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kneeboard - PROPHECY

Product ID: 252314001
Size: PCS.

The combined wider based “tip” design and “molded in” fins help make it a fun...

kneeboard - CHILIPEPPER

Product ID: 252313002
Size: PCS.

Designed for today’s beginner to intermediate level...

kneeboard - THRILL

Product ID: 252514003
Size: PCS.

Completely new for 2014 • Molded fins provide extra stability and traction • The “parabolic...

kneeboard - SHOCK

Product ID: 252513003
Size: PCS.

The “parabolic twin tip” ensures maximum lift and smooth transitions...

kneeboard - JUSTICE RED

Product ID: 252514001
Size: PCS.

Swallow-tail design” helps to initiate turns and promote spins • Beveled edge...

kneeboard - SOZO

Utilizing O’Brien newest cutting edge technology and the immense knowledge of legendary kneeboarder Ted Bevelacqua, the SOZO is the most advanced kneeboard ever produced.In fact, it has begun a new era in the in kneeboard performance. The new clean, efficient...

kneeboard - ION

Inspired by the industry leading technology
of the SOZO, the Ion makes use of the
same cutting edge Sandwich Construction
technology as its’ big brother....

kneeboard - 5150 RUSH

The 5150 has simply been the most dominant kneeboard on the
water since the day it was introduced. The extreme rocker...

kneeboard - RICOCHET

Built with the same quality materials as our flagship
boards, the Ricochet brings pro-level performance at a
price much...

kneeboard - BLACK MAGIC

While some may call the capabilities of the Black
Magic supernatural, we know that when technology
meets water, great things...

kneeboard - AGENT

Frankie Panno pro model kneeboard w/ Pannolock Strap

2-Stage Rocker Design maximizes pop off all wake sizes

kneeboard - JOKER

Our flagship kneeboard for all serious shredders w/ Powerlock Strap

Proven High Performance Shape with...

kneeboard - PROTON

Insane shredding at any ability level

Thin Profile and Continuous rocker for insane shredding...

kneeboard - NEUTRON

A great kneeboard for all levels

Twin tip design for multi directional shredding

kneeboard - ELECTRON

Best entry level shred stick in the known world

Diamond tip and tail for...

kneeboard - MIRAGE

The Mirage is a twin tip style kneeboard designed to be stable and relaxed while at the same time allowing you to push your limit on the water....

kneeboard - MOSSY OAK SCARAB

The Scarab is the best all-around family kneeboard on the market. Built for speed and durability with a twin tip design. Place the handle on the front...

kneeboard - SCARAB

The Scarab is the best all-around family kneeboard on the market. Built for speed and durability with a twin tip design. Place the handle on the front...


New for 2013, the Powerboard Magna from Hydroslide is the perfect training device to introduce your kids...

kneeboard - CYCLONE

New shape for 2013! Patented thin profile design with deep knee...

kneeboard - REVOLUTION

The Revolution Kneeboard from Hydroslide has a classic spoon shape that gives it a smooth, easy ride, without sacrificing any “pop” off...

kneeboard - HAVOC

Patented ultra thin profile design and deep knee wells for ultimate control. Patented Hydrohook helps...

kneeboard - PHANTOM

This parabolic shaped thin-profile kneeboard gives the rider an experience hotter than the boards graphics....

kneeboard - HOT SHOT

It’s a perfoRMance package & it’s fully loaded !

Hit the hot moves on the #1 perfoRMance knee board available. Rounded...

kneeboard - SUPER BRUTE

Master the water with brutal force !

Our parabolic shape ‘FATTY’...

kneeboard - NITRO EXPRESS

All aboard for FUNtastic adventure

Choose your spice with three fantastic...


How to choose this product


A kneeboard is ridden in a kneeling position, either surfing the waves or towed behind a powerboat. Riders often do acrobatic tricks, the knees and shins resting in contoured sockets.


NauticExpo offers boards for everyone from beginners to experienced competitors. From the the most cautious neophyte to the most aggressive daredevil, each rider will find a suitable model.


Kneeboards are generally quite small. This allows the rider to perform extremely acrobatic tricks. They are generally made of carbon/fiberglass composites or of Kevlar®, and have ergonomic knee wells on their upper surface.

Beginner's boards tend to be rounded, while more streamlined and bullet-shaped models offer speed and performance. An elastic strap absorbs impacts after jumps. Kneeboards with swallow-tail sterns facilitate learning to turn smoothly. A special fitting can be used to attach the tow rope directly to the board to absorb the pull of initial acceleration or to perform hands-free tricks.

How to choose

Choice will mainly depend on board shape, which should be to your experience and riding style.

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