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Main specifications

- Length 17 m
- Length at waterline 17 m

Main specifications

- Length 21,50 m
- Length at water line 21,00...


The Nauticat 331 is based on the Grand Old Lady, the Nauticat 33. This traditional motorsailer has now...

The Nauticat 38 is one of our traditional motorsailers. She offers...

Our fleet of Nauticat 44´s has since 1974 travelled the world´s oceans, from the heat of the Tropics to the harsh Northern seas. On the new Nauticat 441 the rudder position has been altered, the deck has been...


Soler-34 MS - is motorsailer of new generation, designed for inshore and inland waterways cruising with family or single-handed. Good performance under sails and motor. Simple, light, strong and fast boat.


pilothouse for comfortable cruising in any weather condition.

L hull 11.2 m, LOA 12.8 m, beam 3.5 m, draft 1.6 m, fuel 400 l., water 200 l., main 24 sq.m., mizen 9 sq.m., genoa 30 sq.m., diesel Caterpillar 86 h.p., motoring speed 9 knots .

Classic motorsailer MT-37 is very safe and comfortable vessel for ocean cruising with good seaworthiness. This original...

L hull 9.2 m (30 ft),
LOA 11.7 m,
beam 3.3 m,
draft 1.07/1.7 m,
fuel 170 l.,

LOA 8.2 m, beam 2.5 m, draft 0.3/1.1 m, fuel 100 l., water 90 l., main 16 sq.m., jib 10 sq.m., genaker 30 sq.m., outboard max 75 h.p.,...


Unique is an absolute term defined as one of a kind. The term unique has been applied to other sailboats, but never has it been so applicable as when used to describe the Northeast 400 motorsailer. Traditionally, motorsailers have been criticized as neither sailing well nor motoring well. What makes the Northeast 400 series unique is that it truly does both...


Recently I was working on the plans for a small under 20ft. Pocket Sailor design but found during the process I couldnt help but think about another design, one roughly the same size and in many respects similar in use, but the type I zeroed in on was a small Motorsailer. This Litl Coot design is the result of my musings and dreams....

A problem many boaters have is the unequal interests of their spouses in their real or imagined cruising adventures and, most specifically in "sailing" cruising adventures. Along came an East Coast customer who wished to spend the second half of his life with his wife continuing as his partner. It's always a ticklish design issue, attempting...


In 2009, Lightwave Yachts successfully launched the Lightwave 47 Motor Sailer. Being hailed as 'the absolute epitome of a genuine cruising motor sailer', Lightwave Yachts have created an engineering masterpiece by combining a dedicated underwater hull design, that delivers exceptional performance under sail or power, in a bluewater catamaran, expertly crafted to provide the ultimate cruising experience.



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A motorsailer is a recreational vessel in which sail and engine power are both important. The hull is designed with both types of propulsion in mind, and the engine is more powerful than a typical sailboat auxiliary motor.


These vessels are generally intended for blue-water cruising. The ability to use the engine in the absence of wind is a major advantage on long routes. Smaller models are ideal for short outings and coastal cruising.


Such boats are equipped with engines that constitute an independent means of propulsion rather than just auxiliary power. They feature large fuel tanks and reliable, professional-quality engines for extended cruising under power. Their multipurpose hull offers a good balance between speed and fuel consumption.

Many of these vessels are very comfortable, featuring an enclosed wheelhouse with panoramic views and spacious, well-organized interior areas. Motorsailers are not designed for close-hauled sailing. The engine is usually used on upwind headings and heeling is minimal. Though composite materials can be used, such craft are generally made of steel or aluminum because of the weight of engine and fittings.

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- Multipurpose
- Comfort aboard


- Modest performance under sail
- Modest performance under power

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