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5 seater pedal boat - RAINBOW DLX

Experience the ultimate in comfort. The Rainbow’s...

5 seater pedal boat - MONACO DLX

With its adjustable backrests, built-in...

3 places pedal boat - FIJI DLX

This lightweight and high-performing...

5 seater pedal boat - RAINBOW

The Rainbow’s adjustable,...

5 seater pedal boat - MONACO

With its adjustable backrests,...

pedal boat - SUN DOLPHIN 3

Comfortably seats three with pedal positions for 1, 2 or 3 people
Dual rear coolers or storage compartments

5 seater pedal boat - SUN DOLPHIN 5

Seating for 3 adults and 2 kids
Pedal positions for 1, 2 or 3 people
Super tough paddle wheel
Closed cell...

pedal boat - SUN SLIDER

Adjustable seating to maximize pedaling comfort
Seats fully recline to create an on the water sun lounge for two
Super tough paddle wheel
Maintenance free bronze...

5 seater pedal boat - WATER WHEELER 5

Self-draining bench seat to help keep seating area dry
Internal steering linkage system eliminates damage from obstructions

5 seater pedal boat - WATER WHEELER ASL

Adjustable seating to maximize pedaling comfort
Seats fully recline to create an on the water sun lounge for two
Self-draining bench seat to help...

5 seater pedal boat / slide - CAPRI FORMULA

Passengers 5
CE approved
Certificate n° P/094/06


4 places pedal boat - CAPRI FORMULA 3.3

Passengers 4
CE Approved
Certificate N. P/123/05


5 seater pedal boat - CAPRI 4

Attic Soft top
L.O.A. 2,15 m
Beam 1.60 m
Weight 18 kg
Height. 1,10 m


5 seater pedal boat - CAPRI S

Passengers 5
CE Approval
Released by R.I.Na.

5 seater pedal boat / sun deck - SOLARIUM

Passengers 5
CE Approved
Certificate N. P/124/05


5 seater pedal boat / sun deck - SOLARIUM

PMS sea bicycles are high-tech product with stronger...

4 places pedal boat - SUNNY H2O

The new pedal boat of Martini, is the only one in Europe built with the sandwich
technology 3-layer ultra light, which confers to the products exceptional resistance
and rigidity...

5 seater pedal boat - SUNNY R

This is a new version that stands out thanks to its elegant and graceful lines.

5 seater pedal boat - PAGURO 5

With PAGURO 5, we have renewed its design in order to be able to offer more protection...

pedal boat - SUPERSLIDER

The new spider lager then normal to...

pedal boat - TRAMPOLINO

NEW TRAMPOLINE with stainless steel support and heavy gage marine play-wood steps and platform.
With this...

pedal boat - WATERPILLAR

Waterpillar is right at home in salt water or fresh water, and can handle rough ocean surf or glassy lakes. All materials are corrosion resistant. The wheels are molded from high-density polyethylene plastic, as are the guide wheel covers...

4 places pedal boat - JUMBO

JUMBO is an attractive paddleboat for four people designed for the use in rentals of water equipment. Thus, it provides a wide range of well-thought-out technical solutions which make the boat safer, more durable and more attractive to the client. The quarterdeck of the JUMBO paddleboat is lowered which allows for closer contact with water and makes the unit more attractive. The...

6 seater pedal boat - SUN FERRY

SUNFERRY, also called the platform, is a large and comfortable paddleboat. It can be used both by individuals and in rentals of water equipment. A large floor surface provides good conditions for resting and relaxing as well as enough sitting or lying room for a few adults. What is more, after the assembly of an optional slide there is still enough room...

4 places pedal boat - ENCORE P

4 person pedal boat with 2 side by side independent drive units!

Relief from trying to keep up with...

motorized pedal boat - ENCORE P/E

4 person pedal boat with side by side independent drive systems, alternatively powered by a Minn Kota Riptide 55# thrust electric motor

With the Encore Pedal Electric boat, the...

3 places pedal boat - ESCAPADE HIGH ARCH

The High Windshield/Arch model is designed to deflect winds and spray in the...

3 places pedal boat - ESCAPADE LOW WINDSHIELD

Uniquely designed pedal boat with built in stability


2 seater pedal boat - SPRITE

One or Two Person Pedal Boat

Finally a pedal boat experience for two with features not found in our other models. Much more versatile with the kick up rudder and removable drop in drive units,...

aluminum pedal boat - AQUA CYCLE II

The “AQUA CYCLE II (two)” pontoon paddle boat is a great family boat. Two bench seats accommodate 4...

aluminum pedal boat - AQUA CYCLE PLUS

The “AQUA CYCLE PLUS” pontoon paddle boat is designed for a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs. The bench...

aluminum pedal boat - AQUA CYCLE 4X4

The “AQUA CYCLE 4x4 (four by four)” pontoon paddle boat has two bench seats facing forward. It is designed...

aluminum pedal boat - AQUA CYCLE 15

The “AQUA CYCLE 15” pontoon paddle boat is just 2” longer than the “Original Aqua Cycle.” It has 15” diameter pontoons and...

aluminum pedal boat - ORIGINAL

The “ORIGINAL” Aqua Cycle pontoon paddle boat has been in production...

4 places pedal boat - PedCRZ 9

PedCRZ 9

Almost always the biggest complaint in four passenger pedal boats is the inconvenience of only two persons pedaling at a time. Moreover the process is difficult because of lack of bearings and bushes in the shafting system. Our unique boat has two pedal shafts and two paddle wheel ensuring that all the four people can pedal...

pedal boat - TWIN

Standard equipment:
- 2 hydrodynamic hulls made of ultra resistant polyethylene

pedal boat - LIMO

- Same as Seacycle Twin but with addition of 4 adult...

pedal boat - CAR F1 2013

Cls Pedalò F1 Car
CONSTRUCTION Nautica Cls srl
DESIGNER Uff.Tecn. Cls srl
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL Reinforced fiberglass


How to choose this product


Pedal-boats are leisure crafts propelled by wheel blades activated by a crankset.


Beach resort businesses often rent pedal-boats to tourists and children for short sport, ecological or leisure cruises.

They are particularly suited to calm waters, lakes and sheltered water bodies.


Most models only use muscle-force for propelling. Some units, however, feature a small auxiliary electrical motor.

"Water bikes" can be used as bicycles. Their users are seated on saddles instead of on bucket seats.

Many models are catamarans (double hull), for stability reasons. They can be made of plastic (polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.) or of aluminum.

Some feature toboggans and/or ladder-equipped diving platforms.

Children models can take the shapes of cars, pelicans, dragons, etc.

How to choose

The number of seats is the main element to consider.

Choose a specific shape.

A Bimini (a sun protecting canvas top) is very useful in especially hot areas.


- Silent
- Can be used for exercising
- Economical (no fuel)
- Convivial
- Easy to maintain


- Slow
- Unsuitable for choppy waters
- Limited seating

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