolution of the R33 catamaran is the all new XS-35. The XS-35 has accommodations for four in two cabins with a head, icebox...

video Reynolds Sailing XS-45 CAT
Coastal sailboat XS-45 CAT - 10,10m    33' 2" Reynolds Sailing

As seen on, The XS-45 takes ocean sailing to a new level. The XS-45 offers sailors a coastal/offshore high performance multihull with accommodations...

1 products SL Performance
SL Performance SL33
Onedesign sailboat SL33 - 10m    32' 10" SL Performance

The SL33 has been designed, engineered and built to: Be the fastest boat under 40 feet Capture trophies at all major open regattas worldwide Be the boat of choice for one-design multihull fleet and...

new Outremer Yachting OUTREMER 45
Cruising sailboat OUTREMER 45 - 13,77m    45' 2" Outremer Yachting

Keenly awaited, this boat has the unenviable task of replacing the legendary Outremer 45. Little brother to the Outremer 51 and...

Tournier Marine FREYDIS 50'
Cruising sailboat FREYDIS 50' - 15,24m    50' 0" Tournier Marine

MAIN SPECIFICATIONS Length:15.24m Length at waterline:15.24m Width:7.80m Draft:0.50/2.55m Weight...

Broadblue Catamarans RAPIER 550
Cruising sailboat RAPIER 550 - 16m    52' 6" Broadblue Catamarans

The Rapier 550 is the boat which enables you to have it all. A new look at fast cruising, the 550 reflects all our combined learning over the...

video Broadblue Catamarans RAPIER 400
Cruising sailboat RAPIER 400 - 12m    39' 4" Broadblue Catamarans

The Rapier 400 redefines the fast cruising catamaran. Family cruising and performance sailing combined in one single handed capable fast catamaran. The perfect...

5 products Lerouge yachts
Lerouge yachts RACKHAM WING
Cruising sailboat RACKHAM WING - 7,99m    26' 3" Lerouge yachts

Rackham Wing is a new variant with a central cuddy...

Lerouge yachts FREYDIS 50 RACING
Cruising sailboat FREYDIS 50 RACING - 15,24m    50' 0" Lerouge yachts

Freydis 50 racing is the cruiser-racer version of this famous model, which is already reputed for her outstanding sailing performance. She differs with her deep carbon daggerboards, which further improve...

Lerouge yachts HARO MICRO
Coastal sailboat HARO MICRO - 7,99m    26' 3" Lerouge yachts

Haro Micro is the racing version optimised for the IMMCA Class of the Rackham and...

Lerouge yachts HARO 28
Coastal sailboat HARO 28 - 8,53m    28' 0" Lerouge yachts

Haro 28 is the result from the experience gained on various F28 and Micro. She is as...

Lerouge yachts HARO 11.90
Coastal sailboat HARO 11.90 - 11,89m    39' 0" Lerouge yachts

The first Haro was only designed to reach the highest speed on the water. She gained a great race record and offered us the...

Young Yacht Design YOUNG 57
Cruising sailboat carbon YOUNG 57 - 17m    55' 9" Young Yacht Design

The Young 57 “Earthling” was Greg Young’s first catamaran design and was built as a project for Mr. John McGettigen (owner of Bull 9000 Matador) and the final result reflects this one...

2 products Scape yachts
video Scape yachts 39 OPEN DECK CABRIOLET
Cruising sailboat 39 OPEN DECK CABRIOLET - 11,90m    39' 1" Scape yachts

Perfect for competitive racing & the thrills of high speed sailing performance!The Scape 39’ open deck is designed and developed tobe...

Scape yachts 39 SPORT CRUISER
Cruising sailboat 39 SPORT CRUISER - 11,99m    39' 4" Scape yachts

The Sport Cruiser is very rigid and fast, providing high-performance sailing for the thrill-seeking adventurer! Offers...

Xlight Catamaran TS 52.8 CRB
Cruising sailboat carbon TS 52.8 CRB - 16,10m    52' 10" Xlight Catamaran

To answer to the many constraints that characterize high speed multihulls, the best solutions have been applied : finite...

Lightwave Yachts RAIDER ONE
Cruising sailboat RAIDER ONE - 9,14m    30' 0" Lightwave Yachts

Previously the Raider 302 design has proven its performance credentials in offshore racing around the World, and has now been formed into a true "One Design" International Class. With LIGHTWAVE YACHTS...

1 products Veuliah Yachts
WindPearl Yachts WP60
Cruising sailboat WP60 - 18,29m    60' 0" WindPearl Yachts


video Le Breton Yachts SIG 45
Cruising sailboat SIG 45 - 13,70m    44' 11" Le Breton Yachts

The Le Breton Yachts SIG45 combines speed, innovation and grace, taking advantage of the performance, space and stability advantages of a modern performance catamaran, but retaining the aesthetic elegance...

1 products African Cats
Cruising sailboat carbon FASTCAT 605 GREEN MOTION - 18,64m    61' 2" African Cats

An absolute breakthrough in weight whilst still maintaining the right level of comfort...The new African FastCat 605 Green Motion is built with vacuüm infusion, which stands for Kevlar and basalt fibre,...

Multimarine Composites D1195
Cruising sailboat carbon D1195 - 11,95m    39' 2" Multimarine Composites

A stylish and very comfortable fast cruiser that has a raised coach roof compared to her sister cat the D1150 to proved better head room and a...

Multimarine Composites D1150
Cruising sailboat carbon D1150 - 11,50m    37' 9" Multimarine Composites

A stylish, comfortable and fast cat with a low, streamlined coachroof. She will be a very light and competitive offshore racer,...

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