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1 products Dufour Yachts
video Dufour Yachts 36
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) 36 - 10,99m    36' 1" Dufour Yachts

Sporty and fun, the 36 is a speed boat (quality of the hull, powerful sail plan) providing a lot of sensations on the sea. Very comfortable, the deck has...

Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) CRUISER 41S - 12,35m    40' 6" BAVARIA Sailing

Length overall (approx.) 12,35 m Length hull (approx.) 11,99 m Length waterline (approx.) 10,75 m Beam overall (approx.) 3,96 m Draught standard (cast iron keel)...

new video Jeanneau - Sailboats SUN FAST 3600
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit, twin rudder) SUN FAST 3600 - 11,25m    36' 11" Jeanneau - Sailboats

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity while drastically...

2 products Nautor's Swan
Nautor's Swan SWAN 60 FD
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom) SWAN 60 FD - 18,86m    61' 11" Nautor's Swan

Aesthetic flair, contemporary interiors and leading technology make the Swan 60 graceful, capable and highly desirable, for both cruising and racing. The Swan 60 combines a voluminous interior,...

6 products X-Yachts
new X-Yachts X6
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom, bow-sprit) X6 - 18,29m    60' 0" X-Yachts

X-Yachts is proud to unveil the first model in its newest range of contemporary performance cruisers. The X6 represents the first in a new development of performance cruising yachts. The twin-rudder...

X-Yachts XP 38
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 38 - 11,58m    38' 0" X-Yachts

X-Yachts are designed by sailors, for sailors. Every Xperformance yacht is created to perform superbly in all conditions and in all sail configurations. However, many of the very same factors which make...

X-Yachts XP 44
Cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 44 - 13,29m    43' 7" X-Yachts

During the Xperformance design process, Velocity Prediction Programs were utilised to optimise each yacht’s hull shape. This confirmed to the design team that it was key to slightly reduce the overall...

X-Yachts XP 50
Cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) XP 50 - 14,99m    49' 2" X-Yachts

Form meets function with the Xp 50 deck layout, which balances clean lines and minimalist style, with usability, safety and security. Attractive teak decking is fitted as standard, with the option...

X-Yachts X 65
Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom, carbon mast) X 65 - 20,01m    65' 8" X-Yachts

The use of heat galvanised steel to create a support structure for the mast and keel was pioneered by X-Yachts in 1981. Since then...

new video Catalina Yachts 275 SPORT
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin, open transom) 275 SPORT - 8,38m    27' 6" Catalina Yachts

The new Catalina 275 Sport just may be the boat you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you want to recapture the pure joy of sailing in a simpler but stylish boat that doesn’t require much effort...

3 products J-boats
J-boats J/88
Sailboat : racing keelboat (open transom, bow-sprit) J/88 - 8,89m    29' 2" J-boats

From the J design/build team that launched the J/70 and J/111, comes the NEW J/88, a 29’ mid-size family speedster with stability, style and sailing comfort. J/88 hits the sweet-spot...

J-boats J/95
Racing sailboat (open transom, bow-sprit) J/95 - 9,51m    31' 2" J-boats

J/95 restores an American yachting tradition, dating back to the 1800’s, of fast centerboarders that were as much at home navigating shoal inland waters as they were crossing oceans. Remember the...

J-boats J/122
Cruiser-racer sailboat (carbon mast, open transom) J/122 - 12,19m    40' 0" J-boats

J/122 is a versatile 40 foot performance sailboat with comfortable live-aboard accommodations, a refined deck layout, low VCG keel with a moderate 7.2’ draft. The hull & deck are built using superior...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 45
Cruiser-racer sailboat (teak deck, open transom, twin steering wheel) FIRST 45 - 14,07m    46' 2" Bénéteau sailboats

She is as unashamedly beautiful and as daringly perfect as her elder sister the First 50. She...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 40 CR
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom, steering wheel, 3 cabins) FIRST 40 CR - 12,58m    41' 3" Bénéteau sailboats

Winner in 2010 of the Rolex Sydney Hobart, Spi Ouest France, Cowes Week and Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the First 40 has a unique international record of achievements and, over 2 seasons, has...

video Bénéteau sailboats FIRST 35
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) FIRST 35 - 10,85m    35' 7" Bénéteau sailboats

Developed in collaboration with Farr Yacht Design, the First 35 has not abandoned any of the qualities...

1 products J-boats Europe
video J-boats Europe J 122E
Cruiser-racer sailboat (open transom) J 122E - 12,19m    40' 0" J-boats Europe

The J122 E benefits from a new interior and exterior design that is both refined and modern. These changes have been made in collaboration with the Roséo Design studio. Didier Le Moal, CEO of ’J...

6 products Wally
Wally INTI
Sailboat : fast cruising sailing-yacht (twin steering wheel, open transom, teak deck) INTI - 23,99m    78' 8" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2004 Length overall // 23.99 m - 78’8" Length waterline // 21.23 m - 69’8" Maximum beam // 5.96 m - 19’7" Draught //...

Sailboat : fast cruising sailing-yacht (twin steering wheel, open transom, teak deck) HIGHLAND FLING - 25,25m    82' 10" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2009 Length overall // 25.25 m - 82’8" Maximum beam // 5.90 m - 19’4" Draught...

Sailboat : fast cruising sailing-yacht (twin steering wheel, open transom, teak deck) KAURIS III - 32,83m    107' 9" Wally

Type // Fast Cruising Sloop Year // 2002 Length overall // 32.83 m - 107’8" Length waterline // 27.93 m - 91’8" Maximum beam // 6.99 m...

Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom, bow-sprit) MAGIC CARPET 3 - 30,48m    100' 0" Wally

The Wally//Cento is the latest evolution in high-tech racing performance married to spacious and comfortable interiors. This 100-foot...

Sailboat : cruiser-racer sailing-yacht (open transom, bow-sprit) HAMILTON - 30,48m    100' 0" Wally

Type // Blue Water High Performance Sloop Length overall // 30.48 m - 100’0" Length waterline // 29.49 m - 96’9" Maximum beam // 7.19 m -...

1 products Marlow Hunter
Marlow Hunter 18
Sailboat : day-sailer (open transom) 18 - 5,59m    18' 4" Marlow Hunter

The Hunter 18 is designed to serve a wide spectrum of sailors, from novices to salty veterans. Constructed of rugged, durable fiberglass, the Hunter 18 opens up endless possibilities on the waters around...

new Dinamica Yachts DINAMICA 31 RACE
Racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) DINAMICA 31 RACE - 9,40m    30' 10" Dinamica Yachts

Dinamica 940 has not been built as a racing boat but it is very fast and it is winning regatta. Now we would like to present you a new version: Dinamica 31 Race. More use of carbon fibre reduces the weight...

video Dinamica Yachts DINAMICA 940
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (open transom, teak deck, cabin, lifting keel) DINAMICA 940 - 9,40m    30' 10" Dinamica Yachts

Construction Hull and Deck *Glass E mats , infusion and vinyl-ester epoxy under vacuum infusion, *Sandwich in Airex or...

1 products Advanced
2 products Alphena Yachts
1 products Enavigo Yachts
Enavigo Yachts 38 RACER
Racing sailboat (open transom, carbon) 38 RACER - 11,60m    38' 1" Enavigo Yachts

The boat is designed for the sailor who puts excellence first and knows that quality and quantity are two very different properties. We gathered all our resources to build the ultimate Club Racer. The...

1 products Latitude 46
video Latitude 46 TOFINOU 16
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (open transom) TOFINOU 16 - 15,90m    52' 2" Latitude 46

A new exemple of Latitude 46 shipyard know-how, this elegant...

Garcia Yachting GY 65
Sailboat : cruising sailing-yacht (open transom) GY 65 - 19,21m    63' 0" Garcia Yachting

Elite yacht for speed and distance, the first GY65 was launched in June 2008, the second one in 2010. Yachts with integral centerboard or standard keel, built in keeping with the Garcia tradition for...

Bluenose Yacht Sales S&S 30 Racer
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (with cabin, open transom) S&S 30 Racer - 9,10m    29' 10" Bluenose Yacht Sales

The Sparkman Stephens 30 configured with race sails and a top down furling asymmetrical spinnaker is a performance racing design that has exceeded her design expectations for stability,...

3 products Esse Boats
Esse Boats esse 750
Sailboat : racing keelboat (in carbon, open transom) esse 750 - 7,50m    24' 7" Esse Boats

The Esse 750 is conceived as a two-man racer, however through its construction, the technical configuration and the optimal handling as a single hander the boat also guarantees a great sailing experience...

Esse Boats esse 850
Sailboat : racing keelboat (open transom, bow-sprit) esse 850 - 8,50m    27' 11" Esse Boats

The Esse 850 was launched in spring 2004. The idea behind the concept was to produce a sporty sailing boat with above average performance but still easy to handle. The central idea of the concept was...

Esse Boats esse 850L
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (open transom) esse 850L - 8,50m    27' 11" Esse Boats

Built for all who would like simplicity and not always the requirement of more than 2 m water depth, in your sailing region. Has only a 1.5 m draft, but is nevertheless very stable also in a stiff breeze....

1 products shaw650
video shaw650
Sailboat : racing keelboat (open transom, bow-sprit) - 6,50m    21' 4" shaw650

The Shaw 650 is built in composite high grade vacuum bagged vinylester fiberglass construction with a foam core and gelcoat finish. This method of construction has been extensively tested to develop the...

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