Mooring cleats

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Boat mooring cleat / recessed / aluminum

The elegant linear design guarantees...

Boat mooring cleat / stainless steel

With the same design...

Boat mooring cleat

Custom cleat....

Boat mooring cleat

Pop up cleats...

Boat mooring cleat / stainless steel

Marine Dock Systems...

Dock mooring cleat

Flip up cleat...

Dock mooring cleat

The size...

How to choose this product


A mooring cleat is a fitting used to make lines fast. NauticExpo offers cleats for both boats and piers, and classified according to material including stainless steel, aluminum and teak.


These devices are used primarily to make fast lines of different diameters, depending on the size of the cleat. They are found on boats and on piers.


Generally metal, such fittings can also be made of wood or plastic. The base is securely fastened to a boat deck or a pier.

How to choose

The diameter of the line to be handled will determine the size of the cleat.

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