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A boat steering console holds the wheel, throttle and instrument cluster on a motor vessel. The consoles offered on NauticExpo are suited for leisure craft rather than for ships.


These consoles are suitable for installation on many types of power vessels, especially open boats. They differ from ship consoles in their more aesthetic design and lesser sophistication. They also are found on rigid inflatables, where they offer more comfortable steering.


The wheel is mounted on a transverse bearing within a rectangular column made of fiberglass, carbon fiber or, less often, of metal. The console also holds steering gear linking the wheel to the rudder or to an outboard motor or pod drive. The throttle can be mounted on either side of the wheel, depending on the owner's preference. Control rods are within the console.

Built-in instruments can include tachometer, fuel gauge, GPS and chart plotter, among others. A seat, either chair or jockey style, windshield, railing, gear stowage and other features also may be included.

How to choose

Choice will depend on space available in the cockpit, which varies by boat make and model. If the console and wheel are supplied as a unit, it is important to know the type of steering gear and the distance between the console and the rudder or the motor, in the case of an outboard.

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6 products Eval
Eval 00132-1
Boat pilot console 00132-1 Eval

STANDING CONSOLE With front protection...

Eval 00132-9
Boat pilot console 00132-9 Eval


Eval 00132-4
Boat pilot console (side) 00132-4 Eval

Side Ways Console With front protection glass, and screws...

Eval 00132-5
Boat jockey pilot console 00132-5 Eval

CONSOLE WITH JOCKEY SEAT Made of fiberglass....

Eval 0132-11
Boat jockey pilot console 0132-11 Eval


Eval 03481
Pilot console cover for power-boats 03481 Eval

CONSOLE COVER Made of resistant waterproof polyester 300D...

4 products Zeppelin
video Ullman Dynamics AERODYNAMIC
Boat pilot console AERODYNAMIC Ullman Dynamics

The Ullman Aerodynamic Console is designed and shaped to reduce air resistance while protecting the crew from wind and spray. It is designed for optimal ergonomics in the most challenging operational...

1 products Hydrive
Hydrive 8000 SERIES
Boat pilot console 8000 SERIES Hydrive

The 8000 SERIES Pedestal unit is...

Adventure Inflatable boats V-650
Boat pilot console V-650 Adventure Inflatable boats

Standard equipment: Front soft seat for 2...

Adventure Inflatable boats
Boat jockey pilot console Adventure Inflatable boats

With soft backrest equipped the internal...

1 products Mavi Mare
Mavi Mare P.84
Boat pilot console P.84 Mavi Mare

With two storage shelfs...

1 products TREM
Boat pilot console L53 TREM


Outhill Boatbuilders CC23
Boat pilot console CC23 Outhill Boatbuilders

This is the most recent addition to our large steering console range. This stylish one piece moulding...

Outhill Boatbuilders C22/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) C22/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

This console is a variation on our popular CC19/FS. The...

Outhill Boatbuilders CC19/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) CC19/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

This is a most stylish new edition to our split console range....

Outhill Boatbuilders CC14/FS
Boat pilot console (center, front seat) CC14/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

For those who like a windscreen for that high speed ride. This model incorporates...

Outhill Boatbuilders CC12/FS
Dual center front seat CC12/FS Outhill Boatbuilders

One of our most popular models the CC12/FS is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd....

Todd Marine Products 95-3005
Boat pilot console 95-3005 Todd Marine Products

Includes grabrail. Windshield not available. Cutout:...

Veada Industries CN200
Boat pilot console CN200 Veada Industries

The Standard Boat Console is the star attraction in every boat that has a motor. Have you noticed how yours is looking lately? Let us help you with our beautiful Standard Boat Console by all the benefits...

Veada Industries CN201
Boat pilot console CN201 Veada Industries

The Deluxe Pontoon Boat Console is the star attraction in every boat that has a motor. Have you noticed how yours is looking lately? Let us help you with our beautiful Standard Boat Console by all the...

Veada Industries CN200P
Boat pilot console CN200P Veada Industries

The Large Roto-Molded Plastic Boat Console is more than just any other center console for boats; we have specifically designed a superior boat console to be multi-functional for you, the Captain. Superior...

4 products Crescent
Crescent 1A
Boat pilot console 1A Crescent

Maximum height 83 cm. Ivory, orange, beige, dark ivory, light blue, light grey, white (hint...

Crescent 2A
Boat pilot console (side) 2A Crescent

Maximum height 83 cm. Ivory, beige, dark ivory, light grey...

Crescent 3A
Boat pilot console (center) 3A Crescent

Maximum height 85 cm. Ivory, dark ivory, light grey...

Crescent 5
Boat pilot console 5 Crescent

Ivory, dark ivory, light grey and greyish white. Art.nr....

1 products NVequipment
Pilot console cover for power-boats NVequipment

Leisure console cover - Give your opinion Open hull - 7 m Mooring protection Zone of the boat concerned: At moorings, covers the consoles of open cruisers...

1 products Dorado
Sport-fishing motor-boat : in-board center console boat (T-Top, flybridge) 40 PILOT HOUSE - 12,19m    40' 0" Dorado

If you want a awesome 40 vessel with size and comfort to make it to the Bahamas or Dry Torugas, the center console is for you! This version features a huge console with...

2 products Everglades
Everglades 325 PILOT
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, wheelhouse) 325 PILOT - 9,85m    32' 4" Everglades

If you like the 295 Pilot, you will love the 325. With the newly designed, fully enclosable pilot house, its like having two boats in one: a center console and a pilot. For luxurious style...

Everglades 295 PILOT
Sport-fishing motor-boat : outboard center console boat (twin engine, wheelhouse) 295 PILOT - 8,71m    28' 7" Everglades

With her newly designed, completely enclosable pilot house, Everglades 295 Pilot has just extended your cruising options. With two sliding fiberglass doors, a hydraulic, adjustable windshield,...

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