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commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - ST-60 INTERCEPTOR

This fabulous off shore high speed boat represents the attack boat, obtained by the high
speed performance the first patrol boat obtained by the excellent and safety buoyancy.
The hull of SuperTermoli powerboat has been proven...

commercial motor boat / patrol-boat - CARABINIERI

Based on the fiberglass 22 foot Primatist hull, the boat designed by Bruno Abbate for the naval corp of the "Carabinieri",...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - GUARDIA DI FINANZA

Coastal patrol team, “Miami Vice” style: this is the first impression you have, seeing in port the V.6100 in force in the fleet of the naval corp of the Italian Customs Office. The builder is Bruno Abbate’s shipyard, one of the most famous Italian builders, specialized in pleasure boats. Abbate’s...

catamaran motor boat / patrol-boat - 990

Low wash and fuel economy make the 990 an ideal patrol vessel for inland waterways. The 990 was developed as a Harbour Patrol Vessel for the Port of London...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - 13 METERS

The “V2000” is a 13m Fast Patrol Boats specifically designed for law enforcement duties and for patrolling missions in coastal waters: 80 units have been built so far. It is made...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - 16.5 METERS

The “V5000” represents a successful family of 16.5 meters Fast Patrol Boats, built by Intermarine for the Italian “Guardia di Finanza”...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - 22 METERS

The “22m” is a Fast Patrol Boats designed by Intermarine and jointly built and outfitted by Intermarine...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - 25 METERS

The “CP25” is a 25 meters Fast Patrol Boats wholly made of aluminum and specifically designed for patrolling, surveillance and...

commercial motor boat / high-speed / patrol-boat - 28 METERS

The “MV85” is a family of 28m Fast Patrol Boats built so far in 5 variants, especially suitable for law enforcement duties...

commercial motor boat / patrol-boat - 43

We have been talking with Robert Ullberg of Ullberg Yacht Design, Inc., Winter Park, FL for awhile now about...

commercial motor boat / aluminum / patrol-boat - SUC DOCKSTA

In co-operation with Swedish shipyard Dockstavarvet AB an exceptional yachts in appearance of patrol vessels were built in Conrad Shipyard. This...


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A patrol boat is used by public agencies for coastal surveillance and the control of fishing and other maritime activities. It also can be used in port and marina operations. Those over 25 meters long are usually military vessels and are called patrol ships.


These vessels, including rigid inflatables, launches and smaller boats, are used for patrolling a country's national waters. Capabilities vary with size and equipment. Offshore launches control commercial fishing and track down smugglers and polluting vessels. Inland waterways are patrolled by motorboats.


Such boats often have powerful engines and propulsion systems enabling them to overtake a fleeing vessel or rapidly approach one in violation of regulations. Certain models carry armament, are equipped with night-vision gear and stealth systems.

How to choose

Choice will depend on required range, area of activity and type of surveillance.

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