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A power catamaran is a multihull boat generally propelled by an engine in each hull.


These vessels are used both by recreational boaters and in commercial operations. They often serve as ferries or for tourist transport, for example on rivers, because of their comfort, roominess and stability, even in rough waters. Recreational versions run the gamut from small open boats to large yachts.

How to choose

Choice will depend on intended use, whether cruising or racing. Passenger capacity, single and double berth arrangement and, of course, available budget, are additional factors.


- Minimal rolling or pitching
- Two engines
- Comfort aboard


- Expensive due to structural complexity
- Weight

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4 products Sunreef Yachts
new Sunreef Yachts 90 POWER
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, semi-custom) 90 POWER - 27,43m    90' 0" Sunreef Yachts

The new 90 Sunreef Power is a truly revolutionary concept of a power superyacht, another milestone in the luxury catamaran design. The main idea of the concept is to stress the superb space that catamarans...

video Sunreef Yachts 60 POWER
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, semi-custom) 60 POWER - 18,29m    60' 0" Sunreef Yachts

This beautifully proportioned catamaran is only 60 feet long, yet Sunreef Yachts has succeeded in optimizing the living space to afford the highest levels of stylish...

video Sunreef Yachts 70 POWER
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, semi-custom) 70 POWER - 21,33m    70' 0" Sunreef Yachts

Launched in 2008, the 70 Sunreef Power is the first motor yacht from the Sunreef power range. The yacht’s elegant topside, extended interior and exterior space along with its stability, safety, long cruising...

Sunreef Yachts 75 SPORTFISH
Luxury yacht : sport-fishing luxury motor-yacht with enclosed flybridge (catamaran) 75 SPORTFISH - 22,86m    75' 0" Sunreef Yachts

The 75 Sunreef Sportfish is a new version of one of the most popular models from the Sunreef Yachts range – the 70 Sunreef Power. It is the biggest luxury catamaran-yacht available in the fishing version...

3 products Horizon
Horizon PC 52
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) PC 52 - 15,71m    51' 7" Horizon

The new Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a high-end power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely...

Horizon PC 60
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) PC 60 - 18,51m    60' 9" Horizon

As a luxury power catamaran, the PC60 rises above previous multihull yachts with a blend of elegance, stability and efficiency....

Horizon CC 80
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran) CC 80 - 24,70m    81' 0" Horizon

The CC80 Catamaran is a unique model tailored to the owners own creative ideas and free flowing lifestyle. CC stands for the Custom Collection and Horizons new CC Series comprises the custom projects...

1 products Campion
2 products Fassmer
Fassmer SCAT 18
Motor-boat : hydrographic surveys boat (catamaran) SCAT 18 - 18m    59' 1" Fassmer

This 18-m sounding catamaran has been designed to operate in coastal areas and inland waterways....

Fassmer SCAT 16
Motor-boat : patrol-boat (catamaran) SCAT 16 - 16m    52' 6" Fassmer

This high-speed 16-metre catamaran is unique in the history of German coastal authorities. The concept is based upon a research...

video Flash Catamarans 43
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 43 - 13,20m    43' 4" Flash Catamarans

Discover all the pleasure that awaits you on board of our Flashcat 43, a ship that redefines power catamaran concept, transforming navigation in a...

video Flash Catamarans 47
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 4 cabins) 47 - 14,05m    46' 1" Flash Catamarans

The catamaran Flashcat 47 is the new model that Flash Catamarans presents the market as a result of experience with previous models. This spectacular catamaran has a new helmet with more than 1.5m overall...

video Flash Catamarans 75
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran) 75 - 23m    75' 6" Flash Catamarans

Flash Catamarans is pleased to introduce the new FlashCat 75, the standard of our high-end power catamarans. FlashCat 75 born from the work of our...

Flash Catamarans 83
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, semi-custom) 83 - 24m    78' 9" Flash Catamarans

Flash Catamarans is proud to introduce the new FlashCat 83 Passenger (Passenger Version and Luxury Diving Version). This model...

1 products curvelle
video curvelle QUARANTA
Luxury superyacht QUARANTA - 33,70m    110' 7" curvelle

Curvelle catamarans - The shape of things to come. Space, performance, flexibility, comfort and better fuel economy...... the twin-hull form of the Curvelle quaranta catamaran motor yacht is one that...

video Leopard Catamarans 39PC
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran) 39PC - 11,76m    38' 7" Leopard Catamarans

The Leopard 39 Powercat is an innovative, efficient and spacious yacht that takes the best features from the popular Leopard 47 Powercat to bring you an exciting midsize catamaran...

video Leopard Catamarans 51 Powercat
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) 51 Powercat - 15,54m    51' 0" Leopard Catamarans

The newest member of the power fleet, the Leopard 51 Powercat, brings with it a multitude of exciting features, including a sleek design, a large forward cockpit, additional lounging areas, an expansive...

3 products CATHUGO Yachts
video CATHUGO Yachts I54PC
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) I54PC - 16,47m    54' 0" CATHUGO Yachts

The CATHUGO i54PC combines design and functionality in a special way: the shipyard and the designers have set themselves apart for months with the project before we has started the construction. The...

Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 4 cabins) I43PC - 13,11m    43' 0" CATHUGO Yachts

At the first view her look is quite the same as her bigger sisters i54PC and i66PC. But when you have a look inside you will be surprised. You won’t expect this roomy interior for space of...

video Oxygène Yachts AIR 77
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) AIR 77 - 23m    75' 6" Oxygène Yachts

AIR 77 is a 75-feet power catamaran. Her lightness, shallow draft and hydrojet drives make her a fun, easy to handle vessel, which weaves in and out of bays and estuaries in the blink of an eye…...

video Drassanes Dalmau, S.A ECO SLIM
Electric motor-boat : sightseeing boat (catamaran, solar energy) ECO SLIM - 24m    78' 9" Drassanes Dalmau, S.A

Europes Largest Ecological Catamaran, electrically powered by alternative energy, with 150 seats and seagoing capacity. The boat called ECO SLIM, is a step towards better ecological and economic sustainability...

2 products Paritet
video Paritet ELLIPS 28
Motor-boat : in-board cabin-cruiser (catamaran) ELLIPS 28 - 8,50m    27' 11" Paritet

PARITETBOAT presents unique high-speed catamaran ELLIPS 28! Futuristic design,...

Paritet ELLIPS 35
Motor-boat : offshore speed-power-boat (catamaran, outboard, twin engine) ELLIPS 35 - 10,50m    34' 5" Paritet

Length: 10.5 m Width: 3.2 m Capacity: 8 passengers Hull: aluminium alloy Engines:...

Jaguar Catamarans International JC48
Motor-boat : flybridge express-cruiser (catamaran, 3 or 4 cabins) JC48 - 14,47m    47' 6" Jaguar Catamarans International

PRINCIPAL DEMENSIONS Length overall (incl. pulpit): 14.47m Length hull Platform to stem: 14.43m Waterline Length 13.73m Beam 6.828m Displacement (half load) approx 19.5 tonnes Fuel capacity 1500 litres Water...

1 products ASIS BOATS
Motor-boat : foldable inflatable boat (catamaran, outboard) XTM RACING 4.2 - 4,10m    13' 5" ASIS BOATS

The XTM beats any other Fully Inflatable racing boat in performance, robustness and stability. It has a unique tunnel shaped...

1 products WOOSUNG Europe
Motor-boat : foldable inflatable boat (catamaran, outboard) P240-HF CATAMARAN - 2,40m    7' 10" WOOSUNG Europe

"PLUS" product : Excellent maneuverability Catamaran design 1 movable and ajustable aluminium bench Max load capacity 180 kg Flat tarpaulin floor 2 rod holders Stern transom for either electric...

24 products Cheetah Marine
Cheetah Marine WINDERMERE
Motor-boat : patrol-boat (catamaran) WINDERMERE - 6,90m    22' 8" Cheetah Marine

The Windermere Lake Patrol team received a new patrol boat last month when Cheetah Marine delivered a new Cheetah 6.9m long wheelhouse catamaran on a Cheetah built trailer. Windermere is England’s...

Cheetah Marine
Motor-boat : patrol-boat (catamaran) - 6,90m    22' 8" Cheetah Marine

Penny and Jamie Robinson work and live in one of the most remote places on the UK mainland. The alternative to a 30km trek through Scottish wilderness is a 6 mile sea passage from Mallaig across the mouth...

Cheetah Marine
Motor-boat : outboard walkaround (catamaran) - 6,20m    20' 4" Cheetah Marine

For some while, Briggs Marine, who own and maintain the fleet of boats operated by the Environment Agency have been considering how best to replace the aging small RIBs currently in use. Taking into...

Cheetah Marine BLUE HAVEN
Sport-fishing motor-boat : out-board cabin-cruiser (catamaran) BLUE HAVEN - 6,90m    22' 8" Cheetah Marine

The first Cheetah to be delivered by sea this year is 6.9m Blue Haven. The 6.9m was delivered from Ventnor to Gosport Marina in a blustery Force 6 at first light on Friday morning. Blue Haven replaces...

Cheetah Marine
Motor-boat : patrol-boat (catamaran) - 6,20m    20' 4" Cheetah Marine

Cheetah have just launched the second of a pair of River Hamble Harbour Patrol Catamarans. The 6.2m Cheetahs have been named ‘Rose’ and ‘Crown’ and replace the original 6.2s Cheetah...

Cheetah Marine
Motor-boat : out-board day-cruiser (catamaran) - 6,20m    20' 4" Cheetah Marine

Lucy and Sean Strevens from Cheetah Marine will be joining Agent Jan de Jonghe to exhibit the...

Warwick Yacht Design W 128
Luxury superyacht custommade W 128 - 39m    127' 11" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 39.000 m 128.00 ft Length Waterline 35.000 m 114.10 ft Beam 11.000 m 36.00 ft Draft (Max) 1.600 m 5.3 ft Displacement 150,000 kg 148 Tons Fuel...

Warwick Yacht Design W 110
Luxury superyacht custommade W 110 - 34,50m    113' 2" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 34.50 m 113.19 ft Length Hull 33.50 m 109.91 ft Length Waterline 30.50 m 100.06 ft Beam 11.00 m 36.09 ft Draft (Hull) 1.50 m 4.92 ft Draft (Max) 120,000.00 m 393,696.00...

Warwick Yacht Design W 95
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, custom-made) W 95 - 28,80m    94' 6" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 28.80 m 94.49 ft Length Hull 28.00 m 91.86 ft Length Waterline 25.70 m 84.32 ft Beam 9.00 m 29.53 ft Draft (Max) 1.40 m 4.59 ft Displacement 81,280 kg 80 Tons Consumables 24,384 kg 24...

Warwick Yacht Design W 88 FAST
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran, composite) W 88 FAST - 26,80m    87' 11" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 26.80 m 87.93 ft Length Waterline 23.14 m 75.92 ft Beam 8.30 m 27.23 ft Draft (Max) 1.95 m 6.4 ft Displacement 65,000 kg 64 Tons Fuel...

Warwick Yacht Design W 85 FAST
Luxury yacht : luxury motor-yacht (catamaran, custom-made) W 85 FAST - 25,91m    85' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

LOA 25.91 m 85.01 ft Length Waterline 22.35 m 73.33 ft Beam 8.30 m 27.23 ft Draft (Max) 1.65 m 5.41 ft Displacement 60,000 kg 59 Tons Fuel...

Warwick Yacht Design W 75
Luxury yacht : luxury flybridge motor-yacht (catamaran) W 75 - 22,86m    75' 0" Warwick Yacht Design

A vessel for all seasons Northstar is a thoroughly versatile craft. In coastal cruising mode, she will sprint effortlessly to your favorite anchorage at 30 knots. Even coping with short seas typical of...

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