outboard runabout / offshore
outboard runabout
SS-2000 SuperSport

Length: 6.15 m

Take the proven performance of an Allison race boat, add seating for up to four people, and make it ride like a big sport boat and what do you get? SuperSport in super fashion!! Designed and built to last, the SuperSport utilizes the ...

outboard runabout / offshore
outboard runabout
XS-2003 GrandSport

Length: 6.17 m

Fifty + years of research and testing have developed the ultimate performance sport boat. Only Allison, with its patented design and world record experience could create such a masterpiece. Blistering speed, stability for skiing, room ...

inboard runabout / bow-rider / offshore / with cabin
inboard runabout

Length: 9.63 m

We have taken this boat to the next level. The SSR not only has the same great features and performance of the SS but we have “tricked it out” even more with over 40 upgrades! Just to list a few; color gel coat, monochromatic/carbon ...