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Laminated rubber fenders are perfect for dock applications that do...

tugboat fender / laminated -  MAT STYLE

Our laminated Mat-Style Fenders are constructed using a 1 1/2" round bar skeletal frame. Nylon reinforced synthetic rubber, sculpted...

tugboat fender / laminated -  MAT STYLE

Turk's Head Bow Fenders are adjustable...

tugboat fender / laminated -  MAT STYLE

Laminated D-Shape Fenders are designed...

tugboat fender / laminated - SR3-D

-Soft and Energy-Absorbant...

tugboat fender / laminated - 100 A / 100 C

These fenders were originally designed by Schuyler, and are custom built of durable, laminated rubber — no other rubber is stronger. The...

tugboat fender / laminated / Turk's head - 112

The turk's head is a universal bow fender, designed...

tugboat fender / D-shape / laminated - 100 D

he rubber laminates are laid at 90° to each other and retained with a...

boat fender / push tug / laminated - 105

This fender takes the place of old tires...

boat fender / push tug / laminated - 105

D-Section and Square type extruded profiles rubber fenders are widely...

boat fender / push tug / laminated - 105

Often uses as side beltings to protect the ship during escort activities and when coming alongside. Extruded fenders

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