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The URO 600 Offshore Oil Skimming System features four recovery modules using RBS TRITON™ technology capable of recovering over 600m³/h.

The URO 600 system consists of three major components:...

The URO 300 Offshore Oil Skimming System features two recovery modules using RBS TRITON™ technology capable of recovering over 300m³/h.

The URO 300 system consists of three major components:...

RBS TRITON™ 150 OS oil skimming systems are versatile, ideal for use in protected and open water environments and are able to recover 150 m³/h

The RBS TRITON™ 150 OS system consists of three major...


The Fasflo is a free floating skimmer for the recovery of oil in open, fast flowing water such as rivers, estuaries...


The SeaVac Harbor Skimmer is a highly versatile, effective, self-propelled...


The LBC is a stiff brush conveyor belt unit which effectively recovers oil and debris. The LBC operates most effectively at vessel speeds of up to four knots. Forward motion of the vessel concentrates surface oil and oily debris into the brush conveyor for separation and recovery.
The LBC collects...

The LSC is a vessel side mounted advancing skimming system for tug and work boats as well as for large vessels. In addition to the skimmer unit on one or two sides of the work boat, the total LSC system typically consists of automatic or manual outrigger jib arms and sweeping booms.
The LSC system is based upon the proven stiff brush technology. It offers high performance...

The LSS incorporates the proven stiff brush oil recovery technology and also optionally the weir skimmer as exchangeable modules. The design offers high performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations.

With the LSS deployed, the entire...


The rigid sweeping arm consists of 2 pontoons, which give the arm its floating capacity, and a bridge piece, for guiding the oil.

The inside pontoon (the one directly next to the ship) contains a pump for discharging recovered oil.

The design and dimensions of the pontoons give the rigid sweeping arm stability, even in...

Continuous research and design improvements based on many practical applications resulted in a new concept with all the advantages of the proven Koseq rigid sweeping arm system: the Koseq Victory Oil Sweeper®

We developed the new rigid sweeping arm to serve our clients, like ship owners and Coast...

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