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An international class sailing catamaran is a twin-hulled sailboat designed for inshore racing governed by international ratings rules.


While these craft can be used for recreational sailing near the coast, they are primarily intended for single-class racing and for sail training.


Formula 18, Tornado (an Olympics class) and Hobie Tiger are among the internationally recognized divisions. These boats usually are double-handed and carry a mainsail, sometimes a jib, and a gennaker or spinnaker. The hulls are of polyester fiberglass, polyethylene or carbon. Class rules prescribe the authorized materials. The trapezes on each side permit the crew and sometimes the skipper to hike out in order to increase the righting moment.

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Certain classes are more common than others in a particular geographic zone.

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4 products Nacra Europe
Nacra Europe F16
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 16 F16 - 5m    16' 5" Nacra Europe

NACRA Sailing international has been following the development of the F16 class meticulously. Mainly consisting of homemade boats at first, but now maturing as the F16 class received the ISAF status...

ISAF class sailing catamaran : NACRA 17 OLYMPIC MIXED - 5,25m    17' 3" Nacra Europe

The NACRA 17 is used as the exclusive Olympic Multihull equipment in the “mixed multihull class” running up to the Olympic Games. Every year there are several ISAF World Cups, World Championships...

Nacra Europe F18 INFUSION MK2
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 F18 INFUSION MK2 - 5,52m    18' 1" Nacra Europe

When you receive your Nacra Infusion, you will have the best F18 out of the box, you put her together and go racing!! You don’t spend hours sanding and cleaning, SHE IS READY. Simple as that! It...

Nacra Europe F20 CARBON
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 20 F20 CARBON - 6,20m    20' 4" Nacra Europe

NACRA took all the best features and characteristics of our current F18 Infusion, which has won the last two F18 Worlds, and applied it to the new boat, as an example: the rudder system, mast extrusion,...

Hobie Cat Europe CAT 14
ISAF class sailing catamaran : HOBIE CAT 14 CAT 14 - 4,25m    13' 11" Hobie Cat Europe

This was the first sports catamaran that was ever invented ! Created in 1968, the Hobie Cat 14 is unique...

Hobie Cat Europe CAT 16
ISAF class sailing catamaran : HOBIE CAT 16 CAT 16 - 5,05m    16' 7" Hobie Cat Europe

The Hobie Cat 16 has been the best selling sport catamaran in the world ever since its creation in 1971. With more than 100 000 owners all...

Hobie Cat Europe TIGER
ISAF class sailing catamaran : HOBIE TIGER TIGER - 5,51m    18' 1" Hobie Cat Europe

The first modern high performance catamaran launched by Hobie Cat...

Hobie Cat Europe WILD CAT
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 WILD CAT - 5,51m    18' 1" Hobie Cat Europe

The Hobie Wild Cat is the fruit of collaboration between Martin Fischer, the reputed architect and well-known sailor in the...

1 products Hobie Cat USA
video Hobie Cat USA HOBIE 16
ISAF class sailing catamaran : HOBIE CAT 16 HOBIE 16 - 5,04m    16' 6" Hobie Cat USA

The Hobie 16 revolutionized multihull sailing. The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and sailing was instantly transformed. The...

Eagle Catamarans EAGLE 16
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 16 EAGLE 16 - 5m    16' 5" Eagle Catamarans

A new EAGLE enters the class of 16 foot sport catamarans. Some of its features: Carbon mast, carbon beams,...

Eagle Catamarans EAGLE 18
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 EAGLE 18 - 5,50m    18' 1" Eagle Catamarans

The passionate catamaran sailor with this 18-footer gets everything which makes sailng an EAGLE so highly exciting and...

Eagle Catamarans EAGLE 20
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 20 EAGLE 20 - 6,10m    20' 0" Eagle Catamarans

Catamaran sailors which want more than just the standard with the EAGLE 20 Carbon get one of the fastest boats of this class. And the best of everything: lowest weight at highest stiffness because of...

1 products Topcat
Topcat K1
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 K1 - 5,50m    18' 1" Topcat

The K1, the flag ship of the Topcat fleet, shows versatility like no other...

2 products Mattia Italia
1 products SIRENA VOILE
ISAF class sailing catamaran : SL 16 SL16 - 4,80m    15' 9" SIRENA VOILE

• The high potential of this catamaran is now fully...

3 products AHPC
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 C2 - 5,50m    18' 1" AHPC

The Formula 18 class is without a doubt the biggest, most professional and fastest growing class in the world. AHPC are proud to release the newest and most advanced F18 on the markest. With over 30...

ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 16 VIPER - 5m    16' 5" AHPC

When we released the Viper, just over 2 years ago, we knew it was something special and time has proven this. Results have shown it to be the highest performing 16 foot catamaran on the planet, and under...

ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 16 VIPER STRIKE - 5m    16' 5" AHPC

The Viper is without a doubt the fastest 5 meter (16 foot) catamaran on the planet and now the Viper Strike is offering a rig to youth and lighter teams that are searching for the same speed, excitement...

2 products Bimare
video Bimare V1R
A CLASS ISAF class sailing catamaran : V1R - 5,50m    18' 1" Bimare

Now we would like to explain where the new ZERO differs from the “old” V1R. The V1R hulls are quite bulky with a fair amount of rocker, big volumes in the middle, long bows, quite slim at...

video Bimare X2
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 X2 - 5,50m    18' 1" Bimare

How does the x2 sail and for who is it recommended… As concerns HOW IT SAILS, there’s very little to say or emphasize. No other cat in the world of this size offers the same performance level....

Sail Innovation F18 Phantom
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 F18 Phantom - 5,49m    18' 0" Sail Innovation

After an intensive year of research, development and countless hours of testing, SAIL INNOVATION is proud to launch the Phantom Formula 18. The Phantom project was born in order to design the finest...

4 products eXploder Cats
eXploder Cats EXPLODER A13
A CLASS ISAF class sailing catamaran : EXPLODER A13 - 5,49m    18' 0" eXploder Cats

Our new development in multihulls. new A-class catamaran for 2013 season. platform specyfication: - hull carbon sandwich with...

eXploder Cats MAYFLY A-CAT
A CLASS ISAF class sailing catamaran : MAYFLY A-CAT - 5,49m    18' 0" eXploder Cats

Project of truly flying A-cat designed by Martin Fisher (hulls, foils - shape) and Ryszard...

eXploder Cats EXPLODER 20
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 20 EXPLODER 20 - 6,10m    20' 0" eXploder Cats

The idea to create an uncompromising construction of a 20-feet catamaran arose during the Amber Cup in 2004. The initiation of this idea was Wojciech Kaliski, who engaged for this project Ryszard Partycki,...

eXploder Cats EXPLODER F18
ISAF class sailing catamaran : FORMULA 18 EXPLODER F18 - 5,52m    18' 1" eXploder Cats

When elaborating on the foredesign of the yacht in 2009, we used experiences from previous projects: Eagle, Exploder 20, Tornado and others. The concept proposed by the Exploder Sailing Team from designed...

DNA - Advanced Racing Catamarans
A CLASS ISAF class sailing catamaran : - 5,49m    18' 0" DNA - Advanced Racing Catamarans

The DNA showed the superiority of the curved foiled A-class catamarans in the 2010 season. Before the Worlds in Cesenatico there was some doubt about the use of curved daggerboards. After the Worlds most...

video Laser Performance
ISAF class sailing catamaran : DART 16 - 4,80m    15' 9" Laser Performance

A skeg cat that performs for the whole family. The Dart 16 platform provides exciting performance that both the adult and youth sailor can appreciate. The responsiveness and...

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