Out-board runabouts

How to choose this product

Outboard runabouts feature a small cabin beneath the foredeck and an open cockpit. The motor is fastened to the transom.


These craft can be used for day outings, fishing, water sports or as a yacht tender.

How to choose

One advantage of outboard motors is that they can be changed as a function of the vessel's use. A more powerful unit can be installed for water skiing, a smaller one for fishing or simple pleasure outings. Cabin size and amenities also should be considered. Factors include the presence of berths, a head, a water tank or a refrigerator.


- Choice of engine make and size
- Maneuverability


- Noise
- Propeller can be dangerous

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2 products Sea Ray
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 220 SUNDECK OUTBOARD - 6,71m    22' 0" Sea Ray

The all-new 220 Sundeck Outboard expands your boating terrain with unmatched trimmability...

Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 240 SUNDECK OUTBOARD - 7,30m    23' 11" Sea Ray

Go on, explore the shallows. The new 240 Sundeck Outboard redefines where you can go and how much you can...

2 products Boston Whaler
video Boston Whaler 230 VANTAGE
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 230 VANTAGE - 7,06m    23' 2" Boston Whaler

See the legend in a whole new light. Boston Whaler’s versatile 230 Vantage delivers all the power, safety, comfort and luxury appointments you expect from a Whaler---in a revolutionary dual-console layout....

video Boston Whaler 270 VANTAGE
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout (T-Top) 270 VANTAGE - 8,18m    26' 10" Boston Whaler

The 270 Vantage is the boat that doesn’t compromise---because it doesn’t have to. Every member of your family and all of your friends will find the perfect onboard activity, from sport fishing to wakeboarding...

1 products Pursuit
video Pursuit DC 265
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout (T-Top) DC 265 - 7,87m    25' 10" Pursuit

Sporty Versatility for a Variety of Water Sports, Including Fishing, Cruising,...

22 products Glastron
new Glastron GTL 160
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout GTL 160 - 5,03m    16' 6" Glastron

Want an unbeatable friend-and-family boat? A bowrider thats ready...

new Glastron GTL 169
Motor-boat : outboard runabout GTL 169 - 5,03m    16' 6" Glastron

The GTL 169 has a classic interior and a stylish exterior...

new Glastron GTL 180
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout GTL 180 - 5,44m    17' 10" Glastron

Wakeboarding or tubing? Have fun and hit the water in style...

new Glastron GTL 185
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout GTL 185 - 5,49m    18' 0" Glastron

Our stylish GTL 185 is ready to enjoy. This sterndrive with upgraded...

new Glastron GTL 200
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout GTL 200 - 6,20m    20' 4" Glastron

Hot off our designer’s draft board, the new GTL 200 has awesome upgrades...

new Glastron GTL 205
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout GTL 205 - 6,25m    20' 6" Glastron

Gotta love the luxury side of the GTL 205! This newly designed 20-footer...

new Bénéteau Motorboats FLYER 6 SPORTDECK
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout FLYER 6 SPORTDECK - 6,22m    20' 5" Bénéteau Motorboats

The Flyer 6 sports version has more open ergonomics, with intelligently distributed spaces. This new version inspired by...

11 products Campion
Campion CHASE 580OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout CHASE 580OB - 5,84m    19' 2" Campion

Length Max: 5.84m (19’ 2") Centerline: 5.77m (18’ 11") Beam: 2.34m...

Campion CHASE 550
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout CHASE 550 - 6,15m    20' 2" Campion

Length Max: 5.49m (18’) Centerline: 5.49m (18’) Beam: 2.34m (7’...

Campion CHASE 530OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout CHASE 530OB - 5,43m    17' 10" Campion

Length Max: 5.43m (17’ 10") Centerline: 5.39m (17’ 8") Beam: 2.34m...

Campion CHASE 500OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout CHASE 500OB - 5,05m    16' 7" Campion

Length Max: 5.05m (16’ 7") Centerline: 5.03m (16’ 6") Beam: 2.01m...

Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout ALLANTE 595OBBR - 6,55m    21' 6" Campion

Length Max: 6.55m (21’) Centerline: 6.09m (20’) Beam: 2.48m (8’...

Campion ALLANTE 545
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout ALLANTE 545 - 6,15m    20' 2" Campion

Length Max: 5.49m (18’) Centerline: 5.49m (18’) Beam: 2.34m (7’...

3 products Four Winns
Four Winns H180OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout H180OB - 5,46m    17' 11" Four Winns

The lightweight outboard motor on this 18-foot open-bow...

Four Winns H180OBRS
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout H180OBRS - 5,46m    17' 11" Four Winns

A vivid take on the classic sportboat. The all-new RS Series...

Four Winns H180OBSS
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout H180OBSS - 5,46m    17' 11" Four Winns

Step up to our 18-foot sportboat with sporty, custom styling upgrades....

2 products Wellcraft
video Wellcraft 180 SPORTSMAN
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 180 SPORTSMAN - 5,49m    18' 0" Wellcraft

This is one versatile bow rider that’s fit for fishing and family. Forward and aft seating...

Wellcraft 210 SPORTSMAN
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 210 SPORTSMAN - 6,40m    21' 0" Wellcraft

Looking for a multi-purpose boat that can handle the family and your fishing friends? Here’s a...

1 products Nitro
video Nitro Z-7 SPORT
Fish and ski boat : outboard runabout Z-7 SPORT - 5,92m    19' 5" Nitro

Purchase your new Z-7 Sport now, and you could choose either 3.99% APR Financing or a $500 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card! Plus, you’ll receive a VIP Owner’s Card, providing up to a 20% discount on Bass Pro...

5 products Triton Boats
5 products Bayliner
video Bayliner ELEMENT
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout ELEMENT - 4,93m    16' 2" Bayliner

Let the revolutionary Bayliner Element be the start of something new for your family....

video Bayliner 160 OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 160 OB - 4,88m    16' 0" Bayliner

Many paths lead to happiness, but only the 160 escorts you there in style and comfort...

video Bayliner 170 OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 170 OB - 5,33m    17' 6" Bayliner

The new 170 Outboard is big on space, storage and handy features. In fact, the only...

Bayliner 180 OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 180 OB - 5,49m    18' 0" Bayliner

Sporty looks, tons of storage, a smooth ride and an attractive price put the 180 in a...

Bayliner 190 OB
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 190 OB - 5,92m    19' 5" Bayliner

As Bayliner’s largest outboard Bowrider, the 190 combines the fuel-efficiency and ease of use of an outboard with the stability, storage and spaciousness of...

1 products Monterey
Monterey 197FS
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 197FS - 5,97m    19' 7" Monterey

Sleek, Stylish and Sporty, we are pleased to introduce you to the 197 Outboard. Ushering in a whole new era for Monterey, this mean multitasking machine can hold its own whether you are fishing, cruising,...

4 products Stingray Boats
video Stingray Boats 191RX
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout (8 person max.) 191RX - 5,87m    19' 3" Stingray Boats

In the heavily populated nineteen foot range, the 191RX has a larger list of amenities than our competitors’ similarly-sized entry-level...

video Stingray Boats 194LX
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 194LX - 5,94m    19' 6" Stingray Boats

The 194LX is the perfect 19-foot boat for those who want extra amenities and the easy maintenance of an outboard. Our outboard models feature an enormous sundeck storage...

video Stingray Boats 204LR
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 204LR - 6,22m    20' 5" Stingray Boats

The 204LR is an outboard version of the 208LR entry level sport deck bowrider. It retains the same 15" side entryway for quick and...

video Stingray Boats 214LR
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout 214LR - 6,60m    21' 8" Stingray Boats

The 214LR is the outboard version of our popular 215LR sport deck model, featuring a wide body cockpit for optimal passenger...

3 products Rinker
1 products Robalo
Robalo R247
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout (T-Top) R247 - 7,31m    24' 0" Robalo

If you want a family sport boat that can operate where stern drive rivals dare not tread and is also a serious fishing machine, Robalo’s versatile R247 is in a class by itself....

2 products AquaWatt
2 products Starcraft
3 products Uttern
video Uttern T62
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout T62 - 6,33m    20' 9" Uttern

Thanks to its generous, versatile cockpit with a classic horseshoe shape and spacious front deck seating, the T62 makes the ideal environment to spend time with friends and family. Offering a wide range...

Uttern T57
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout T57 - 5,73m    18' 10" Uttern

You’ll have no trouble surrounding yourself with friends and family in this sporty and generously-proportioned bow rider. The T57 has the most capacious bow area in a twin console boat, with a generous...

Uttern T51
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout T51 - 5,01m    16' 5" Uttern

This fun and affordable bow rider is backed by serious design and technology. Whether you plan a romantic getaway, adventuring with friends or a family day out, the T51 packs in all the features you need...

video Rapp Boots- und Yachtwerft CUTWATER 500
Classic motor-boat : outboard runabout (wooden) CUTWATER 500 - 5,02m    16' 6" Rapp Boots- und Yachtwerft

Small but beautiful > Cutwater 500, a pearl of a sport boat built in mahogany...

1 products Windy
new Windy DRACO
Motor-boat : outboard bow-rider runabout DRACO - 7,62m    25' 0" Windy

Kåre was an enthusiastic sailor in his youth, but later developed an interest for motorboats. He saw possibilities, and with his equally ambitious wife Vibeke, he followed his vision. In fierce competition...

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