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dive knife - MAXIMO POCKET

Technical specifications


dive knife - MINI LEGEND

Technical specifications

> Double edge 83x4mm 304 AISI stainless...

dive knife - OCEAN LEGEND

Technical specifications

> Double edge 150 x 5mm...

double-edged knife / dive - MAXIMO COUGAR

Technical specifications

> Curved double edge...

dive knife - MINI MUNDIAL

Technical specifications

> 95mm detachable...

dive knife / double-edged - SKORPION

Skorpion is a modern, medium-sized knife with a futuristic design and a strong, tempered blade.

One side of the stainless steel...

dive knife / double-edged - BORG

Borg is a modern, large knife with a futuristic design and a strong, tempered blade.

One side of the stainless steel blade is...

dive knife - LIMA

Lima is a compact and lightweight knife that is easy to attach to a BCD or gauge hose for easy...

double-edged knife / dive - VIGO

Blades are made from stainless steel specifically made for the marine environment


double-edged knife / dive - LAMA

Small, flat and ergonomic knife, with quick-release extraction system that prevents accidental loss of the knife, since you need to press two release points on the sheath at the same time to get it out.
Ergonomic rubbersoft handle, with...

dive knife - FORCE SNAP

Functional butterfly-type knife that...

dive knife - FORCE

• Ergonomic handle
• Stainless Steel blade with PVD coating
• New fastening system


dive knife - CRYO

Stiletto knife with a smooth edge on one side and serrated on the other. The stainless steel at the base of...

dive knife / double-edged - COMMANDO

The handle and blade of this knife are made from a single piece of AISI 304L stainless...

multi-tool knife / marine - JUICE® SX

The new snowboard tool series from Leatherman is old school fix-it with a new twist. We partnered up with...

multi-tool knife / marine - SKELETOOL® SX

A multi-tool is nice, but not when you have to carry two to get a job done. With the Leatherman Juice SX surf multi-tool, you can carry one tool...

marine knife - CRATER® C33LX

With the Leatherman Crater® c33Lx you'll find Blade Launcher® technology hard at...

marine knife - CRATER® C33SX

When you’re searching for waves, you're not always close to civilization – or your tools. The Leatherman c33Sx...

double-edged knife / dive - KALLISTE

The Kalliste double edge...

dive knife - MAKO TITANIUM

The Mako Titanium Dive Knife incorporates a multi-function blade with a highly-durable cutting edge. It is made from hardened titanium, titanium being the ultimate material...

dive knife - MAKO STAINLESS

The Mako Stainless Steel Knife is constructed from 304-grade hard-tempered stainless steel, providing an excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface...

dive knife - WHITE TIP

The White Tip Stainless Steel Knife is constructed from 304-grade hard-tempered stainless steel, providing an excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface...

dive knife - WHITE TIP

Rubberised multitool with...

dive knife - RIP TEK

A 175 mm knife with a 70X3.5 mm blade of high-performance martensitic...

dive knife - RIP RACE

The Rip Race stands out for its “safety” tip. The partially serrated...

double-edged knife / dive - RIP FISH

The Rip Fish offers a asymmetric, double-ground...

dive knife / double-edged - COMBO

Knife Scissors Combo is a fantastic multi-purpose knife with integrated cutting shears.
The knife features a 4.5 inch 420 stainless steel blade,...

dive knife - Ocean Dirk

High quality stainless steel blade grade 420
Blade length 12.5 cm (approx...

dive knife - Barracuda

High quality stainless steel blade grade 420, provided with line cutting groove.
Blade length 12.5 cm (approx 5 inches).

dive knife - THAZARD

High quality stainless steel blade 152 MO length 16 cm

dive knife - ASSASSIN

12 cm blade with anti rflective black coating, manufactured from 420...

dive knife - BARRACUDA

11cm blade with teflon anti reflective black coating,...

dive knife - DISCOVERY

11cm blade in 420 Stainless Steel with chisel...

dive knife / double-edged - HAMMERHEAD

18cm blade commercial dive knife in rust resistant...

dive knife / double-edged - RAPIER

14cm blade in marine grade stainless steel with half serrated...

dive knife - EXPLORER

Our newest knife features an angled sheath for greater comfort and a streamlined...

dive knife - HALCYON

The titanium Halcyon "H" knife consistently proves to be one of our most popular accessories. The sturdy nylon pocket mounts on the waistband...

dive knife / double-edged - EZ LOCK


Titanium models: 4” blade, overall length 8.25”
Titanium: High Grade Beta Alloy Titanium
Patented positive lock sheath system

double-edged knife / dive - JACK

5” blade, overall length 9 1/2”
420 series stainless...

dive knife - FISHER

Handle: Anatomic
Sheath: not available

dive knife - SPETTON II

Handle: Anatomic, rubber
Sheath: Stiff ABS

dive knife - SMALL

Handle: Anatomic, rubber
Sheath: Flexible plastic

dive knife - MEDIUM

Handle: Anatomic, rubber
Sheath: Flexible plastic

dive knife - MAKO

Handle: Anti-sliding injection
Sheath: Flexible and ultra-fin

dive knife - SHARK11

This is made in Japan due to the hand of the craftsman who paid special attention to a blade sharpening.

double-edged knife / dive - ND PRO KN75

110mm stainless steel drop point blade.


dive knife / double-edged - TITANIUM BCD

Essential safety equipment for specialist rescue team use, sailing, scuba diving and many other watersports.

This ultra lightweight and compact PFD/BCD titanium dive knife set features an ultra sharp, 75mm, titanium, twin edged,...

double-edged knife / dive - General Purpose

Stainless steel 110mm blade...

double-edged knife / dive - MILITARY STYLE

This knife is ideal as an all purpose diving knife. Designed specifically...

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